President Donald J. Trump, Until The Wheels Fall Off

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Executive order to end infestation of jellyfish


When people ask me what I think about President  Donald J. Trump, often my response is “I’m with him  until the wheels fall off.”

Back in the day

In 1973 a group of bikers made a vow to remain together “Until the Wheels fall off.”  It was the Wheel Lords Motorcycle Club.  They lived  the street chopper counterculture lifestyle.  They would hang out, ride  and party with the “Hells Angels” and “Unforgiven Sinners.”   That was a thing back in the 1070’s.  Young men joined motorcycle clubs to live the freedom of the open road.  They lived true to their words in that vow.  They were loyal to each other until the end.  “Until the wheels fell off”.

When a person says “Until the wheels fall off”  they are saying is that they are with you “until the end of the road”, “until they cannot go on any longer”. They have given their word, their loyalty.   That is my understanding.  Some of you might be  thinking, “What does this and a group of bikers have  to do with Trump?”.  The answer would be “They don’t have anything to do with Trump”.    I mention the bikers because I’ve said in the past, “I’m with Trump “Until the wheels fall off”.  It doesn’t matter what he does.  It means I’m not going to bail if things get rough or he makes a decision I don’t agree with.  The second reason why I mention them is because I’m finding it hard to understand why some Trump supporters  bailed on  him after he re- opened the government.   If a group of bikers can be loyal to each other, why is it so hard to stand with the man you help get elected.   Who do you have lined up that is better?  Sure, I’m the only one saying “Until the wheels fall off” but to those of you that bailed on him after he re-opened the government,   “Where is your loyalty?”  He makes a decision you don’t agree with and you turn on him.  Up to this point he has done more in two years than any other President has done for their whole term.    This doesn’t matter to those that bailed.  “He signed the paper so he needs to go.”  The first word that comes to mind is “Jellyfish”.  Jellyfish are spineless.

I saw where a “Jellyfish” had made the comment “He signed the papers, he backed down to Pelosi and we are not getting a wall.  I’m finished with Trump”.

Lets talk about it

As far as being “finished with Trump”,  Thanks for your vote, good luck to you. When Trump signed his name to re-open the government, many people think  the Democrats beat him.  Some say “So much for the wall”.  Others will say “He did it so the Federal employees get paid”, ” Trump caved”, “Trump lost”, “Trump is Weak”, “Why did he sign the papers?” , etc.  It does look like the Democrats got over on him.  People forget this Trump we are dealing with.  When he signed his name, what else do you think he signed his name on?  The two images are from a source of mine.  This is what was included when he signed his name that day.

15 day notice given to use military to build wall

We are getting a wall

Trump gets Federal employees paid.  Trump puts Democrats on notice.  Trump ends shutdown.  My source has yet to fail me.  I’ll include two links for better resolution Image 1 and  Image 2.

The Government ShutdownTrump, the wall

My take on the “Shutdown”

In the event of a Government Shutdown the Federal government has only the essential employees working that is needed to run the country.  It’s the same at the White House.  Trump had essential staff working.  That would more than likely  be the Bosses, leaders of each department still in operation.  During that time they have to be more efficient.  Streamline their operation.  During the shutdown they found out that they were getting more done than they were with a full staff.  How is that possible?

It is common knowledge that there are many people in Trumps administration that are working against him.  Part of “the  Deep state”.  During the shutdown these people were at home or someplace else.  What matters is they were not working.  Which means no one is around to SABOTAGE.  This is the only time where Trump is able to do a through “house cleaning “.  This is a good indicator to why the Democrats are pushing a bill that would end all government shutdowns.

I cannot say that this was planned.  Trump is famous for taking a losing situation and making it a win.  I don’t think he has ever said he lost at anything.   I’m with Trump, until the wheels fall off.


