President Lucifer’s New Special Forces

America’s tax dollars at work supplying arms and support to the most genocidal people in history. Did you vote for this? 



Obama supporting radical Islamic terrorists in conflict

Published: 15 hours ago

Lucy's new special ops team

Lucy’s new special ops team

Libyan expatriate sources proven to be credible have posted a gruesome video on YouTube showing a group of Syrian “rebels” brutally beheading a man and shooting two women and tossing their bodies down a hole in the ground.

The Libyan expatriates forwarded the video to WND to make bolster their claim that the “rebel forces” about to be armed by the Obama administration are made up of radical Islamic terrorist groups with international ties to al-Qaida.

President Lucifer's soldiers commit an atrocity.

President Lucifer’s soldiers commit an atrocity.

The horrific Video can be viewed with the rest of the story at:

Some excerpts:
…radical Islamic Jihadists from Europe and across the Middle East have streamed to Syria to obtain valuable battleground experiences.

…Hillary Clinton, in an interview Feb. 26, 2012, with CBS, acknowledged that Zawahiri and al-Qaida were supporting the opposition to Assad in Syria.

…the CIA was already providing arms to the Syrian rebels by supplying weapons in a secret airlift involving Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar.

… secret weapons airlift had by March of this year grown to 160 military cargo flights

…with the weapons aimed for delivery to the rebels fighting Assad in Syria.


At least one Irish leader had the courage to speak truthfully about the American president. (Thanks to Maui Jim at The Surf Report for sharing this video.) ~TD

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Dr. Eowyn

Sickening. Pres. Lucifer is hell bent on dragging us into yet another war, which would result in the “rebels” al-Qaeda seizing yet another “Arab Spring” country.

Not that I have warm and fuzzies for the Assad regime in Syria. Let them kill each other, instead of consigning our already stressed-out soldiers to injury and death in yet another sand-pit hell-hole.

scott merson
scott merson

President He Goat and his son’s of Cane regime fit right in with the hedonistic malefactors shown in the video. Serpents of a scale slither together. That is something they should show on the nightly news so all the Ameritopian bleeding hearts can see the kind of people the He Goat is aligning himself with…..
Isaiah 52:5
Isaiah 52:8
Isaiah 66:16
Isaiah 66:18

The MAD Jewess
The MAD Jewess

Its the end.
A tsunami in Himalaya too.

You all notice your stats are in the toilet, lately? About 8 wks ago, my stats took a serious nosedive by THOUSANDS.
I believe I am being monitored.
Before Its News also monitors me, OR Obama monitors what BIN puts out there.
ALL of their links to me are DEAD links


Ah, what could go wrong? We just need to stay the heck out of there. As Sarah Palin said, “Let Allah sort it out”!

scott merson
scott merson

“They will be known by their fruits”, and the guy in the video holds and bares his fruit from “his” limb in the video!


Just finished watching this video . These pieces of shiot are supposedly allah’s holy warriors ! It takes 5 weasels to behead a blindfolded and handcuffed man ? Even more disgusting ; it takes 9 or 10 of these so-called “holy warriors ” to handle 2 blindfolded women ! Then they shot them in the back !!!………..Forget calling them weasels , it would be insulting to the weasel . Fornicating pussie scum of the earth s.o.b.cowards is more like it .
B.T.W. , I wonder who those 2 white boys were ? Possibly C.I.A. material ?HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!

D Eliot
D Eliot

You know when all the crap hits its going to be all the liberal minded men, Liberal minded women, lesbians and gays who will be the targets of the Obama Muslim extremists. The very same Idiots that put him in power everyone pays for there mistakes, just some before others….