President Lucifer’s fingerprints found on Arab Spring

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Army, riot police prep for expected showdown Sunday

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egyptian_protesters-340x161JERUSALEM – A group that is one of the main youth movements helping to organize the anti-government protests planned for Egypt this weekend participated in a 2008 U.S. State Department-sponsored training summit on how to use social media to organize societal change, WND has learned.

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– Notice the familiar smell of sulfur? ~TD

Pres. Lucifer

To sum this up quickly: the State Department has been behind the Arab Spring since 2008, teaching “Springers” how to use social media to disrupt and overthrow governments, and instigate revolution. Seminars were held for them in New York, led by Obama’s social media advisors, and were sponsored by the State Department(your tax dollars), Facebook, YouTube, Google and WordPress.

The “Arab Spring” turned quickly from a breath of fresh air, to the stifling of all freedoms under radical islam, and the looming threat of a Mediterranean  Caliphate.

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0 responses to “President Lucifer’s fingerprints found on Arab Spring

  1. Thank you, TD, for bringing this to our attention.

    Pres. Lucifer is also arming the Syrian rebels, who are identified as al-Qaeda, and those rebels are killing and persecuting Christians.

    Back in the 2008 presidential campaign, there were some who wondered if he’s the Antichrist. Those whispers died down in the year after he came to office. Of late, when I’m doing my chores around the house and garden — the only time when my mind roams freely — I find myself more and more revisiting that notion given all that we now know since 2008…. 🙁

    • A couple of summers ago, while staying at a hotel in the south, I watched a storm front approach. It had a wall cloud that was rotating like a carousel, with little funnels dropping down and zipping right back up all around the edges. All the ingredients were in place for a monster tornado to drop out of that cloud and cause devastation. I knew the signs, and was careful to rush my family to a safe place until the thing passed by. After it was past us we got reports of roof damage nearby, but no monster tornado.

      That’s how I feel watching this president. I know the signs to look for. The ingredients are in place for the emergence of an end time horror. As a supporter of partial birth abortion, he has clearly joined the ranks of the many petty antichrists that precede him. I’m watching him with dreadful fascination, and praying he’ll move on and dissipate like that storm.

  2. He is hearless. The Christians are now headless.
    Translation PUKE CITY.

  3. Correction: HE IS HEARTLESS. There seems to be a link between Valerie Jarrett and the Muslim Brotherhood. If they are part of the desired solution then suddenly Obama is keen to participate. Perhaps the good and bad definitions of the terrorists is based on whether or not they are pro Muslim Brotherhood. Aren’t they out of NY?


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