Prepping Today

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Prepping Indeed

For a boatload of fear and a heapin helpin of crazy in the pulpit at church

The Jim Bakker Show in not a ministry; it’s an infomercial

And I have this question for Why did you give any credit to Jim Bakker? I love some of your reporting, but puffing a guy like Bakker causes me to suggest a name change: World Nut Daily.

But some of this stuff is interesting, you might say

Yes it is. I find Jonathan Cahn’s theories very intriguing. But I must insist, they are theories, and not yet proven fact. And it’s not what Cahn says that troubles me, but what guys like Jim Bakker make of Cahn’s ideas.
And it is the fact that Jim Bakker was given high exposure this morning on World Net Daily that really bothers me.
Most of us already know we are living in perilous times, and we are doing all we can to resist evil, and also drawing near to God for strength. Some are wisely buying survival materials to help get through a rough patch or two.
The Jim Bakker Show is an infomercial masquerading as a ministry. Jim brings on a lot of people who talk about prophesy, some who predict a tsunami that will wipe out the eastern seaboard, some predicting the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano, some a devastating EMP attack, others saying the economic system will collapse, others saying there will be a 2:00 AM knock at the door this month by FEMA troopers who will march Christians off to camps with guillotines.
We have heard many of these things before. But Jim is a master of whipping these stories up into a froth of absolute terror and dread. Instead of saying we need to stand up and fight or turn to God trusting in His protection, Jim turns the fear up to a higher level, and then…
sells survival goods. SELL SELL SELL
A friend informed me that most of what Jim is selling can be purchased for half the price if one looks around.

Back to our Sunday church service

Jim and some of his friends have the ear of many Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic preachers. And they have a grip right now on pastors I know and love. For the past few months our formerly wonderful services have been getting darker and darker.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

September. That’s it, just September. These guys have made the error of putting their predictions on the calendar, September, the month we are in right now.  That means we have less than 20 days left to make preparations. And that is why WND’s headline has Jim Bakker warning “IT’S AWFUL LATE TO GET PREPARED.”

Get it? Urgency!
DEFCON Level One! 

Buy now while supplies last! 

On October 1st, I will be sipping a coffee and praising the Lord that this false prophet has been unmasked, and his ugly predictions for September have failed.

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”  – Romans 8:380-39

If you fall out of a boat, the guy who wants to SELL you a life preserver is not your friend. In fact, he may be the one who pushed you.

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0 responses to “Prepping Today

  1. I like WND—sometimes I call it WMD—but when it comes to religion, they offer a smorgasborg of crap! Real prophecy is from the Bible or Church-approved Revelation, and interpretation of it is subjective, of course. But WMD—I mean WND!—really piles on the loads, shall we say.
    And I don’t take Jonathan Conman seriously at all.
    That being said, it REALLY IS IMPORTANT to prep, and I do the following:
    First, I always stay updated on my news sources. I stay well-informed.
    Second, I buy the right stuff every week. And I stay organized.
    And third, I have to stop, one day a week, rest, and really check myself: Am I getting hysterical? Am I losing sight of God’s Hand of Control in the whole thing? Let’s assume we have hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes and falling cranes all at once: God is STILL in control. THIS is what really matters!
    Jim Bakker? Go Home, Jim, You’re Drunk!

  2. There is a logical disconnect here.
    Has anyone asked Bakker and other apocalypse “ministers” what’s the point of buying and storing “survival food” if we really are in the end times? Do they actually mean that with the right supply of “survival food,” they can survive THE END OF EVERYTHING?

    • So much for the use of reason. How do you survive the horrors they predict? Having a 7 year supply of food in your basement might help… if you still have a basement.
      And if the FEMA troopers show up at your home, won’t they also take your belongings, possibly including your 7 year food supply?
      Will your basement be waterproof incase of an East Coast tsunami? Or fireproof incase of Yellowstone going off?
      And for Mr. Bakker, when and where are you planning your next vacation? And will it be on some island your “prophets” have revealed to be apocalypse-proof?

  3. Or what if things happen in accordance with their prognostications? “The prudent man forsees the evil and hides himself. But the simple pass on and are punished”. If you don’t put up preserves from your own garden like my family has always done, you should buy some storable food somewhere so that you don’t starve when catastrophy strikes. And theirs are the cheapest I have heard of.
    Besides, they seem to believe what they are saying. So they are not hucksters or just trying to sell something. I don’t know when things will go off the rails, but it will be soon. The signs are all here.

    • edwitness , merciless fear mongering for profit is the thing I object to here. Perhaps you missed the part where I said,

      “Some are wisely buying survival materials to help get through a rough patch or two.”

  4. Evidently these goobers didn’t read all the way to the end of the book of Revelation, else they would know that the actual end of the present world is at least 1007 years + 1 day away. Armageddon (which IS NOT THE “FINAL BATTLE” as there will be one more) represents the end of the rule of man on Earth, not (yet) the end of the world itself. So many seem to consistently miss that.
    But hey, after all, there are books to sell, multi-million dollar homes to buy, and private jets to operate.

  5. This is why I don’t trust WND, because they cater to false prophets, false prophecies, and false doctrines. Anyone who believed the kabalistic false prophecy of the blood moon malarkey as started by the false prophet mark biltz, has been deceived. Hopefully they can come away wiser and learn to ask questions, and won’t incur too much damages from that mess. (as we saw happened with the harold camping bunch, the devil certainly used him to directly assault the faith of many, as he used william miller, and others as well.)

    • Great points, Seumas.
      On the subject of the “Blood Moons,” I have seen a total lunar eclipse start to finish. The moon does not turn to a dark red. It turns dark gray/brown, which calls doubt onto the theory that the scripture saying, “the moon will turn to blood,” is referring to a lunar eclipse.
      And the same can be said of a solar eclipse. When a solar eclipse happens, it takes place in a very small narrow path on the earth. The reference in Revelation suggests the sun turning black would be experienced over the whole earth, which would disqualify the solar eclipse.
      The Blood Moon authors are merely selling books.

      • Quite so Traildust, there is certainly a question as to proper interpretation of those verses.
        In my experience though, there is one atmospheric phenomenon that does turn both the sun and moon a bloody red. Smoke, and lots of it, several forest fires combined with the right stagnation and pressure will yield a smoke layer that can, and will, make the sun turn bloody red during the day, and can, under other circumstances, render the moon red (given the moon would require less covering to still be visible, but be turned color.) Something to think about, perhaps.
        Can’t say I’ve ever seen a lunar eclipse make the moon bloody red either, not even orange fanta orange.


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