Powerful Bilderberg Group's Tax Returns

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The Bilderberg Group is a secretive club of some of the world’s most powerful people. Formed 58 years ago, the group met for the first time on May 29, 1954, at Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands, and derived its name from the hotel.
As described on its official website that has no insignia or symbols, the Bilderberg Group is a “by-invitation-only” club of around 140 very high-power people from the world’s business, finance, oil, politics, media, industry, academia and nobility who meet once a year in “a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced. Bilderberg’s only activity is its annual Conference. At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.”
The Bilderberg Group customarily meet in some European country or another — France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England, Scotland, Norway. But not this year.
This year, from May 30 to June 3, the Bilderbergers met in the United States — at the Westfield Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, just a stone’s throw from Washington, D.C. The last time Bilderberg met in the United States was in 2008.
So what do 2012 and 2008 have in common?
Answer: Both are presidential election years in the United States!
On June 5, 2008 — the first day of the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both “mysteriously disappeared” for some hours “somewhere in the DC area,” their agendas blocked out. Two days later, Hillary withdrew from the race and Obama became the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.
This year too, four staff members of the Westfield Marriott Hotel told The Guardian‘s Charlie Skelton that they saw Mitt Romney at the Bilderberg meeting.
Though extremely secretive, in the United States the Bilderberg group operates under the business entity “American Friends of Bilderberg” as a 501c3 tax exempt foundation.
Since the IRS requires all 501c3 Tax Exempt Foundations to make certain records public, Mark Dice of Stop Making Sense was able to obtain the secretive group’s 2007-2010 tax returns.
In 2008, the American Friends of Bilderberg filed a 22-page tax return c/o James Johnson, Perseus, LLC, 1325 Ave. of the Americas, 25th fl, New York, NY 10019. (James Johnson signed the tax return as “Treasurer”.)
That year, Bilderberg received $645,000 in contributions to fund their annual meeting (travel, hotel, etc.). Below are the contributors and the amounts of their monetary contribution to Bilderberg:

  • Henry Kissinger: $20,000
  • David Rockefeller: $50,000
  • Freeport McMoran Foundation (of New Orleans, LA): $10,000
  • Microsoft: $75,000
  • Marie Josee & Henry R. Kravis Foundation: $50,000
  • The Jennie Zoline Foundation: $25,000
  • Wolfensohn Family Foundation: $25,000
  • Peter Thiel: $75,000
  • Johnson Family Fund: $25,000
  • Big Hen Grkoup [sic] LLC: $75,000
  • Altman/Kazickas Foundation: $25,000
  • The Washington Post Company: $25,000
  • The Ripplewood Foundation Inc: $75,000
  • Goldman Sachs & Co: $25,000
  • Lazard Freres & Co LLC: $25,000
  • RW Sant Revocable Trust: $25,000
  • The Coca Cola Company: $10,000
  • William S Paley Foundation: $5,000

The following is a list of Bilderberg’s officers, directors, trustees, and key employees in 2008 (they are all volunteers as they received $0 in compensation):

  • Marie-Josee Kravis, President/Director
  • James A. Johnson, Treasurer/Director
  • Jessica T. Mathews, Secretary/Director
  • Henry Kissinger, Director
  • David Rockefeller, Director
  • Richard N. Perle, Director
  • Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Director
  • James D. Wolfensohn, Director

Bilderberg’s 2010 Tax Returns listed the following contributors:

  • Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation: $25,000
  • Donald Graham (NY): $25,000
  • Peter Thiehl: $50,000
  • Marie Josee Henry R Kravis Foundation: $50,000
  • Freeport-McMoran Foundation: $10,000
  • David Rockefeller: $25,000
  • Henry Kissinger: $10,000

In its 2010 tax returns, Bilderberg listed its “Directors” as Klaus Kleinfeld, James D. Wolfensohn, Roger Caltman, Vernon E. Jordan Jr., Richard N. Perle, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Jessica T. Mathews (also Secretary), James A. Johnson (also Treasurer), and Marie-Josee Kravis (also President).

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0 responses to “Powerful Bilderberg Group's Tax Returns

  1. Wow Dogs, they really are called the “Bilderberg” group. Wow Dogs. Big, big, wow. As in “oh man.”

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Eowyn for this interesting, well-researched and well-documented post! It is indeed noteworthy that the “adjusted qualifying distributions for 2008 were $925,724.00,” as opposed to the year 2005-$98,063.00, 2006-$114,166.00, 2007-$100,063.00 and 2009-$85,223.00. What a disparity coincidentally, inasmuch as this was the election year for our country! I will continue to review the tax returns more carefully. . .