Deplorable Patriot





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32 responses to “President Donald J. Trump, Until The Wheels Fall Off

  1. I’m with you brother.
    RIF A great way to reduce the anti-American Liberal “Swamp”
    “President Trump’s budget proposal raises the prospect of massive layoffs across the federal government. While his proposals must be approved by Congress, the magnitude of the proposed cuts has put the dreaded acronym RIF — otherwise known as reduction in force — back in the Washington vocabulary.”

    • The Democratic majority in the House, and the RINOs in the Senate, will never approve this.

      • Deplorable Patriot

        No, they won’t like it at all . They will fight tooth and nail. But they cannot stop it. trump does not need their approval. Separation of powers to keep everyone honest. Currently the Democrats and rhinos are not being honest. It’s within his power, written in ink. I expect to see every low blow thrown at Trump possible. I could have it all wrong. One thing I know for sure is without border protection or if some funny business is pulled on Trump, our way of life in the United States is going change. For the better or worse. I guess it depends on what side a person is on. For myself, worse for me, better for the safety of people living in the USA.

  2. I would posit that the “government” was not shut down, rather that was a gross misnomer of a term, a synthetic buzzword generated to sound like it had a severe gravity, when it did not, in order to provoke response, and sow fear & discord, (propaganda 101 techniques) congress still paid themselves, and still conspired against the people, the federal reserve continued to function, and destroy lives as usual with no stopping, there was no real “shutdown” of the government at all. Just an annoyance event for the hirelings, and low-levels.

    As far as trump goes, chabad has his daughter via kushner, do they not? (Theres more problems certainly, but that kind of hostage situation itself is enough to cripple trump, even if he were entirely legitimate.) Plainly put the Citizenry aren’t going to see a turn for the better *Unless* a Moral, Truly Christian, Honorable, Not Famous, Clear Thinking, (not subject to propaganda or manipulations) Not Monetarily Rich individual Citizen can get the office, and keep it for at least one term, no stars/celebs, no career politicians/politicals, but a regular Joe Everyman who will be directly personally affected by all decisions he makes, and thus will be that much more behooved to treat the Citizenry as he would want himself to be treated.

    Loyalty is an admirable trait, but only if it is not blinded, once that happens loyalty is corrupted into idolatry. Continue to gather information, and try to weigh whether your Loyalty is well invested, or has been turned towards disarming you by getting you to hitch your wagon to leg #2 of the walking pyramid with the eye in a triangle on top. (Although for the record, I don’t believe any of us here have ever known a president in our lifetimes that was a Mr. Everyman as I described above, the office seems engineered to purposefully keep his sort out by any means necessary, as it goes for the rest of congress, etc.)

