Powerful video of Black activists against Democrats

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The video below is a powerful heart-rending crie de coeur by four black activists — Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, Harold “Noonie” Ward, and Joseph Watkins. Speaking to fellow blacks, the four men tell the truth, that —

  • Democrats, not Republicans, have hurt blacks.
  • Blacks should stop voting Democrat — including for Obama — because Democrats have done nothing for blacks. Voting Democrat has meant blacks getting poorer and poorer.
  • Blacks commit crimes against fellow blacks, not just in the streets, but in city halls (like Detroit) and state capitols.
  • So-called Black “leaders” abuse, oppress, exploit and mis-govern fellow blacks.
  • Democrats’ talk about raising the minimum wage is ludicrous because blacks’ problem is not about minimum wage. Blacks don’t have jobs.
  • Liberals “force” blacks into a life of welfare. Blacks don’t want welfare. What blacks want are opportunities to go to work and to own businesses.
  • “They only come around when it’s time for elections.”
  • The hundreds of billions of federal dollars to “improve” black communities actually go to line the pockets of Democratic political groups, many of them headed by blacks.

To the above list, should be added this:

  • Obama’s open-border illegal immigration policy hurts black Americans.


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Hope their words are heard!

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Wow! That was truly a heartfelt plea to the black community. Thank God some black people actually see what ruling Democrats have done to them. This is not an issue that any of us who are of Western European ancestry can possibly bring to the black community–there may well be inherent mistrust of our words. When these courageous black men speak the truth we can only hope that the black community will listen with their ears and feel the truthfulness of the message with their hearts. God Bless these courageous men for speaking out. God Bless Dr Eowyn for bringing… Read more »


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We can only pray that they don’t get dismissed as “sounding too White”,or “selling out their Black heritage”.


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Larry Lecheler
Larry Lecheler

This Website’s quote says it all and definitely reinforces what these men were trying to share!


Amen! Truth needs to be spoken loud and clear.


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