Precious Family Photo

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I don’t know who these folks are or where they live.  I got it in a photo montage from a neighbor, and wanted to share it.  Talk about a lovely family, the picture of peace!  ~LTG

They’re the McGhee sextuplets, with loving parents — he works (has a carpet-cleaning service); she’s a stay-at-home mom.
From The Daily Mail, Feb. 22, 2011:
Oprah Winfrey today gave the McGhee family and their miracle sextuplets $250,000 credit at Walmart as well as a honeymoon in Las Vegas – despite the fact the couple got married 11 years ago.
Rozonno and Mia McGhee and their sextuplets – Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Jr, Josiah, Elijah and Isaac – appeared on the show today after they became an internet sensation when Mia posted a family photo on her Facebook page.
On the show, the couple told the chat-show queen how difficult and expensive it is raising the six babies and revealed they go through 50 diapers and 30 bottles a day.
The couple, who are both from impoverished backgrounds, started dating when they were in high school and married when they were 18 and 19 years old. They were determined to create the kind of family they never had. Mia – whose mother was on welfare and two brothers were involved in criminal activity – said: ‘Since I didn’t have a father, I’ve always wanted my children to have a father. I wanted, of course, to graduate from high school, go to college, get married.’
But the couple tried to have a baby for three years before finally turning to fertility treatment.
They then received the news they were expecting twins but just after they were born they died.
Rozonno – whose own mother was addicted to crack – said he wondered why God had done such a thing to them.
Soon after, however, the couple learned they were expecting again – this time with sextuplets.
And despite the sleep deprivation and constant diaper changing, Mia and Rozonno say they’re thankful for their miracle babies.
Mia said: ‘It can become overwhelming, but it’s a joy. It’s a joy being a mom now.’
While Rozonno runs his carpet-cleaning service, Mia stays at home with the sextuplets,  though they said they do get some help during the week.

Read the rest of the article, here.


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  1. Sweet babies!

  2. That is just too cute. 🙂
    LOL – I sure hope mommy and daddy get a really early jump on that college fund.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Eowyn, thanks for digging up all the info! I just loved the picture and put it up, inspred by the story of the 17 year old mural artist. Knowing the background of the McGhee family makes it even better!

  4. Though I read FOTM faithfully, a lot of the stuff I read is upsetting. I’m a natural worrier. Not that I want to live in the dark….But sometimes it’s nice to see something upbeat and heartwarming that gives me hope for the future.

  5. Holy Moley! Six newborn babies!!!! The picture is awesome but I’m glad its them and not me! lol. Phew! God Bless them all. They’re going to need all the help they can get. I would love to see them again in a year. How cute would that be?


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