    One of the most important things I think I can say here however, is do not let a persons political affiliation hinder you from doing what is Right, if you encounter a democrat/neo-bolshevik who has a broken down car plastered with stickers for every bad political choice for the last 20 years, still stop to help them out, even if every third word out of their mouth is some denigration of trump. As it seems the political environment at present is also engineered to cause strife & chaos, (Did the CIA’s operation Chaos ever actually end?) the above is likely one of the best ways to oppose their schemes, this isn’t a chaff and wheat sort of event, this is a divide and conquer stratagem… (posing as a chaff and wheat event, with a sideline of keeping the people busy enought hat they won’t notice or oppose the corrupting being done to them on the side, notice how prevalent satanism is becoming and how neither side seems terribly concerned about that? A wall isn’t going to fix that problem, and look at all the effort being wasted driving for it, as it holds people’s attention, what could be done against the tide of devilry if all those calling for a wall directed those funds & efforts towards exposure and removal of satanism?) if they cannot divide then they cannot conquer, so the above is one of the best ways to oppose their schemes. I am not advocating compromise with neo-bolshevism, to clarify, rather I’m advocating maintaining what Christ Commanded regardless of what the vile servants of evil try to do to keep you from following His Command, it is one of the ways, and not just the only way, to oppose the evil currently going on.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thanks for the input. A lot to think about. One thing I should remind you. The wall is to deter people from entering the USA illegally. I do hope that it stops Satanist. Equally I hope it stops Communist, Wahhabist or any other “ist” that could not make Santa’s list. You talk about not having a wall and spend funds on defeating Satanism. That would be a noble cause. Something to write home to mom about but how you present it hints at the idea that all people entering the country illegally are Satanist. Which certainly would not be true. That on it’s own, from my point of view invalidates everything you have mentioned. Your description of the perfect citizen to run things is also flawed. Although I am Christian, I cannot believe that being a Christian is a trait to make a person perfect . There are tons of people that are Christian and are evil. Also you seem to think the perfect president will be a “Everyman”. At this point you have suggested in so many words that all people entering the country are Satanist and your idea of a perfect citizen is a man, not a woman. I’m by far not a “pussy hat” wearing person. But I am into equal rights. When it comes to men and women, certain things in this world women are better at doing. Certain things in this world men are better at. That’s just how it is. But that does not make one more important than the other and weather people like it or not, one cannot survive for long without the other. When you talk about the CIA, you are preaching to the choir. I bump heads with the CIA at the very least once a week. I do appreciate you taking the time to leave such informative comment but I question your motivation after reading your conclusions. If I am missing something please do not hesitate to let me know. Your comment was written with someone with intelligence. No question about that. I just don’t agree with you on some of it and think a little off topic . If you do not like Trump, just say so and tell me who is better for the job. Currently, today there is no better person for that job then him. I didn’t even like the guy before he began his campaign. But I knew he was the best person for the job.

      • DP, no problem, although to clarify my position, while some illegals might be satanists, the majority are victims as well, being used, likely without their knowledge, as a battering ram/weapon, by the real satanists. (Also I didn’t see where I brought up implying illegals to be such, nor gender rights?) What I mean by using all the resources presently being expended towards a wall etc. is using those resources to instead expose the satanists presently entrenched in government, I would also suggest utilizing the military against the federal reserve and U.N., instead of “isis” etc., they are some of the top terrorist threats to the U.S., and they’d easily fall if a proper military deployment were to raid their offices I suspect (although I would also expect some potential nasty surprises, which would need to be countered).

        When I say trump is crippled, even if he were genuine, I mean that since the chabad cult has his daughter hostage via her husband kushner, that means he is a servant of the whore of babylon which likes to call itself “israel”, that false nation being the #1 terrorist threat to the entire world. As far as a “wall” goes, it strikes me as a waste of resources & effort, and a distraction from the real threat, which is not the illegals at all, but rather those devil worshipers who are already entrenched in government here & now, even down to the local town levels, and the attacks going on every day on the citizens. (Examples of attacks being the transgender push that is destroying Children & society in general, the mainstreaming of insanity, open recruitment for satanism by entertainment industries and the media (even the alt-media does this in pushing people towards gnosticism, which is satanism.) pushing for homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, fornication, and as Dr. Eowyn said, the censorship currently being engaged in to keep these other attacks from being exposed, the building of a panopticon by the telecommunications companies, etc. has trump opposed any of this, openly or in hints?) A “wall” will not keep demons out of the country, especially when the citizens themselves are the ones inviting them.

        The Need for an “Everyman” president is, as I said, to make sure he will never make policies that he won’t be affected by himself, (stars, celebs, politicians, and the rich tend to be “above” the policies they make, are unbothered by their own choices, as they don’t get flak from them generally, and disconnected from society, able to hide away in their mansions & secured residences, and not face the consequences of their actions.) which will help keep him from pulling anything nasty, the requirement of being Christian would be to ensure he understands just what is going on in the world, (It would not be a guarantee of being perfect, of course.) while even pagan rulers can be righteous (as cited in the Bible with the example of Cyrus the great, although it is rare.) only a Christian typically will care to seek guidance from God on what to do (an atheist would never do that, nor would a pagan, and a secular type wouldn’t bother either.) and only a Christian will understand the fight going on between Good and evil here, learn to recognize certain “tells” in individuals, seek Discernment from God, thus understanding who works for whom, and taking appropriate action. (devil worshipers can be very convincing, and a pagan, atheist, or secular person would have little hope of not being deceived by such, history is full of examples of this.)

