President Ebola and the She-Male

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Be honest.
If you didn’t already know the one on the left is named Michelle, wouldn’t you think that’s a man wearing a bad wig and a dress? LOL
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0 responses to “President Ebola and the She-Male

  1. Ok, but who is the prissy in the suit?

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  3. You guys are going to end up like Joan Rivers, if you keep putting too much truth out for people to read, y’know. ;o)

  4. I like your information, but do you have to stoop to name calling and degradation?

    • I cannot “degrade” someone who is already degraded.
      This president has “stooped” to throwing open our borders to Ebola-infected “travelers” from Africa and never-ending tens of thousands of illegal immigrants welfare-dependents from Central America; singled out conservatives for the IRS’ anal probe; left an ambassador & 3 other Americans to die in Benghazi; fired military leaders for wanting to answer those Americans’ desperate calls for help; spent the U.S. treasury into $17+ trillion of debt; got the greatest number of Americans, ever, on food stamps and Social Security Disability as a new form of welfare; wire-tapped countless Americans, including members of the press; bowed to the Saudi king and sang praises of Islam — but *you* chide me for “stooping to name calling and degradation”?
      You make me ill. svomit_100-121

      • They took another “ill” person off a plane again today in New jersey. the flight was from Brussels.

    • I like your information, but do you have to stoop to name calling and degradation?
      So what will your above-board comments be to those with guns that are rounding you up for the cattle cars?

  5. Definitely looks like a dude, even the hips are high. Mooch looks more masculine in a dress than obama does in a suit.

  6. I think the point is, that you don’t need to stoop to these kinds of comments when you are so obviously brilliant and have the facts on your side. When you call Michelle Obama a “she-male”, it makes you sound hateful, and fuels those who point to blogs like this one as extremist and crazy. I am a Christian. There is a better way to defeat our enemies, and that is with the truth, not innuendo and speculation. You have passion, intelligence and real fire and I admire your great courage. I hope you will accept my comments as a loving criticism and not a defense of the Obamas.

    • Yvonne, I appreciate your sentiments, but since when is telling the truth hateful? And just who is calling this blog extremist and crazy? Where are these voices? If they do exist, they sound pretty “hateful.” I challenge anyone to disprove any of the info Dr. Eowyn or the other bloggers have posted on this site. I’m throwing out the challenge. Who has the guts and the brains to accept it? No one.
      Again, I hear where you’re coming from, but all this site does is put out the truth.

    • @Dr. Yvone Kleine,
      I’m sorry this post so offends you. Since you spoke your mind, I will now speak mine.
      You wrote: “There is a better way to defeat our enemies, and that is with the truth, not innuendo and speculation.”
      Your implication is that we don’t write about the truth, but I and my colleagues do exactly that EVERY day on FOTM — write and report on the truth. I dare you to show otherwise, or haven’t you read any of our 13,890 posts that we’ve published?
      When I saw the pic of Mooch & Barry on Drudge, I was struck by how Mooch looked like a man in drag. So I threw up this post, expressing my honest gut reaction — and having some fun while doing it, may God forgive me. It’s called mockery. Thankfully, we can still do that in America in which our freedoms are diminishing by the day. The day when Americans can no longer mock and make fun of political figureheads is the day when the country established by our Founding Fathers with their very blood is truly dead.
      Since you lectured to me, I will now do the same. You are engaged in simplistic either/or thinking, lecturing to me that I EITHER “stoop to innuendo and speculation” OR “defeat our enemies with the truth.” That’s a false choice. Who says I can’t do both? And who says speculation is “stooping”? We often speculate on FOTM, or haven’t you read the some 60 posts we’ve published on the so-called Sandy Hook “massacre”? Another word for “speculation” is “hypothesis” — which is an integral part of the scientific method.

    • When you call Michelle Obama a “she-male”, it makes you sound hateful, and fuels those who point to blogs like this one as extremist and crazy.
      Would calling Michelle a “tranny” be less hateful, extremist and crazy? That’s what the late Joan Rivers said, for which she probably paid with her life.

    • Dr. Kleine, Dr. Eowyn has pointed out observations regarding the appearance of the first “queen” of our country, and I refer to Obama not as our president, but as our king; hence, the reference of queen. These titles are not meant in any way to be complimentary, but they deserve these titles in light of their choices and behavior. Given the contents of the picture, it is understandable why Dr. Eowyn sees what she has pointed out.
      I do not think she was cruel with what she said. She set forth what she saw and I see the possibility as well given the picture. Do you not see that possibility?
      It appears from what you said that you acknowledge Dr. Eowyn’s brilliance and goodness. This has not changed in any way because she set forth her observations about the picture in question. She told the truth as to what she saw.
      Now if Dr. Eowyn set forth an observation that was not the truth of what she saw, that would be something noteworthy. The Pharisees and scribes tried to trick Our Lord Jesus Christ to provide answers to their questions that were inappropriate. They did not succeed. Jesus saw through their hypocrisy and He responded to them in this way: “You are like whitened sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones.” Now given your mentality, Jesus was wrong to speak to these individuals as He did. Nevertheless, he set forth the Truth because He knew their purposes, setting forth a very physical description of a non-complimentary nature. Clearly, He should have been much kinder than to make fun of their appearances. . .

