President Lucifer's Cybertheft

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I just visited Drudge Report, and encountered the new lead story. While scanning the text I was struck by the sequence of the headlines in the last 24 hours. First there was a full panic about hacked government sites and ISIS threats to our soldiers. And now, the president uses the moment to push his next effort to control the internet. ~ TD


Obama pushes for internet rules

YahooNews: Obama renews push
for cybersecurity law

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama made a renewed push Tuesday for cybersecurity legislation  Blah blah blah…
Blah blah blah… Sony attack… Blah blah blah… Twitter account that was hacked by Islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday… Blah blah blah…
“…make sure that we are much more effective in protecting the American people from these kinds of cyberattacks…” Blah blah blah…
…enhances collaboration and information sharing amongst the private sector” Blah blah blah…
…allow the private sector to share data on threats without fear of liability… Blah blah blah…

falseflag_hackRemember the panicked headlines this morning about generals’ home addresses being published on ISIS hacked Twitter and CENTCOM pages?

Well now all you have is a couple of links on the lower right column of the DrudgeReport.
AND please note the downgraded link above:
“Tracked Back to Maryland.”

ISIS hack tracked to somewhere in Maryland?
Hmmmm… kinda close to DC, dontcha think?  

pres-luciferAnd one line of speculation about the “Sony Hack” was that it was a mutually beneficial fraud pulled of by Sony and the White House. It would benefit Sony as a publicity stunt for the release of a tediously sophomoric movie, and the White House in their push to take control of the internet. You know, the internet? That pesky place where the government still can’t force their spin on every piece of news?    

Is it just me, or is anybody else’s “Spidey sense” tingling about this sequence of news stories? 

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0 responses to “President Lucifer's Cybertheft

  1. There is an ‘stench’ in the air that smells like little-o.. He has his filthy paws all over this and just like so many other ‘urgent’ matters he has presided over, this too will prove to be much ado about nothing.. (unless you count what’s in it for him) If there is anything at all humorous about this, it will be watching the so called ‘thinkers’ of society fall for yet another one of his cheap slight of hand tricks.. This is another one of his ‘fool some of the people, all of the time’ plays..

    • Aardy, I think you are onto something. For all we know, President Lucifer’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies may have helped with the timing of the Paris attacks, while he quietly sent a black-hat to hack the CENTCOM and Pentagon sites. The president is clearly too busy stealing our First and Second Amendment Rights to be bothered with a day trip to Paris. And Eric Holder is too busy promoting race hatred to take any amount of time out of country. And John Lurch Kerry is likely looking for the next wealthy widow to marry (if something unforeseen were to happen to Theresa).

  2. ITA, Trail Dust.
    Excellent post!

  3. “Never let a crisis go to waste, and if there ain’t a crisis, invent one.”
    If the dogs like the food, double down and triple down on it until it becomes the Legions of Useful Idiot’s mantra.
    Then let the real problems mingle with the made up ones in the sewer pipe whirlpool, so no one knows for sure what the hell is going on.

    • My thoughts exactly Ti,,,,the MOMENT I heard abt the hacking—I KNEW Obama would come out for internet “regulation.” It’s not like he’s NOT done this before…he just can’t waste a “crisis” that is connected to something he wants to sweep under his fascist idealistic control.
      I just hope that the kids ( & their parents) I’ve been having in middle school this last decade are future, habitual/steady voters. None of them can draw a breath without a cell phone in their hand…(even at parent/teacher conferences!). EVEN my (younger than me) principal can not talk to me eye-to-eye b/c she is “fingering” her cell phone 24/7. It’s a sick epidemic…but maybe one that will sweep back over Obama and like-minded “regulators” with a sick vengance….I can’t take their cell phones away….regulate their contacts with the internet/texting/social media/internet surfing connections…even if it’s during a conference to explain why their child has failed & will spend the next year in a remedial situation instead of high school………—–
      I hope Obama and his ilk experience the angst & human outcry that I experience when trying to “regulate” internet/social media connections for about 20 minutes….let alone FOR ALL TIME! Warning to any an all Dems or Repubs considering this at all…….it is your achilles heal!
      My hope is that MItt Romney or any/all Republican runners for 2016 come out and promise free internet for all…free and unregulated cell phones, internet access…for eternity….as a basic human right…a CIVIL right….(sort of like the “Obamaphones” of prior days). Guaranteed Republican President in 2016!!!! WHo cares if it’s a big fib? Remember : “You can keep your insurance if you like it…you can keep your doctor if you like it….?” No big deal. Let’s get it on! THIS cell phone/internet thing could be the big one!

      • Wtf is wrong with you? Your imbecilec crap would have fit right in with the conversations around what should have been included in soviet Russia’s contract with the people.
        On another note, Drudge has been compromised.

        • The post I was responding to is evidently no longer visible, sorry.
          Only 10% of the masses even cared if we lived under the kings rule or our own.

          • Actually NM its back, our best hope is that Mitt Romney flies off to the ethos in his magic underwear.

            • “flies off to the ethos”
              Ethos = the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.
              How can Romney or anyone “fly off to the ethos”?

  4. Hopefully, the future will belong to those who can HACK IT. In the meantime, WHAT will it take for people to understand that the government IS NOT anyone’s friend?

  5. The trace led to the NSA, if I understand correctly – so of course Pentagon ‘officials’ are framing it as a ‘prank’. How wicked.

  6. CENTCOM has a Twitter feed? (Um… ) When’s the CENTCOM Commander appearing on MTV’s Real World? Or Chopped?

  7. I was in the Internet many years before most visitors to this site ever heard the term Internet. The company I worked for had gubmint/military contracts so we had open access to DARPANET, the backbone at the time of the net. There was no pretty GUI and it helped to have knowledge of Unix and it’s arcane commands. The open town square for years were Usenet newsgroups. During the wild West years of the net it was a playground of techno geeks (of which I was one) and anarchists.
    I remember 25-30 years ago some of the techno visionaries who pioneered and maintained the net warned of the day that BIG business/banking and politicians got their hands on and claimed ownership of the Internet for profit and control……….that day has arrived and nobody paid attrention because too many greed heads were making too much money from the Internet cash cow.
    I’m saddened and irritated beyond belief that we now have 2 generations of total cell phone and tablet zombies. What will happen when resident Lucifer flips the Internet kill switch…..there will be millions of iJunkies going into withdrawal for theit facebook, twitter, etc fix


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