        Plainly put, trump isn’t going to fix anything, because he is already compromised, the man is not a tactician, instead of wasting effort with walls etc., that time would be better spent taking local action to expose, and destroy, the schemes of evil where one can. As for Who would be qualified to be president, I don’t know of anyone fit enough for the office at present, but I imagine they’re out there somewhere, (can’t find them if we don’t look for them, after all.) and they would likely be similar to Jesus in their actions & thinking. None of the potential candidates I’ve seen would fit that description, and *Unless* we ourselves take proper (and properly directed) action, the U.S. will continue to be used by the devil to further his own ends.

        Ultimately its not about supporting or not supporting a president (As it says in Psalms “do not put faith in princes.”) it is about supporting or not supporting Good, and the U.S. Citizenry at large doesn’t these days, unfortunately.

  3. Trump is my last hope, and many agree his election as POTUS was a near miracle, which gave America some time to reverse course from the Left’s determined and depraved destruction.

    My first commitment is to the truth, as God is Truth; it is not to a particular person, as all human beings are flawed, a fallen creation.

    I have lauded Trump for his real accomplishments, especially his fulfillment of campaign promises — a rare attribute among politicians. I am especially grateful for his staunch and unwavering stance on abortion — and on taxpayers’ funding of abortion. Alas, Congress is systematically undoing what he has done on taxpayers’ funding of abortion in the U.S. and abroad.

    I’m also troubled by (1) his appointment of neo-conservatives, i.e., warmongers in the service of Israel; and (2) the plethora of people who have “resigned”, likely the greatest number of any POTUS in his first term. That speaks to either (a) his poor choice of personnel and, therefore, poor judgment of people; and (b) the inability of the people whom he had appointed to satisfy him. Either (a) or (b) is not good.

  4. I agree. And I think he’s always 2 steps ahead. He’s shown that a government shut down will do nothing to help with the wall, but he tried. Next up will be the state of emergency, because now it is truly the last resort.

    • Zigggy, declaring the “State of the Union” will show the President is in command, and building the wall is his greatest accomplishment to deliver Make America Great Again. DemocRats, are confronting the radical (left) young newcomers shaping the party, thus Nancy Pelosi has two fronts she is unable to control that will depose her of her seat as Speaker of the House.

  5. Deplorable Patriot

    I agree with you Dr Eowyn. Truth is also my number one. I’ve read Man was made if the form of God. Man is flawed, thus God is flawed. As much as we would like, nothing is perfect. Flaws and mistakes are part of life. If they were not meant to be, why do they exist? I think one of the most important things in life is to understand that no person is going to be perfect. No situation, event, day, year, etc. is going to be perfect. Simple because we are human. I think every person has their moment, their time to shine, their close to perfect moment. When it comes to Trump, there a lot of flaws there. but with those flaws, I still know he is a better president than I could ever be and this moment in time. There is plenty of discussion on the people he has had resigned, hired or people he still has around. Like any boss would do, he listens to his team. The boss pays his team to make the right decisions as well as providing correct information. The more your business grows, the more difficult it is to make every decision. A leap of faith is required. You have to get some help. You have to put your trust in someone. they are going to be human, with flaws and making mistakes. It’s like I said, there is a lot of conversation there. Personally I think this is Trumps time. He is doing exactly what he was put on this planet for. There is a lot of bad things going on in the world. Some of those things that the public does not know about should stay that way. But eliminate the problem. We do the best we can. My decisions are made by who is going to do the less damage and make the least amount of mistakes. And when it comes to a president it’s going to be the one that infringes the least on my Freedom and Liberty . Until I see any person better for the job. Trump is the man. Off topic. Congrats on the success of new location. This is the third location? Threes a charm:) respectfully Deplorable Patriot

  6. Deplorable Patriot ~

    >>… “I’ve read Man was made if the form of God. Man is flawed, thus God is flawed.”

