President Lucifer's Prayer Police

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Congressman: IRS asked pro-life group about ‘the content of their prayers’

Charlie Spiering

Charlie Spiering
Commentary Staff Writer
During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., grilled outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about the IRS targeting a pro-life group in Iowa.
“Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’” Schock declared.
“Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501 c3 applicant?” asked Schock. “The content of one’s prayers?”
“It pains me to say I can’t speak to that one either,” Miller replied.
After Schock pressed him further, Miller explained that although he couldn’t comment on the specific case, it would “surprise him” if that question was asked.
The report comes from the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm for religious liberty.
From their report:

Coalition for Life of Iowa found itself in the IRS’s crosshairs when the group applied for tax exempt status in October 2008. Nearly ten months of interrogation about the group’s opposition to Planned Parenthood included a demand by a Ms. Richards from the IRS’ Cincinnati office unlawfully insisted that all board members sign a sworn declaration promising not to picket/protest Planned Parenthood. Further questioning by the IRS requested detailed information about the content of the group’s prayer meetings, educational seminars, and signs their members hold outside Planned Parenthood.

Read article here: Congressman: IRS asked pro-life group about ‘the content of their prayers’

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0 responses to “President Lucifer's Prayer Police

  1. Fair’s fair: I want to know what’s the content of Pres. Lucifer’s prayers and to whom/what he prays.

  2. This is hilarious. I suppose the idiots would try wiretapping prayers if they thought they could get away with it. I can’t believe the stupidity of some people in government.

  3. Our once Christian Nation is in a mess! President Lucifer followers are Politically Correct not Godly Correct!

  4. I hope Steven Miller goes to jail for withholding information and lying….he’s an arrogant jerk.

  5. so what if under obama care,your in the hospital and on your chart in the bar code reads christian conservative,does some liberal nurse cut the oxygen! and years later admit to it and say we are sorry to the rest of the family! and so what if b o picks some of these ir s agents, to run obama care?????makes you wonder!

  6. Well, well, well – I do believe President Lucifer (BTW, Trail Dust – I love that!) has really done it this time. Let’s see – “Dear God, we ask that you bring down the fires of wrath upon the heads of the heads in D.C., Department of Corruption. Thank You, God. I know You hear and answer prayer. And so does this assinine IRS, Institute for Retarded Snakes.

  7. Do not raise false idols before the almighty government of the USA! Wacky science of end of days through fracking, climate change, and mass murder of eagles okey with wind turbines are all part of the cult of “green science”! Of course killing babies that lie helpless on an abortion table are the human sacrifice to the perverted beliefs of our president.

  8. I’m glad they asked for the content because they will find it asking God for a change of heart and transformation for these men.


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