President Lucifer’s hypocrisy on assault weapons

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This is how we know Obama is a hypocrite when he says banning assault weapons is to keep Americans safe from gun violence.

Read this very slowly and think about it:

Obama hypocrisy assault weapons


A ban on assault weapons is to keep government safe — from the American people!

H/t FOTM’s pnordman


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0 responses to “President Lucifer’s hypocrisy on assault weapons

  1. The hypocrisy on this is the AR-15 being sold in our stores are not an assault weapon. They are a dressed up version of a semi-automatic rifle unlike the weapons he is sending to our enemies in Syria. They have a select fire switch to fire total automatic fire. The irony of this is this pos waves our laws of our country for his agendas committing treason and gets away with it. If you notice the msm reports every shooting has been done with an assault weapon, just following the obama script. What’s next, a ban on assault knive, hammers, axes, forks, and everything their corrupt minds can think of to destroy America.

  2. Perfect! You boiled it down to its irreducible minimum, Dr. Eowyn!

  3. Dr. Eowyn, that would make a great poster! I’ll buy one! Good bumpersticker, too, although it would result in numerous traffic stops by the police.

  4. All the msm focused on the naval yard killer’s rifle. He never used it, only a shotgun and pistol.

  5. Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama continues to embolden and italicize the phrase “superficial thinking” so typical of his Islamic “education.”


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