    Do you genuinely believe what you wrote above? Or were you attempting to make some point or highlight some idea with that comparison which I evidently didn’t grasp?

    Yes, The Holy Bible clearly states that God made man in God’s own image. But do you sincerely think that because man makes mistakes it also means that God makes mistakes and that God is a flawed Being?

    ~ D-FensDogG

  7. I am staying with President Trump too. The man is trying to do what he said he would do or at least he is to my way of thinking. Him instead of Hillary is a reprieve for America. Pelosi and Schumer are obstructionists…

  8. Alvin Truthfinder

    I sent him my opinion via email. I wasn’t exactly happy with things, and I let him know. I also let him know when I agree, when I’m thankful for the many things he’s done. I let him know what I think, and it’s a good idea to do that. He needs to know.

    But did I snarl, “It’s over.”? No. Those wheels are still hummin’ down the road. The more noisy leftist/treasonous weather thrown at him, the more I hunker down and say, “Let’s win this thing.”

  9. In all years as a political junkie.
    I’ve never experienced anybody like DJ Trump as our President.
    I’ve known about the man for 30 years. Nothing Trump did back then was a big surprise to me. I was out west and Trump was New York City. I was a commercial building contracter and so was he times a gazillion. The President was good at what he did as a builder, while considered a hard ass, take no prisoner, negotiator. He never took ‘no’ or failure as an answer against getting the job done. He could be ruthless.

    It didn’t take long to see the difference Trump would be as President. He is the leader of our great Republic. He respects his office as the leader of the citizens of this country. How he shows respect is just like his work was, as a real estate mogul. He told us what he was going to do, and has set out to do it. I trust his words and his effort to lead me and my country.
    I trust he is doing exactly that within the laws of our Constitutional Republic. His ‘and’ our adversaries have no virtue or moral clarity.
    Extraordinary measures have to be taken to over come this embolden evil.

    I will stay with President Trump, ‘Until the wheels fall off’!

    • You’ve stated so clearly what I embrace about President Trump. Thank YOU. I want to send this president and First Lady, Melania, a big VALENTINE this month. I believe he could be the last of our great Constitutionalists (who also has an intensive background in business/economics….even on the international level…..unlike so many of our immediately previous presidents, and what the doubters don’t know or don’t remember is—ALL learning/abilities are TRANSFERABLE—-what he learned/employed in international business is effectively transferrable to his international dealings on behalf of the USA with other nations….while most of our other gov’t reps come to us with ONLY years and years of political experience, no PRACTICAL experience—and, BTW, usually arrive with empty pockets and leave as MILLIONAIRES while serving endlessly as “public servants”)……God only knows what might come after him, as I expect a huge rebound/swing to the left.

  10. As a former VET I tend to side with country and leaders, I served under Reagan, I would serve under Trump.
    He has proven true, so far, every time.
    He has proven me wrong with the Syrian bombings, I thought for sure another war!!! but once the truth came out (non viable, non-provoking targets) The Russians stayed cool, nothing escalated.

    I will give Trump the benefit of every doubt, he operates very cleverly. The shutdown is another.
    We do not know, everything that goes on behind the scenes, but I hope he reveals , declassifies, unseal, everything.

    Throw us a bone, before more people jump ship.
    Some of my buddies are frustrated that he appeared to “cave”. Its hard to explain 4D chess.

    • KimTom, The “bone” is in the second image in the article above. Trump signed the order to reopen government and cited USC Title 10, paragraph 282 which provides the go ahead for the Corps of Engineers to begin building the wall on 15 Feb. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the wall from being built using that Statute.