  3. Likely, every American president since the inception of this group has made a pilgrimage to kiss the rings of these leeches. We didn’t for a moment think that Romney would not be summoned. He was made to wait his turn. Why would such a seemingly accomplished man pause for four years in the prime of his life? That’s because he was chosen to be next. You’ve all seen and heard the overt Bush endorsements of Romney. McCain didn’t get that treatment. He wasn’t chosen. You have to read the signs, they’re right there.
    The elites knew this move to a one world government, a universal socialism, a “New World Order”, would meet with substantial resistance. Their plan was conceived long before any of us were born. The Federal Reserve System was perhaps the first outward sign and that was enacted in 1913. That was never perceived at that time as the evil it was and still is. That was when the milking of this country by the old world elites first shifted into high gear.
    Back in the present, Barry moved the ball substantially left. He seriously damaged our country in a mere four years. Nearly as much as Bush did in eight years. You did notice that Barry used the tools Bush left behind? That was his assignment. They are in reality on the same team.
    Romney will have his assignment too. He will continue the assault on our economy and constitution in a less conspicuous manner. The country will relax once he is elected and that’s the point. The cow must be allowed to recover and fatten somewhat before the milking resumes. The middle class still has some wealth and power and that must be milked away. The elites would prefer this to be a peaceful coup with essentially no resistance. There’s no rush, time and history is on their side. It is up to us to provide fervent and steadfast resistance or live with the consequences. It’s incredible to think that the future of freedom and liberty in the United States and perhaps the continued existance of the United States itself depends on you and me.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Look at all the bigshot foundations on the Bilderberg bandwagon. If congress rescinded the “tax exempt” status from the foundations retroactively, it would rake in at least as much revenue as going after the individuals in the 1%. That’s why Billionaires and multi-national corporations form foundations, to shelter their money from taxes……… duh!

    • Boy is that ever the truth grannie. That’s how the Rockefellers have always hid and preserved their wealth. Lowering taxes on the wealthy is meaningless when considered against these fraud manipulations of the uber-rich. These people have more wealth than entire nations and it grows exponentially. There’s no way to keep them from having world-wide influence. To some extent, they own the world.

  5. Celestine, although there is some merit in your comments, it is unwise to be such a fatalist without hope. Your comment, “It’s incredible to think that the future of freedom and liberty in the United States and perhaps the continued existence of theUnited States depends on you and me.” Thank God indeed! Yes, it is incredible, which is why our Republic is a government of the people and for the people, which is why our nation is so great! I completely disagree with you that “Barry” and Bush were and/or are on the same team. You provide no specific, substantial evidence to draw that conclusion.

    • Like I said earlier joandarc, “You have to read the signs, they’re right there.” Here’s a blatant one for you. Who gave this nation its first taste of the NWO? It was Bush Sr. and not a liberal. Well, not an advertised liberal. You can look it up, the speeches and videos are still available. The entire two-party system is part of the NWO plan to gain control of this country. How is it third party candidates have been effectively eliminated from the discourse? They have been legislated out by the Dems and Reps. With all of the media and time that is devoted to politics, a few more voices and angles couldn’t be digested by the people? I’m not talking about communists or anything wild. How about the Tea Party? That movements been swallowed whole by the Republicans, never to be effective again. Didn’t you notice? The Republicans aren’t conservative, they’re liberal-lite. While you’re looking for “substantial evidence” and why would they give that to you, the country is slowly shifting left to the point where we have a POTUS that is a closet atheist and promoted allowing full-term newborns to die in hospital closets. But you need more. I can’t give it to you. My statement on the country depending on the sleeping public is just that, a wake up call. The majority of people think this country is on auto-pilot, handed to us from earlier, better generations fully done, ad infinitum. And that’s the truth, like it or not.
      “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • “How about the Tea Party? That movements been swallowed whole by the Republicans, never to be effective again.”
        I beg to differ. The TEA Party movement is credited with Wisconsin Guv Scott Walker’s victory in the recent recall election. There are other electoral victories too.

        • Excellent point Dr. E. Yet, I remain doubtful that they/we will continue to be a force under that Tea Party title on the national level. That’s just my perception. Perhaps that is not necessary so long as the states retain their sovereignty. But as you know, the states are being continually attacked as exemplified by the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Arizona’s immigration law.

    • Dear Joan:
      There is substantial evidence that the elites of both the Dems and Repub parties in the United States are part of the NWO elites. Here’s three, altho’ there’s plenty more:
      1. Notice the names of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller which keep popping up in Bilderberg’s tax returns? They are both Republicans! So is Richard Perle. (I haven’t even begun looking into who the other donors and “directors” are.)
      2. Guess which president of the USA first said “New World Order”? It’s George W.H. Bush (the Elder).
      3. Remember this incisive article by Prof. Angelo Codevilla? https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/americas-bipartisan-ruling-class-vs-the-people/

  6. Here’s a question for you joandarc. Do you think if Romney blew off the Bilderbergs he could then become the POTUS?
    Question 2. I claim Obama is an atheist. I have “no specific, substantial evidence”. I have however eyes to see and ears to hear. Why is it that Barry insists on all religious symbols being covered when he speaks at Notre Dame and Georgetown?

