Pray for America

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This video is recommended by the Billy Graham website:

I’m actually rather surprised that Graham recommends the video, given its rap hip hop rhythm. Here’s a video warning about the hip hop rhythm:

To quote the speaker in the above video:
“So therefore when the Gospel’s communicated in the form of hip hop music, people are misled to a false conversion and become co-dependent to the beat and not the message. In return the artist raises up fans and not followers of Christ, and they become loyal to the feel but never coming to full knowledge of the understanding of Jesus Christ.”
You can read more on the dangerous back beat rhythm here.
H/t beloved Wendy for the video, and our Sage_brush for the warning about back beat.

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0 responses to “Pray for America

  1. That’s a WOW!!! Thanks for posting this…

  2. You gotta eat meat to keep the beat.
    So……………………………… what kind of meat are you into?
    The meat of the Word of God, or meat that has been dedicated to an idol?

  3. Scripture says do not worry about separating the shaft from the wheat – for there is an appointed time for doing that – Matthew 13: 3-52. God’s Word will not return to Him void. We plant the Word. The Holy Spirit gives the increase. I’m not a good singer but it doesn’t stop me from singing unto the Lord (my audience of One) – Psalm 100 says: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.” Yes, we must pray for America. We must pray that God’s Word, wherever it’s planted, will take root and grow with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We must pray that the Lord of the harvest sends forth more laborers for planting of the Word. All things are possible with God. Be blessed.

  4. It’s been known for a long time that the human heartbeat tends to synchronize with suprimposed rhythms, which is one of the reasons music, especially drumming, is so powerful. Like so many things, it can be employed for good or evil. Let us never forget God loves and encourages music (!) Quiet music and rhythm encourages relaxation, chaotic noise creates anxiety (yes?) I personally am a harsh, harsh judge of hip-hop, etc., but found “Graffiti Bridge to Life” surprisingly gentle, respectful and all that the spoken word put to rhythm should be. I submit that rhythm is not a bad thing, but has been woefully misused. Any thoughts?


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