President Lucifer commissions a new portrait

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You know how every U.S. president sits for an official portrait that will be forever displayed in the White House.

Obama recently did just that.

But something went horribly wrong.

So he had one of his minions secrete it away in a dusty attic in the White House.

Happily, FOTM reader Redneck American snuck into the WH and took a pic of the portrait with his super-duper spy camera.

Here it is! 😀




President Lucifer


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0 responses to “President Lucifer commissions a new portrait

  1. HA! HA! HA! HA!

  3. I think he looks madder then Hell! [He is, you know….]

  4. I love the way you hide your sick racist humor in a thin coating of barely clever.

    • Racist. Again? How boring. Y-A-W-N….

      cat yawn

      Can’t you Lefties try and be just a tad creative and come up with a new insult?

    • pouringmy-LEFTIST-heartout, the picture above portrays Obama based on his character. Your comment defines him based on his race. Isn’t it obvious that you are the racist?

    • The race card? Really? Such intellectual laziness!
      If you want a good argument, you have to put some thought into it!

    • Satan is black?


      Who knew?

      BTW: It’s people like you that are the reason the “racism” charge no-longer carries any sting.


    • You can’t be this stupid ; or can you ? Debating w / you would be an exercise in mental masturbation , why bother ?
      Maybe if you stop ” feeling ” with your heart and start thinking with your ” brain ” ; you might just see the on-coming freight train that ” Barry-Care ” is !His aim is to crash the country . We already have a 17 TRILLION dollar debt ; half due to him ! Then think about the un-funded mandates of S.S. and Medicare which amount to 90 trillion DOLLARS ! Can you grasp that total in your mind !

      • Dear “pouringmyartout,”

        You should fix your computer keyboard. Your F key appears to be stuck because you left out the “f” from your alias, “pouringmyfartout”.

        Your fan,

        Dr. Eowyn

        • Nice shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……L.M.AO. She maybe a product of gov’t indoctrination . Pardon me ; I should have said definitely !Since you don’t have an intellectual response …… ” WHEN IN DOUBT , USE THE RACE CARD “…….Because that is all you’ve got !

      • Hi folks,

        I upped this comment which I copied from an earlier article to keep the topic which I broached back there … alive.

        ….This is a serious matter and I shouldn’t maybe post this on a funny article like this.

        Hi Eowyn and traildustfotm,

        I read your answers in the oither article and thanks for them.

        Thanks for your opinions, but can we really know about the Antichrist? I doubt we can know to recognize the Antichrist. (You call him Lucifer.) He’s a deceiver etc… He’ll fool the whole world and you too.

        I think we must rely upon heaven-sent signs like the lottery draw of 666. Why did neither of you address that as if that wasn’t even there? Like a ten-ton gorilla in the room. Too scary?

        “The Antichrist can’t be defeated by worldy means but only by divine means.”

        That lottery draw in my link is just that: a divine miracle of 666; (drawn in the lottery witnessed on that day, by over 50 million people in all 5 Great Lakes states, which all play the Chicago lottery – broadcast live right after Obama’s evening news’ victory-news headlines)

        Thanks for commenting.


        N.B. See my articles at BeforeItsNews if you have the patience. G.S.

        • I post at BeforeItsNews using the “King of Shambhala” handle.

          All I do is blast “Antichrist Obama” 24 7 exclusively. LOL!

        • The lottery result you speak of is significant, Geir. I wasn’t ignoring it. The thing about the person in the white house is not that the negative signs are absent, but that they are so numerous! It seems that every week some new warning comes to the fore.

          What I read about how to defeat him is what is written in Revelation. They defeated him through the BLOOD of the LAMB and the word of their testimony.

          Stay in the Word. Stay in God’s peace. Keep the faith.

          • Hi traildustfotm,

            I know there are lots of signs confirming Obama to be the Antichrist but among them 666 is in a class of it’s own, I hope you agree to that.
            “The Mark of 666 is forced into everybody’s hands and foreheads.”
            People have claimed 666’s the RFID chip which I believe is total hogwash and not supported by any fact.

            But lots of people think that the Lottery draw theory is just that: a theory and don’t believe it.

            But to counter the RFID theory which I don’t believe in, I think that 666 is money and not the RFID chip.

            Because, the lottery means money.

            I thus extrapolate and think that Obama’s 666 Mark of the Beast is his hair-raising spending which is bankrupting us.

            But extrapolating is important and one must be able to interpret the Bible. The Bible says “it will require a man of wisdom to calculate the Number of the Beast 666.”

            So that means that 666 can’t be so easily understood and seen by people and it will require someone to interpret (translate into udnerstanding) and understand it and “he must have wisdom”.
            So Obama’s bankrupting us fulfills the Antichrist’s wish to harm eveyrbody.

            We’re bankrupted and our grandchildren are doubly bankrupted because of the interests on that debt. The debt will at least have doubled for them.

            Saying Obama “forces his money into our hands and foreheads” is logical because he takes over our minds and our spending capacity by that bankrupting us.

            Furthermore, the logic is not with the RFID chip, because money also addresses the Bible’s claim that none will be able to buy or sell unless theya ccept the Mark of 666.
            Indeed, by bankrupting us, Obama will force the world to accept his handouts and thus he’ll hold your life in his hands.

            Obama will jail anyone who gets out of line and Obama will invoke the debt that person owes. Obama can kill people now that he’s bankrupted them.

            I think our arresting Obama is the only way to annul the debt and everything Obama’s signed during five years.

            traildustfotm, you’re speaking about the “Lamb’s blood”. But that is Obama’s blood (the Antichrist is a Lamb, like Jesus) and that’s metaphorical and not real blood. The solution is Revelation and Apocalypse. That’s revealing the truth; that’s all. I’m doing that.

            Thanks for this back and forth and I hope this can inspire your readers to think and wonder about all this.


    • LOL – He looks like Barney Fife with a tan.


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  6. Ha – can’t wait to check the portrait in the attic when he leaves the Dark House! Unfortunately CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) has settled in and I can’t remember the name of that movie where Gorgeous Guy agrees to stay young while his portrait takes on every ugly thought and action. BO’s should be a doozy!

  7. I think the artist did an amazing job, making him look better than normal.

  8. Perfect Dr. Eowyn!


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