President Lucifer gets 36,000 new voters

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0 responses to “President Lucifer gets 36,000 new voters

  1. WE need your “BOOTS” on the ground May 16-17-…until WE get the Evil power replaced with the American power.

  2. I’m reminded of of what another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter, did in 1980 — the Mariel boat debacle that resulted from Carter’s DREAM Act.

    Carter agreed along with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to allow whoever wanted to leave Cuba to come and immigrate to the United States with no pre-conditions. The departure of these Cuban immigrants occurred from the Mariel Harbor in Cuba between April 15 and October 31 1980. The Mariel boatlift started going badly when it was discovered that Castro emptied his prisons and asylums, put the inmates on boats and sent them to Florida. Over 125,000 Cuban immigrants came into Florida and unemployment went up a whopping 50%.

    • traildustfotm

      Yes Dr. Eowyn! Great point! The Cubans from the Mariel boat lift came into this country and cut a swath of murder all across America. Just think, under President Lucifer, we don’t even have to empty a Cuban prison! We’re (Obama is) destroying America from within.

  3. And a lot of them ended up in U.S. prisons supported by the tax payers.

  4. Either way, we end up paying, whether they’re on the streets robbing us as well as voting for a
    POS who’s constantly ripping us off, or if they go to jail and we support them.

  5. Obama said, “Most of them are not making trouble, most of them are not causing crimes and yet we put them in this position.”…………WE put them in this position?


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