President Lucifer on ISIS threat: More Toyota trucks on the ground

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Obama doctrine: More white sneakers and Toyota trucks on the ground

Obama Doctrine: More white sneakers and Toyota trucks on the ground

Obama doubles down on the Benghazi error and Congress helps

House approves Obama’s Iraq-Syria military strategy amid skepticism

In answer to Obama and Congress, I would ask,
“Have you forgotten Benghazi?”

We were funneling arms and support to jihadists in Benghazi, when things went sideways, leading to the murder of several Americans. Fearing political backlash, Obama worked to silence the people who were knowledgeable, by issuing gag orders.
We have people in Turkey, supporting islamist terrorists, and sending them into Syria to destabilize Assad’s government. Sounds okay, right? But these are the same people who have been beheading Christians in the historic Christian towns of Syria; the same ones who are terrorizing Iraq and Syria, and threatening European, Russian and American citizens; the same ones who were caught red-handed, gassing Syrian towns and trying to blame Assad’s army for the atrocity.
The destruction of governments across North Africa by the Muslim Brotherhood has Obama’s fingerprints all over it. In case you haven’t read it, the result was the ruin of the economy of Egypt, and the beginning of genocides all over the African continent. Did you know that, under Obama, our tax dollars are rebuilding mosques and islamic schools? Did you know that Obama’s family members in Africa are deeply embedded in the Muslim Brotherhood?
Just today, there was a bust in Australia, arresting ISIS members who were planning “random beheadings” in the that country. We have islamist militias training in compounds all over America, with nobody in our government shutting them down. We know that jihadists are pouring over our Mexican border, while our border patrol agents have been forced by our government to let them in.
At a time like this, any sane and moral leader would muster the Police, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Orders would be given to take down jihadists wherever they are found, to kill them if they show any sign of resistance. Unmistakable messages would be sent throughout the world, “America is coming after the islamic radicals, and you had better support us or at least get out of our way.”
So, Obama’s response to the outrageous beheadings of western journalists and overt threats to our own country was…
wait for it…

More of the same. Support more “good” jihadists

Congress agrees to fund more terrorists

Congress agrees to fund more terrorists

And Congress is okay with this?!!!

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0 responses to “President Lucifer on ISIS threat: More Toyota trucks on the ground

  1. ugh…. you can see the icon on the trucks…. was looking at a new Toyota for purchase….looks like i might have to rethink this…

  2. All this which is pretty much accurate, but just coincidently the Government
    and private NGO’s are making a serious effort all over the country to disarm the citizen’s, while arming themselves to the teeth. What do you think is their intention?

    • I personally see this in the darkest terms. I hope my conclusions are wrong. It seems clear that there is a persistent shadow government, working to turn us from a free republic into a socialist dictatorship, and the disarming of the citizens is an essential part of their plan. Has FEMA ever been much good for us in any emergency? But, they have some pretty impressive empty prison camps. If Americans remain armed to the teeth, we will still be an unattractive target to political opportunists.

      • Well if its any help Traildust, I think folks should have two things in particular in their homes, books on how to do/make/repair things, and I take a certain verse int he Bible quite literally… “Go out and buy a sword” (paraphrased). Don’t go for anything thats “stainless steel” even if it says “battle worthy/ready” because that will break/bend the second its used for anything serious, you want Carbon Steel. Best thing about a sword or other blade, no ammo requirement, no reload time. (Also some training in an empty-handed martial art such as Wing Chun or a simple tool-using art like Eskrima might be useful). Just because some bunch of honorless mercs have guns and ammo doesn’t mean they’ll automatically win. Take Heart, friend, and know not everyone is going to be “herded” to slaughterhouses, and if God be Willing, the thugs may even be driven back in places, or completely. Folks just need to seek God/Christ and his Guidance.

  3. After helping radical Muslims overthrow the governments of Egypt and Libya in the so-called Arab Spring, with the help of Congress the POS will now get his way funding and training the jihadist “rebels” in Syria and so overthrow the Assad government there as well.
    Of course, Congress’s approval is mere formality because the Obama admin’s CIA has been funding & training the Syrian “rebels” all along. See

  4. Great post, Traildust!

  6. You know, I recall playing “command and conquer: Generals” and oddly enough, there was a “muslim force” ( the soviet chinese were another side that could be played), that had a certain unit referred to as a “technical”, which was basically just a truck with a machine gun mounted in the bed… This game came out several years ago… perhaps it was anticipating a few things? (the chinese have hackers which can steal money and shut down buildings, the U.S. has both spy drones and armed drones…) Some things certainly seem to reflect current events.


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