Prayers for Dennis

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Tomorrow, January 13, beloved fellow Dennis H. Bennett, will undergo surgery on his shoulder.
Please say a prayer that all goes well and for a quick recovery!
May our Lord’s peace and love be with you, Dennis.

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0 responses to “Prayers for Dennis

  1. Stay strong, get well soon! 🙂

  2. Hello! Not to worry: surgeons are no longer barbers, so they won’t give you a bad haircut.
    I had my R shoulder biceps strap ripped in Jan 2001; the repair wasn’t done until July 2001, in a 2.5 hour procedure by the wonderful Dr Joseph Chang, Oakland, CA, under WCB coverage [on the job damage].
    Do NOT fear for anything: think of it as a car repair, but to you instead of your Toyota [or whatever], OK?
    All will be well. I have it on the Highest Authority. God bless, and Will keep you. Always, that was the Promise, and still true!

  3. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  4. Hope all goes well and you are as good as new!

  5. Here’s hoping all goes well for Dennis.

  6. wishing you a speedy recovery Dennis! hope its good as new when they get done.:)

  7. May God be with you, guiding the hand of the surgeon and smoothing your complete recovery!

  8. I am also saying prayers for you Dennis. I feel certain that GOD and his angels will be watching over you ; and your shoulder will heal quickly and soon be as good as new !! : )

  9. My prayers are with you. Good luck with your surgery and healing. Take the time to heal and don’t overdo.

  10. Prayers going up for you for a flawless procedure and a speedy recovery.

  11. I’ll put him in my book of people I pray for who are ill. Lord heal him.

  12. After I get off this post, I will immediately say prayers for Dennis. Surgery is difficult and frightening! Hopefully, it will solve any problems he has with his shoulder.

  13. Dennis H. Bennett

    All of your prayers, good will and love for your neighbor bring tears to my eyes…I KNOW that I am in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
    The day went quickly..the rotator cuff tear was large and repaired w/ 3 screws (joseph-how did you know I have 2 toyotas in the driveway?), another site w/ 1 more screw.The joke around my home now is that I’ve been screwed over 4 times by the Surgery Center!! The surgeon, ironically named Steve, said he felt good about the repair. I opted for the Naropin-filled pain pump, which will be removed on Monday. The dull ache, untouched by pain meds, is tolerable when I let my arm relax in the sling, as I’m always tensing it up. I will face the rehab as it comes, taking pain med BEFORE and not after.Eowyn: that picture bears a striking resemblance to my childhood photos, reddish hair and all! Grouchy-good to hear from you and that you’re on the mend. For all of your love and goodwill, THANK YOU…I receive it as God’s precious presence among us and our common faith in Jesus who suffered so much more that we might live. And yes, I typed this whole, damn thing with my right index finger!

  14. Dennis H. Bennett

    Steve: I feared a much rougher post-op course…you’ve helped to make it much smoother.
    Did you have much muscle pain around the incision site? Looks like my pump went dry sometime during the night…fortunately alternating NSAIDS and the Vicodin alleviates ?90% of discomfort. Yesterday I walked out to my shop and realized that I had done too much. Back to the chair….
    I see the orthopod tomorrow, get my dressing off, start crying with range of motion…and cussing the PC people. Steve, the surgeon, told me 50% of people over 65 have rotator cuff tears! I believe mine came from my building projects, splitting wood and laying RR ties for above ground planters. I sure don’t act my age (65), and I’m pretty glad I don’t!
    I hope, however, I don’t get screwed again! LOL

    • Sorry about all you’re going through but, at 68 after a life fit for three crazies, I have to honestly report that what Mark Twain said//wrote was –and still is!– too, too true: “Life is one damned thing after another!”
      So it goes, but you’re made of the right stuff, and Heaven programmed us to keep doing what we need done, right to the last second!

      • And I like you, for your attitudes and cares and loves. You’re the right stuff guy on my boat! Very few of us really know what we can truly achieve, as we are rarely put to such extremes.
        I’m not advocating that we should all live high-wire lives, but rather to develop our resources to the fullest, even if there doesn’t appear to be a need for using them; we need to stay alert to any and all changes in our life’s environment, as one of them may be a significant, life-changing event; and finally, as hard as it is, to do what William Penn counselled us three centuries ago: “Let us see, then, what love can do.”


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