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”The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and people whose aim is to disrupt society always know how to make good use of them on occasion.” – Denis Diderot

The following is an excerpt from an article on the blog, “NOW THE END BEGINS.” The whole article is worth reading, but I’m concentrating on some of the president’s quotes about islam. ~ TD 



NTEB News Desk | October 2, 2013
Well here we go. The green italicized text is my reactions ~ TD
“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”
(Is it just me, or does this sound like a veiled threat?)
“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”
(What! Not the latest Beyonce show tune?! )
“We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”
(Yeah, where would we be without that big open space in the middle of Manhattan?)
“As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”
(…and Islam intends to collect on that “debt.”)
“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
“Islam has always been part of America”
(You mean my American History teacher lied to me?!)
“We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”
(Where? Dearborn, Michigan?)
“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”
(Does his face twitch when he says these things?)
“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
(In some alternate universe maybe.)
“I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”
(After fighting the British, America’s first war, and the founding of the Marine Corps, was against jihadists on the Barbary Coast of Africa. )
“Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”
(As in, “Rest In Peace you infidels?”)
“So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”
(So you finally came to the pit of hell?)
“In ancient times and in our times, Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”
(Yeah, like that cool new iJihad App?)
“Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”
(How does this guy sleep at night?!)
“Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”
(…and rapes and murders, who’s incidents skyrocket during the “holy” month.)
“The Holy Koran tells us, ‘O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.’”
(“We have made you?” I thought you just screamed, “There is only one god, and his prophet is Mohammed!”)
“I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”
(America, you elected this clown! Twice!)
“We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe.”
(“…helped build some of our highest skyscrapers,” and then knock them down.)
“That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
(That’s a big job when the “negative stereotypes” are the muslims themselves!)
“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
(That’s actually true!!! See Thomas Jefferson for the details.)
Read the whole article at:

Satan, from the recent TV special, The Bible

Satan, from the recent TV special, The Bible

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Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
6 years ago

Thank you for pulling together all these quotes in one place. It really does leave a person scratching their head–trying to figure out how he could possibly have been elected the “leader of the free world!” I keep hoping that I will wake up, and this will all have been a dream . . . a bad dream!

6 years ago

Can’t thank you enough for this….We must remember that God is still in charge!

Paladin Justice
6 years ago

Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
Obama is so quotable–in a bad way. Islam is the religion of pieces. Muslims have never met a “detonate” button they didn’t like.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
6 years ago

Thank you, TD, for this stunning list of quotes. They are a resounding indictment of the usurper in the White House.

6 years ago

Sometimes, I am speechless, this is one.

6 years ago

“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
(That’s actually true!!! See Thomas Jefferson for the details.)
Dr. Eowyn, Do you have a link or a reference point for research? I have never heard of this before. Thanks

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
6 years ago
Reply to  Kathy

This is Trail Dust’s post, not mine.

6 years ago

The militant terrorist network is really too busy right now to be doing any kind of preaching or public relations work. Thanks to the recent Al Gore deal, when they do set about to trying to create a better impression they can fly their Jolly Roger on AL Jezeera. What’s to say that ex-president Obama can’t fix us up a deal with Hamas in the same spirit?
For the meantime: “For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law”.(Rom. 2:12).

Operation Werwolf
6 years ago

He supports the Jews but from these quotes you’d take him for a full blown Muslim. He’s essentially just a PR person, so maybe what he says shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

Mike howrightismike
Mike howrightismike
6 years ago

This is a great post, TD! People truly show us who they are.