President Lucifer Sides With Iran

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An explosive report in a Kuwaiti newspaper claims that President Obama thwarted an Israeli plan to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons program in 2014 by threatening to order American military forces to shoot down the Israeli jets…
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This article is worth your time. If you had any doubts that Obama is one of the chief leaders of radical islamic terrorists, this will put those doubts to rest. 

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0 responses to “President Lucifer Sides With Iran

  1. I never had any doubts,because Obama doesn’t care about anything but himself and his interests. Our Constitution,our form of Government,none of it means a damned thing to him,so NOTHING he says or does surprises me. Pretty much ALL of what he says and does DISGUSTS me though.

    • I could not agree more. He is a Islamic terrorist that has captured control of our governments, thanks to his backers. He is evil personified!!

  2. We have an insane madman (Marxist Muslim) in our White House and the lame Congress does nothing. What I really believe is that we very well may be looking at the Ezekiel 38 war. It could get very interesting very soon. But this madman BHO, could end up getting us in a war we can’t win.

    • You’re right;he’s never been to war,never commanded in war,he has absolutely NO experience in war,PLUS,he doesn’t even know the DAMAGE war does. How does it go? “Mr Obama-do you have the experience to declare War,and command Troops DURING that War?” “Well,no,but I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night!”

  3. And will anyone put their country first and stop him? My understanding is there is a legal way for the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff and the other Chiefs can hold a meeting and if deemed treasonous, he can be immediately removed.
    He has broken every law, rule and Constitutional right, he has threatened Americans and shutting down everything he can to control us.
    He has Muslims in our White House, working as well as visiting.
    He has pandered to our enemy while attacking our allies.
    I want our country back, and am willing to do anything to help. We need a leader and I am willing to support that person.

    • it would be wonderful if that demonic cockroach could be removed ASAP, but one thing all parties know is of he was arrested, impeached or assassinated, 30-50 million negroes and other muds would totally and utterly murder, rape pillage and destroy every stick and living non negroid in the former USA
      I have heard too many or the murder monkeys ranting about this and I have no doubt they would unleash a living hell on earth against any and all things “da white man” built
      Lucifer is the perfect Manchurian candidate, and even though I am not a total believer in every word of the bible, a part of me says God would not allow Obama to be removed as god is using him as punishment and judgment on AmeriKa

      • So what you’re saying is that it’s better to leave him where he is than to cleanse America of this scourge?

          • BHO wants us in a war we can’t win, he wants to break us into pieces suitable for usefulness to NWO tyranny. He was born a British citizen in what was the British East Africa mandate (it became independent Kenya the following year), and is part of plan to restore a form of monarchy for NWO rulers. The British royals have been attempting to increase their power over us and anyone else they can for centuries. How QE.II must have gloated when one of her citizens took over governorship of a colony just previously managed by the son of Sir George H. W. Bush.


              • Futuret, thank you for your comment, it is most understandable, but it is made difficult with unsaved families and the instruction to stand and be faithful through to the end to receive one’s reward.

      • art—you are spot on! Haven’t we all known for years that this man in the present White House could NEVER be countered, stopped, impeached, slapped down by Congress…probably NOT even the Supreme Court (already proven) BECAUSE NO ONE wants to be politically incorrect about the first BLACK president of the USA…..Can you imagine what people would say…what would HISTORY say?….if anyone, any body of government rebukes him?
        OTOH, art… I don’t think Obama is here to “punish” the USA for anything…I think he’s here…as HITLER was in his country/Europe….to either destroy us through the fire of his beliefs/”guidance”….or to FORCE us to save ourselves through re-evaluation and the re-embracing of the strengths of our precious democratic republic, the gift of our founders. Is this a test? We’ve taken some things for granted for far too long. We’ve become lazy…not just in ourselves…but even in the instruction of our successive generations, our kids and grandkids…in the gift of our country. BELIEVE ME…as a teacher in a system where ONLY math and language arts matters (tested)….NO one gives a damn about teaching kids history/government/civics/social studies. In some schools that became “PISS” schools (Program Improvement School Sites) b/c of “No Child Left Behind”…there are some schools where kids get double classes of Math and Language Arts each day, and what is cut out for them is electives (art music drama, etc) and HISTORY. I’m not keen on having to “re-discover” the Constitution and my own Bill of Rights…or the powers of free-market-capitalism….but I’ve had to…and WE ALL have to. My only fear is, we are so nearly swamped by an “entitlement socialism” (been coming on strong since Johnson’s “Great Society” days…but went into overdrive with Obama)….that most won’t care…won’t put their free phones down as they sit in their free/subsidized housing watching a TV they bought by selling their “food stamps” for cash….secure in the knowledge that their kid is going off to school in the morning to a free breakfast, free lunch, free 13-years of schooling…and just MIGHT be in line for free college before Obama is gone….OMG…who could work up the energy in a “typical day” like this to agitate or even VOTE for sefl-reliance or self-reponsibility?

  4. This is not casting doubt on what is said, it is just to remind the public that that policy was taken with the advice and exhortation of Trilateral Commission cofounder (the other being David Rockefeller), Zbigniew Brzezinski.

  5. Leeann Springer

    Obama, the squatter is a son of perdition. He was selected as a punishment upon our country for condoning laws that are against God and God’s nature. Where are at least 10 righteous men these days? Benedick Obama is a public, domestic and foreign enemy to America. If he continues with his upturned ugly arrogance, he will be brought down by God Himself. Anyone or any entity, that screws with Israel or aids the enemies against Israel, will suffer a supernatural reprisal. If he carries through with his threats to shoot down Israeli jets, he himself along with thousands of Americans will suffer greatly. If he carries through with his nasty and snarky spirit against our only ally, Israel, he will end up as a smashed bug. The Mossad is never to be underestimated. If any of our military officials obey an order to shoot down Israeli jets, there will be a revolution in this country, like never before in all of history. There will a heapin’helpin’ of hot rocks pelted upon the squat brother and his hounds from Hell. If America would repent and turn from its evil ways (quit marrying homosexuals) and slaughtering children in abortion slaughter houses) then we may stand a chance of surviving. Squatter Obama is not intelligent, but he is evil and dangerous. My president is Netanyahu and I stand in solidarity with Israel.

  6. Well, he’s an arrogant bastard madman, that’s for sure.
    He also knows nothing about world history, military tactics, or how to forge and maintain international relationships with those countries with whom we share a similar political ideology.
    Plus, he hasn’t a shred of honesty, honor. or integrity in his entire body…. which makes him, a democrat.
    His personal political ideology would seem to be purely muslim. He is now siding with the mullahs and aiding their nuclear ambitions, which endanger the entire world. He doesn’t care about this country, or western culture, or even the survival of innocent children. Just muslim hatred of everyone who is not like him.
    I recently watched one of my favorite politically oriented films, ‘Seven Days In May’ (1964), which involves a plot to overthrow the government by top US generals. Fifty years old, but still ‘topical’. We could use a General James Mattoon Scott today.
    Instead, we have spineless, politically correct, quislings in uniform.
    A shame.

  7. Mind boggling!


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