    • Dear KIM…you are NEVER EVER a “former Vet,” as you are ALWAYS one of our treasured VETERANS who served. Thank You for your service.

  11. DP, excellent column. I too, am here til the wheels fall off. Where else could we possibly go? Nowhere. We knew who the President was decades before we elected him, we chose to follow him warts and all. Sadly, he has been lied about and misquoted and sabotaged numerous times. Thankfully, we knew about his warts from him being in the public’s eye over the years. We knew what we were getting and knew he would be the one least likely to fold. Anyone that would jump ship over one item is not someone we want on our team.
    Did he make some early errors is staff, yes, I think he counted on the people to have some loyalty and over rated them. In most cases, he had little from which to choose. Look at all the jelly fish.
    Would I consider it an honor to go and work with him in the People’e house, you bet.
    Thank you for some excellent points. I guess being a Leo, my loyalty runs deep.

  12. I put no faith in politicians of any stripe. I will give them credit where it is due. I suppose that makes me “not a follower”. That’s fine with me.

    I did not vote for him. I do not vote for anyone with either an “R” or a “D” after their name. I have a religion, politics isn’t it. It isn’t even a close substitute.

    I do not allow my wishes to cloud facts. He is definitely better than the alternative but that does not excuse the negative (in my book). I don’t follow sports teams and I don’t follow politicians.

    I still maintain that its all a sham. The Odor is in charge. They stolen it all. They just haven’t come for it yet.

    So, I don’t tell others what to think or do. If people disagree that’s fine with me. His stock would go much higher with me if he’d stop talking and build the wall. He really doesn’t “need” an emergency (and I’m sure he knows it).

    I like it when he wins, but its pretty scripted. I wouldn’t put up with Pelosi for five minutes. So, as far as “shut downs” are concerned, let them go ahead. She will own it.

    Besides the wall, he should veto anything that’s leftist. That should keep them busy. They will have to pass Satanic, queer, brown people worship without me. If they are tied up having to pass crap over his veto they won’t have so much time to object to the wall.

    Of course Israel is getting more attention than the wall. That’s why I can’t do politics. It sucks.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      As always, an honest opinion from you. I think you have a lot more to say but for what ever reason, you are providing us the “condensed” version. I always like hearing what you have to say and yes, politics suck. If that is what you were referring to.

  13. Me too, Deplorable Patriot.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thank you for all the extra time you put in getting FOTM up and operating. A lot of people don’t know how much time and work goes into keeping FOTM alive. So thank you
      ‘Deplorable Patriot

  14. Of course President Trump has done some terrific things in office. And he’s also taken some maddening actions (and even more so, maddening INactions).

    His first official executive order on Jan. 20, 2017, IMO, should’ve been to unseal Obama’s college transcripts and everything else Obama sealed up when he took office, which most likely would’ve shown Obama was a foreign student in America on a Fulbright scholarship. And that would’ve shown Obama to have been INeligible to hold office, and thus everything Obama signed/nominated/etc. would be rendered null & void, including Supreme Court justices.

    President Trump’s unwillingness to clean house & get in his own people in the Executive branch, especially Justice was also a huge mistake. I’ve heard the argument that to have done so would’ve created a backlog of a couple years at least. But that would be far preferable to what we have today. A lot of his Goldman Sachs & neo-con picks make me want to bang my head in frustration.

    But I also understand him wanting to preserve his own life, and probably more so, those of his family, when there’s so much more to be done.

    I know it takes time to drain the swamp, and there’s a LOT that goes on behind-the-scenes we’ll probably never know about, but he should’ve thrown the public a bone, of having a few high-level prominent names (Cabinet-level/Congressman/Senator) doing a perp walk by now. Surely there’s an ironclad case on somebody.

    I know there’s nobody else out there at this point, but I wish I could trust the plan.

