Precious animals!

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The cat without fear…


Kiss in Paris


Premature elephant at one minute old!


Panda in Japan, scared after an earthquake, embraces a policeman


Ducks tend to continue throughout his life
to be seen first at birth, whether or not his mother.


A panda bear helping another bear!


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0 responses to “Precious animals!

  1. ♥ Gotta love these beautiful creatures.

  2. I wonder how many lives that cat is down to?
    Love the baby elephant. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD" and commented:
    Animals always make me smile…..

  4. Precious animals, indeed! I would go mad without my “creatures without sin.”
    Thank you, DCG, for these darling pics. But if I were that cat’s human, I would never let him take such risks. Just think: It’s not only that he’s perched so high on so narrow a surface, he had to first JUMP onto that narrow railing. Shudders….

  5. The little panda who sought comfort from the policeman after an earthquake is beyond precious. Thank you for bringing us such a treat.

  6. Excellent-I LOVED these. I agree with the comments about the cat,but as you know,the CAT decides what the cat will do,NOT the pet Human. Took me a moment to decipher the translation for the ducks,but I got it.
    VERY cool stuff!

  7. I love the cat without fear, saved the jpg and it makes a nice computer wallpaper…..a dyed in the wool cat person


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