Prepare for the Big Speech Tonite

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0 responses to “Prepare for the Big Speech Tonite

  1. I’m ready! I have my Maalox at the ready and clear path to the bathroom if I quickly need to lose my lunch when giggles start talking!

  2. I can’t watch this person any more. I refuse to waste my time listening to a bumbling fool pretend he is intelligent. I saw through him at the Democratic convention in 2004 and he has yet to let me down. I told everyone that he would run for President and they said I was crazy. In 2008, I threw up my hands and voted for worn out McCain because anyone would be better than Obama. Seems I was right again. Now this person wants to take control of our nation due to the impending riots caused by his union thugs and his homosexual following will be the cheerleaders. He has been a pretend President, now he wants to be a pretend king.

  3. “Uh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand….”
    “This much we do know.”

  4. Have plenty of beer on-hand.

  5. Screw Obama.
    It’s the NFL’s opening day. 🙂
    And I’m pulling for the Aint’s tonight.

  6. More ‘o the same…

  7. “Everything in this bill will be paid for.” Um, exactly with what? No doubt with more of kids and grandkids’ money.


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