    • Some of those maddening INactions include not going after Big Tech and censorship of sites such as FOTM, and going after blatant voter fraud.

      Supposedly this will be “fixed” before the next election, but why permit Southern California to go blue weeks after the mid-terms without a challenge?

      • Deplorable Patriot

        I think if they actually fixed the voter fraud here in California. We would see a big change in color. Remember “California was a Republican stronghold in presidential elections from 1952 until 1992. Republicans won California in every election except the election of 1964”. I find it hard to believe our state just “flipped” without the Democrats cheating. What makes me really pissed off is when they get caught the election results still stand and there is no recount or new election. If they get caught cheating it should be an automatic loss.

    • Well said!
      You’ve articulated my concerns and sentiments.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      I agree with a lot of what you have said. Problem is what is the use to bring charges on a person if they are going to walk. Just like HRC did. As logical as it sounds if a person held a position and it turned out after the fact that the person was not who they said they were . Everything that person did should be reversed. But good luck with that one. It’s been proven that the whole Russia Trump thing was based on a fake piece of paper, yet we still have a special council burning up millions of our tax dollars. There are Ironclad cases, just don’t have any ironclad judges as well as needed personnel to keep the traitors behind bars,…………….. Yet . We have the imperfect Trump. Our “last star fighter”. Keep in mind that even though we only have 1 person in DC politics fighting for us. We have millions of those “nobody else’s” out there that will always have your back. Trust that you are not alone.

  15. Count me in on Trump “until the wheels fall off,” but I AM NOT with his son-in-law Jared Kushner. President Trump, you may not have any choice in whom your son-in-law is, but you certainly DO have a choice in whom you pick for your advisers, who just may very well loosen a wheel or two for you!

  16. Deplorable Patriot

    I’m with you on that. Besides Donald J Turmp and Jrod klucker, until the wheels fall off just doesn’t sound right. Funny thing is I had some loose lug nuts on my drivers side rear wheel around 6 months ago. I don’t know how it got that way. I fixed it before it fell off

  17. I have really enjoyed this posting’s comments, because it gives us a great insight into our motivations and feelings about so many aspects of what’s going on.

    I’ll repeat what I first wrote about President Trump –even before he was elected– when I said that if elected I’m pretty sure he’s going to be another Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt’s era is not much studied these days, but it was when I was in school.

    Let’s start with the fact that he was elected as a Progressive in a time when labels were bandied about just as much as they are today, yet the fact is he was well and truly elected! He was in trouble almost the same week that he was in office, as his time was wracked by one massive scandal after another, yet to his credit he managed to distance himself from involvement, except to administer federal disciplinary action against the egregious crimes being carried out by the vested interests.

    We are human, all of us, and as such we’re flawed from the get-go to one degree or another. And just as we do, he too must struggle against principalities and powers that rule all too much of this world. I am positive that he was recently compromised by agents of IsraHell, but having survived the initial assault and warning, he’s doing the best he can to carry out what he said he would prior to his election.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thank you for making a comment. As far as Teddy Roosevelt not being studies. Add to a long list of what used common core, mandatory topics in school. Education, teachers and schools is a huge problem in the USA. Now days kids are not getting educated, they are being radicalized, used to push an anti-American agenda. Not all the kids, but 1 is too many. Similar but different how the Democrats are taking “so help me god” out of the oath in Congress. It’s anti American. Weather people like it or not America was built on Christianity. that’s what has got us here so far. I can’t agree with Trump being compromised. People in his Administration, sure, but him no. Trump has been attacked more ways than anyone would ever know. He started out in a White House that was bugged. DC is full of left wing loyalist. One thing that Obama and the Democrats did was put as many people in key positions before Obama left. They put up wall after wall to keep Trump from getting anything done. He still was able to beat them. Trump is not a politician. He is a business man. The USA is a corporation. the very second the USA became a corporation, we needed a business man running things. I’m off on some tangent. Thank you for your response.


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