  7. Son of the Rabbit People

    Just an observation, but doesn’t it look like a strong wind would blow the Prez over? I mean, he looks like he’s out of his element just walking…

  8. I, do not speak for Dr. Eowyn, but this is my opinion. I appreciate that Dr. Eowyn expresses her opinions and is not afraid of the PC mob. Unfortunately, anyone who holds traditional Christian values today are considered “extremist and crazy”.
    If it quacks, has webbed feet and a bill, then it will be called it a duck. If it presents itself as female, yet is clearly male, then it will be called “she-male”. No one should be afraid to speak the truth without fearing they will sound “hateful”; that’s political correctness run amok. The truth is the truth. Jesus is truth and he said many things that offended those who did not want to hear or believe the truth…but he spoke and lived truth with love and without sugar-coating anything. “Michelle” Obama has degraded “her”self and the office of FLOTUS without any help from Dr. Eowyn. The obama’s do not live in truth, they live in their created reality that many follow; their “transparency” is quite opaque. We can all agree or disagree on articles and opinions presented, we can also be honest about how we feel without fearing a political or social reproach because we stepped on someone’s toes.

  9. I’m a sinner save by Grace but that doesn’t mean I can not tell the truth about the greatest Lie ever put on the American People!
    The male in the White House isn’t an American, 95% know it but only about 60% will say so and the other 40% want to be PC and promote the Lie!
    That person that spends our money like it was water isn’t a female, it just dresses like one, some of the time! Never has the person living with the man in our White House brought so much disgrace and shame to America, as the person people call Mooch! The Illegal called himself a Christian in 2008, I worked in that place, called Chicago at the time and decided to see what the church he attended was like! I attended and if that is a Christian Church I want nothing to do with them!
    Dr. Eowyn please keep telling the truth!

  10. Dear Mike, MomofIV, Andy Miller, and AJ:
    Thank you for defending me. That took courage, for which I am most grateful. I put this post up on a lazy Saturday afternoon, thinking the title to be hilarious. Alas, not everyone has my warped sense of humor. 🙁
    With love and appreciation,

  11. Dr. Eowyn’s satirical portrayal of the Obamas is well within the long tradition of electioneering in the United States–which has employed mockery, satire, and truth delivered with “uncivil” brutality, to make a point that it was felt required making, in order to arouse somnolent voters who have used their ballots to bring the present occupant to the White House.
    Finding himself in something of the same circumstances, Thomas Jefferson did not hesitate to identify his opponents as presiding over government that he felt was nothing less than a “reign of witches.” In the course of the electioneering he, in turn, complained of being the “constant butt of every shaft of calumny and malice” at the hands of his opponents. In fact, Jefferson was mocked by his opponents as a “godless Jacobin” who intended to promote “murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest” in these United States. Cartoons depicted him as dressed in the garb of a French revolutionary. At the same time Alexander Hamilton (who had aligned himself with Jefferson’s opponents) spoke of the “fangs of Jefferson”.
    In other words, since the beginning of the American Republic, mockery and satire had always been used instrumentally to persuade potential voters to seriously reflect on their respective choices. What Dr. Eowyn did in this post is no different.

  12. I get it now. Dr. Eowyn may not be criticized just like every other petty dictator. So sorry to have expressed a thought of my own. Only Dr. Eowyn and her slavish sycophants may express themselves here. Since you are all so bent on declaring her post “satire” or “sarcasm”, and since I would think that no one here has actually seen Mrs. Obama’s genitalia, there is another word you haven’t used, in print it’s called libel, spoken it is slander. The Bible forbids this, you good Christians, in case you’ve forgotten. Stick to facts Eowyn, in spite of your titanic ego you are no good at satire. In addition, since you viciously attack anyone who differs, telling another poster who gently disagreed with you that he made you “sick”, you are as PC in your own way as the loons on the left. I’m sure you are a great advocate of free speech unless of course, it doesn’t agree with your opinions.
    I find the Obamas loathsome, but calling the First Lady a “tranny” or a “she male” makes you look pretty loathsome yourself.

    • Dr. Yvonne Kleine:
      You have become hysterical. Yes, indeed, I am such a dictator — and a “petty” one to boot! — that your comments actually get published on this blog that I own.
      One more thing:
      It’s one thing for you to trash me, but I take great exception when you call readers who disagree with you “sycophants.” Now, I call *that* slander.
      No one puts a gun to your head to come on FOTM. Please do us all a favor and leave.

    • Sounds like someone’s true nature is coming out. Yvonne, you conveniently ignored my question: since when is telling the truth hateful? I see you also lack either the guts or the courage to accept my challenge and prove that any post on this site is wrong.


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