Pre-Election Sunday Devotional

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Psalm 28: Petition and Thanksgiving

To you, Lord, I call;
my Rock, do not be deaf to me.
If you fail to answer me,
I will join those who go down to the pit.
Hear the sound of my pleading when I cry to you,
lifting my hands toward your holy place.
Do not drag me off with the wicked,
with those who do wrong,
Who speak peace to their neighbors
though evil is in their hearts.
Repay them for their deeds,
for the evil that they do.
For the work of their hands repay them;
give them what they deserve.
They pay no heed to the Lord’s works,
to the deeds of God’s hands.
God will tear them down,
never to be rebuilt.

Blessed be the Lord,
who has heard the sound of my pleading.
The Lord is my strength and my shield,
in whom my heart trusted and found help.
So my heart rejoices;
with my song I praise my God.

Lord, you are the strength of your people,
the saving refuge of your anointed king.
Save your people, bless your inheritance;
feed and sustain them forever!

In two days, Americans will vote in the most important election of our lifetime. At stake is not just our present and future, but the future of our children and grandchildren and, given the power of the U.S.A., of the world as well.

No one is perfect, as only God is perfect. Like each and every one of us, Governor Mitt Romney is imperfect. That being said, the differences between Gov. Romney and the present occupant of the Oval Office are significant, many, and profoundly important. I was not a supporter of Gov. Romney during the GOP primaries, mainly because I didn’t bother to actually know him. Since then, I’d corrected my sin of omission and, the more I see, hear, and read about Gov. Romney, the more I appreciate him. I have grown to love this man.

I believe Gov. Romney not only has the proven intelligence, knowledge, and strength to restore our economy, more importantly he is a good man with kind eyes who wants to be President for the right reason.

In contrast from the present White House occupant who goads his supporters by appealing to the worst in them, asking them to “vote for revenge,” Gov. Romney has spent millions of his own money, and his time, energy, sweat and tears every hour, every week, and every day for countless months for one simple reason:

Because he LOVES America

and is as worried and heartsick as we are about her future under the present occupant and his Godless party.

This is not just a political battle, this is at root a spiritual war, “for our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.”

Please pray, pray, pray with all your strength — that Mitt Romney wins the presidency next Tuesday, that the GOP (an imperfect but God-fearing party) wins a majority in the Senate and retains a majority in the House.

Please pray for God’s mercy. Please pray that God still bless America.


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0 responses to “Pre-Election Sunday Devotional

  1. I’m with you, brother…

  2. AMEN.

  3. Am praying for America!

  4. Been praying and not about to stop now!!

  5. The Ulsterman and Citizen Wells blogs are asking everyone to pray at noon today. I will be at mass today at noon so I will dedicate all of my prayers to the election results that are most pleasing to our Lord. A local company has a billboard on the highway. Their sign said to pray for wisdom and then vote! I love it.

  6. I am in total agreement with Dr. Eowyn and these posts–I was only hesitant about the then candidate for the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney, because I just didn’t know all that I know about him now. The more I learn about him, the more I actually just love the man & his wonderful family.
    I try not to be fearful, but I don’t trust the Democrats. They are already showing evidence of fraud. Also, the possibility of the voting access being so messed up for millions in the NY/NJ areas that the election is postponed.
    I also am concerned for the safety of the Romney family when they become our new First Family!
    The savages that are Obama zombies are raising a rucket threating his life, and riots if Zero doesn’t win. And you know what–guess who will be fanning the flames of any chaos—-.
    POS and his POS AG haven’t spoken out once about the multitudes of threats being made openly over Twitter & other sites. Just shows the lack of statesmanship and disregard for the law against such threats against a candidate. These jack—es encourage this behavior, if anything, by remaining silent.
    I don’t like the lack of civility I have seen in this election from this Marxist group & their blind followers.
    Until the election is over, and we have a TRUE leader in the White House, I will be very very nervous –and doing the only thing I can do–VOTE, and PRAYING !

  7. I’m all in…

  8. Look up and know The Lord loves you, and seek out a President who does the same, and you will have the blessings of heaven.

  9. I left a post awhile ago but it isn’t here–???

    • Thanks Hardnox–I was trying to think of what I had said that might have caused it to be omitted-. I appreciate every one of you and the excellent work you do here to both inform and inspire us ! God bless you all !

  10. So true, Grouchy. Thanks to Dr. Eowyn & you for the reminder! We need to have a spirit of Gratitude, regardless of our circumstances.

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post, and for posting Psalm 28. I said it out loud. I have been praying incessantly for Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan, for God’s intervention at this time, and for the intervention of the saints and the angels. I am praying that the American people choose good over evil next Tuesday, that Gov. Romney is elected as our next president. And Dr, Eowyn, thank you for your efficient, effective and professional leadership of FOTM. I am honored to be on your team and I am always here for you as your loving sister.

  12. God is not done with America.


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