Preppy menswear (polo shirts, khaki pants) is racist

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Preppy menswear “has its roots in the Ivy League style of dress,” which started around 1912 and became established in the late 1950s. (Wikipedia)
According to WikiHow:

Want to dress in a clean-cut, polished and preppy fashion? All you have to do is cultivate a classic, simple look…. The easiest way to look preppy is to dress in simple, preppy colors like navy, white, and crimson…. Pick items that are cut somewhat conservatively. Avoid revealing clothing…. Preppy outfits are relatively simple in nature. They usually come down to a few classic clothing items that never really go out of style. If you want to look preppy, stock up on some basic essentials for your wardrobe . . . Polo shirts . . . oxford shirts . . . khaki pants . . . A patterned or solid colored button down shirt

If you’re a man who wears polo or button-down shirts, or khaki pants, cargo shorts or neat jeans, you should know that you’re a despicable neo-Nazi!
That’s the latest from the lunatic Left, specifically a staff writer and fashion critic of The Washington Post.

Robin Givhan, “a staff writer and the Washington Post fashion critic, covering fashion as a business, as a cultural institution and as pure pleasure,” writes for The Washington Post, August 22, 2017:

“Fashion has been weaponized. And the fashion industry has been all but silent….
[F]ashion has become a stealth weapon for white nationalists. Neo-Nazis have bought into fashion’s ability to camouflage, distract, embolden, reassure, flatter and, quite simply, lie.
In the multitude of images from Charlottesville, the race-baiting protesters are decked out in white polo shirts and khakis. Others are wearing neat jeans, button-down shirts, cargo shorts. They are wearing jeans and striped pullovers that look like they could have come from the sale rack at a local Gap.

Some of the attire is brand specific: Fred Perry golf shirts, for instance. That company, along with New Balance earlier in the year, issued a statement denouncing the white nationalists who’d declared a fondness for their products.

But the relevance of fashion in the conversation about racial hatred goes well beyond any particular brand. For an observer cognizant of the internal symbols and visual language of white nationalists, there was a lot to read: neo-Nazi, Proud Boy, skinhead, alt-right. But for the uninitiated, the style of dress was unremarkable. This wasn’t a crowd filled with white robes and hoods….

White nationalists are moving through communities cloaked in the most mundane, banal kind of fashion. Clothes that do not inspire a double-take. Clothes that are acceptable and appropriate. Clothes that make them look like they belong. And the fashion industry has yet to tell them that they do not.”

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0 responses to “Preppy menswear (polo shirts, khaki pants) is racist

  1. I wonder what they would say about my black, bib overalls?

  2. Why are fashion critics so unattractive and poorly groomed? Where are their shatterproof mirrors?

  3. Screw them! I wear what I want to wear! The only person I have to make happy is Moi!

  4. Raaaaaaacist. Yaaaaaaaawn.

  5. So, we should all dress like this instead?

  6. Hey-NOTHING we do is EVER gonna please ’em,so I refuse to try. They’ve made it painfully obvious the only thing that will make Blacks,as a GROUP,happy is to exterminate the White race who,as ANOTHER group, STARTED this Country. I’m sorry about the slavery thing,but they should keep in mind WHO sold their forefathers INTO slavery,their own ancestors mostly,and that there were plenty of Black slave-owners too,so THEY’RE as guilty as anyone. I wasn’t there so I’m without guilt for this,and THEY weren’t there,so they can’t hold anyone living responsible for what happened. There’s a phrase that fits this-“THAT was THEN-THIS is NOW.” WE were here before THEY were,so if they want less WHITE in their diet,they’ll have to go to AFRICA to have it.
    Time for rebuttals—

  7. I suppose you should dress like this. The negroes will love you for it.

  8. So, any pics of Obama playing golf?

  9. I’m still just wondering where the heck weaving dyed black floor mops into your head fits into ‘fashion’??
    What would be said if I went out in public with a nice, new, perfectly clean and white mop covering my head; may be dangling out from under a football helmet? Would or could that be ‘racist’? No…I think it would just be funny, if not embarrassing. But I’m sure certain others would not agree.
    Forgive me if my disgust is showing.

    • Kevin . . . the first picture that popped into my head was Whoopie and her gray head hair, and black as black floor mops sown to her own natural hair. That is truly horrible. I just don’t think I can take seeing whitey with a white as white floor mop sewn to their cracker’s natural hair. Some things should just be stayed away from, as a fashion statement. As you say . . . it is just too disgusting.

