President Lucifer's plan for America

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America becomes Zimbabwe

The video is 1.5 hours, but if you have the time it’s worth it.


If you think this claim is over the top, please do yourself a favor, and think about the take-overs of sector after sector of our economy. Think about who has benefited from these redistributions; in every case the big benefits go to friends of the regime. Race riots are breaking out all over the nation, unreported by the government controlled press. But as in Zimbabwe, it’s not about race except on the surface.  It’s about power and wealth.
Louis FarrakhanI thank “Sunny :)” for sharing some videos about this, which by context, led me to the documentary above. History repeats itself. Things can be known by their predictable properties. Zimbabwe is a perfect example of where we in America are headed. A socialist thug took office thru a corrupted vote, and immediately began to please the masses by blaming the white farmers, and giving their land to his cronies, who in turn squandered it, leaving the formerly productive land fallow.
la razademagogWho will be clamoring for our “ill-gotten” properties in America? Perhaps African Americans, perhaps Mexicans, perhaps Ted Kennedy’s or Mario Cuomo’s oppressed children. Maybe we’ll be compelled to give our lands to Muslim Brotherhood friends of the regime as restitution for our sin of being Christians and Jews.
Muslim Brotherhood
Do you think it can’t happen here? What is the basis of your confidence? America is a society that is beyond such things? So was Germany, the most technologically advanced nation in the world in 1939, a nation of artists, authors, composers, theologians, and yet they fell for a rabble rousing socialist.  Our civilian agencies are stocking up on types of ammunition that would be illegal for our military to use at war. Why would a weather service or a school system need hollow point bullets?

Wants your complete cooperation.

Wants your complete cooperation.

If you voted for this president, you brought it on yourself.

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0 responses to “President Lucifer's plan for America

  1. Thanks for this. I will continue watching later. People think it can’t happen here and, as you ask “what’s the basis for your confidence?” Germany was at the height of culture and the seat of “intellectual” discourse when it killed millions “for the greater good. “

    • Thanks Ted. I’ve been trying to get people to recognize the risk, and love it when someone says they see it, too.
      Terrible things come in patterns that are recognizable. They don’t always go to hell, but they tend that way. The same way that not all super cell thunderstorms drop an EF5 tornado, but it there is a big tornado, it only comes from a super cell storm.
      Will we become Zimbabwe? Probably not. But, we may become something even Hitler never dreamed of. The pattern is there, and we need to know it.
      They say England was headed toward a catastrophe, possibly a bloody revolution, when God sent John Wesley, filled with the Holy Spirit, into the mix. The tremendous number of heart felt conversions to Christ literally turned a nation back from the brink!

  2. I was heartbroken for the family and their employees in this documentary. That horrible government stands as a warning to us all.


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