President Lucifer's troops behead their captives

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As President and Mr. Lucifer get ready for their annual spending spree on Martha’s Vineyard, his American funded jihadists show off their handiwork.




Remains of dozens of Syrian soldiers impaled on poles.

America, your tax money is arming, training and supporting these monsters. 

And also these monsters:

Obamas at Gay Head Light

Obamas at Gay Head Light

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0 responses to “President Lucifer's troops behead their captives

  1. Gay Head Light?
    I know you’re not kidding me, so this ‘outing’ has to be a preplanned WH ‘event’ for the benefit of those who are concerned, and who benefit.

    • traildustfotm

      Yup Joe, it really is named “Gay Head Light.” (and name issues aside, it’s a beautiful scenic location)
      But you’re right, it’s like saying, “URANUS! It really is a planet!” 😀

  2. I mean, it’s not a hiddden message.

  3. Look what those two pigs are shoving into their mouths, something that would never appear on the food Nazi’s School menus. These two take being on the government doles and abuse of government money to the stratosphere. I am disgusted to think we still have people in this country that support this traveling travesty.

    • You’re right, Northerngirl!
      Michael Obama saw to it that burgers and fries are eliminated from public school lunches. Typical of the Left: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    • That’s interesting, as just yesterday I corrected a heavy commercial door for a new client, Fatburgers of Victoria, and for my pay I took a Kingburger w/Swiss cheese, mushrooms, etc., fries [for my housemates], a garden salad, and three iced teas. Well, it was a hot day!
      Funny what some people will take as equal pay for equal work when necessity rules. I began my business life as an entrepreneur in Berkeley-Oakland when I was 19.5 yrs, and have kept going ever since. Could it be the values, do ya think? Nah, must be the rare hamburger talking!

    • Ditto, Northerngirl, from a guy who may be more Northern than you, but not by much in Victoria, BC, West of Everett, WA!


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