      • I for one do not find natural African American hair to be repulsive. On some people, it can be just glorious. I was watching some YouTube pictures, there was one footballer (soccer) who was probably mixed race, what a handsome young man–he had his hair, which was shoulder length, held back on the top with a head band. Due to the nap of the hair it was very full, and it was glorious. He was filmed him running cross a field, where he took off his player’s jersey and presented it to a very crippled young white man. He was absolutely beautiful, his hair was beautiful, and his spirit and generosity and the way he treated the disabled young man, hugging him and handing him the shirt. I literally was in tears after seeing that clip. I am not one for particularly liking “dreadlocks,” far too often they represent hair that is very seldom washed. Many African American men have beautiful hair, when it is cut close it appears wavy, and is quite beautiful. We don’t all have to have stick straight hair for it to be beautiful, and adding synthetic fibers to lengthen it does not really add to the natural beauty.

  10. “Fashion has been weaponized. And the fashion industry has been all but silent….” Yes, by super skinny models who starve themselves!
    But seriously, does the word “racist” mean anything at all anymore?

  11. Dang!!….Just realized, I must be confusing preppies with preppers. Of course there is a very distinct difference; like the difference between the useless, trivial, and unproductive, and the useful, productive, and life sustaining.
    I never realize people could actually graduate from a school with nothing to show for it but a fashion style.

  12. Americans dress alike no matter the race….

  13. This is a much more less raycisssss’ way to dress.

    • Lola . . . The two white fools who do not even have underwear on under their shorts is just a hair’s breath away from indecent exposure. In fact they should have been arrested It is difficult for me to understand . . . do they have holes in the their heads, where their brain matter evaporated from? Somebody should have a shotgun loaded with rock salt, and they need to feel a might smite on their backside, each of them with both barrels. Why would white guys run around town minus undershorts . . . that is truly repulsive. In fact much more repulsive that the blacks dudes who at least have underwear on so we don’t have to see them buck naked.

  14. I keep wondering why it isn’t obvious to most that these social engineering initiatives just don’t spring into being, coincidentally. Obongo was their employees to ratchet up the race hate. He did that with relish. A spoiled, pampered little gay boy communist. And people sat there staring at it like cows at a passing train.

  15. We’re going down the whole list here—milk, peanut butter & jelly, now polo shirts, etc., etc.
    Gihvan is just the latest idiot parrot of the Establishment.
    We white people have been called “racist” for quite some time now. The problem is, IT DOESN’T WORK ANY MORE.
    As Dr. Henry Makow has thoroughly documented, this onslaught of political correctness and branding has come straight from Judaic and Talmudic influences via academia and the mainstream media. He has stated the Sabbatean-Frankist agenda, spelled out in the Protocols, its dictum or belief, that “White people must suffer.”
    AGAIN, this is not “anti-semitic,” another canard that no longer works. It’s not that “Jews,” per se, are behind this. Rather, it is a Sabbatean-Frankist (and Anti-Christ) system of propaganda, composed of false blame and shaming, that is successfully done for political or ideological reasons and motives, and not for religious motives, per se. In other words, the anti-semitism canard MUST be false, because—1) not all people involved in the propaganda pipeline are Jewish; and, 2) not all Jews are on board with the propaganda onslaught. Dr. Makow has proved that this MUST be the case because, as organized as “Jewry” as a force may be, it can only operate if they manage to keep a sufficient number of “subscribers” or fellow Jews on that plantation (meaning the population total of the synagogues) remains at least constant. Long Story Short, it is a political or ideological agenda, propagated and financially supported by an oligarchy with its own corporate and media matrix, and it manages to get by by calling on fellow Jews to react to any and all criticism against it. It is mis-en-scene or magic: Something happens or is said, then the knee-jerk reaction of “Look Here!” goes out, when the real evil is that Ideology Behind the Curtain.
    To paraphrase FDR for our post here, we can think of it like this: “Nothing in fashion happens by accident. If something happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Problem is, The Sabbatean-Frankist Regime can’t find the new Pearl Harbor it needs.

  16. I suppose I’m to rush right out to the ghetto mall and purchase some I’ll fitting jeans and a pre-dirtied wife beater shirt so I can be un-racist. Oh yea, forgot the Air Jordan shoes. No thanks, I will keep my correctly fitted “Yuppie/Nazi” wear.
    I would wager that more blacks are murdered wearing Jordan shoes than any other type of footwear.
    Lastly, words are groups of letters assigned meaning and accepted by society as a means of communication. You still possess the ability to add or subtract from the gravity of those words.

  17. She doesn’t pass the hand test.

  18. I’m under the impression that the hand test is 95% accurate. Auntie Lulu: don’t sweat it! I have big shoulders.

  19. Been wearing Ralph Lauren stuff for over forty years.
    LOL – Do I need to trade it all in for a hood and white sheets now?


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