  7. Why is the awakening so slow while the orchestrated events (perpetual wars for perpetual peace!!!!) and the ever-growing poverty and dumbing down of the world’s population are extremely clear signs of this ugly cancerous grouping’s manipulation. This cabal controls all levers in our society because we, the people, let them get away with literal murder.
    So many of us are awake, we must continue our ardent work to shake up
    our brothers and sisters and counteract their lies with our truth and facts.
    We must disempower them by resisting and propagating the TRUTH. Only
    truth and total resistance, boycotting the polls and upholding of the constitution will totally disempower this vermin, they are less than the dirt in the gutter, slime, sludge and scum. WE must educate and inform the world of the true facts, we must stand together and unite, then we shall smash this grotesque hoax of destruction and devastation and exploitation to usher in a world of understanding, cooperation and love. Love is the key so as to be in harmony with GOD.

  8. Celestine and Dr. Eowyn – It is clear that you know much more about this subject than I do and I am rightfully chastised. Thank you so much for all of the information. Hence, I will assume then that Obama and George Bush, Sr. are on the same team, since that is what I questioned in particular reference to requesting substantial evidence about that conclusion. They are both on a team that wants a “New World Order” and apparently, they have the same ideas as to what that “New World Order” should be – very discouraging, isn’t it?

    • joan, you were not chastised, just brought somewhat up to speed. Sorry for any harsh tone, it’s not intended toward you. It’s dizzying to say the least in keeping up with what has been undermining freedom and liberty for well over a century. Why is Celestine particularly in-tune to these undercurrents, you might ask. My husband is very much into the history of the United States. He has studied how the written history itself has been “edited” over the course of time. I am particularly sensitive to the Marxist/NWO agenda as my parents escaped Castro’s Cuba in 1954. (Marxism and the NWO agenda share the concept of a select elite ruling over the rest of humanity.) Much as we experience from our elected representatives as well as our media, lies were promoted by every formerly creditable source in Cuba at that time. It was said that Castro would be bringing prosperity to the poor, sharing with all what the wealthy had accumulated. That was his promise. Sound strangely familiar?
      Here’s a very present day example of how the two US political parties that we’ve been led to believe are at odds on so many issues are actually pulling in the same direction. Obama-care is up for a ruling by the Supreme Court tomorrow. Considering how many candidates and possible candidates could have won the Republican nomination, what are the odds that the candidate who got the nod, is the only candidate that couldn’t directly attack Obama on his healthcare initiative? You see Obama-care was based on Massachusetts’ Romney-care. Romney pushed the same crap on his former constituents. Romney, after being thoroughly thrashed by McCain in 2008, effectively did nothing but bide his time for four years waiting to run again with no real indication that he could win this time. Four years of running in place for a successful businessman in the prime of his life. How could he be so certain Obama would fail? Romney was as much chosen as Obama was. The men that achieve the presidency are chosen and groomed by the elites. Thus we’re given a half-black man (related to both Bush and Cheney) followed by a Mormon. These minor personal attributes help keep the sheeple both appeased and confused. “A half-black man can become president, hooray!” “Even a cultist Mormon can become president, hooray!” What next? They’ll allow same sex marriage. Oops, too late. All diversions while freedom and liberty is stolen. Just my opinion joan.
      And so what’s the point? Consider this, say Obama-care is struck down by the court tomorrow. Case closed? Not even close to being closed. Romney wins in November. After he takes office he “reaches across the aisle” and agrees that the country should have some type of “universal health-care” just not “Obama-care”. He proposes a scaled back version of “Obama-care” but this will be better received by the masses because the half-black, bald-faced Marxist is not the one proposing it. That’s what I foresee.
      Again, both parties pulling in the same direction but at different speeds. The libs pull hard and fast and that gets everyone’s defenses up. When the RINOs, phoney conservatives, take over as the political pendulum swings back, they are perceived by most as truly conservative but only when compared to the full bore liberals that preceded them. And so Romney is Obama-lite. This has even been stated at times in the liberal media.
      The Marxist concept of “universal healthcare” in the United States was initiated by FDR (Obama’s inspiration) in his “Second Bill of Rights” from his State of the Union Speech in 1944. (Research this speech for yourself, it’s very frightening.) Here is the pertinent statement from that speech:
      “The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment”
      FDR lays out in this speech what in general we now have and people describe as the cradle to grave, “nanny state”. FDR wanted, as does Obama, every citizen to be reliant on the government for everything in their lives. God, Christian charity and individual liberty all replaced by a tyrannical government. That’s how things are in Cuba today. Ever see any video clips of life in Cuba? You request permission for every aspect of your life from the government. As I stated earlier, Cuba is where my parents were born and yet I would never want to visit there. The entire country is a prison. Life there is a half-century old, ongoing holocaust, with the exception that the people being tortured and killed are/were for the most part not Jews. They were predominantly practicing Christians, mostly Catholics, before Castro effectively outlawed religion. I have plenty of family horror stories to relate. There’s not enough time.
      Back on topic, Obama-care or Romney-care, if the elites have their way you will be given a “healthcare bill”. That’s just one example of both parties moving one aspect of the NWO agenda forward. If there were just one political party ruling this country there would be armed resistance. Thus the continued pretense with two parties. The elites want a peaceful coup as I’ve stated in other threads, they can take their time, they essentially run the show now. This has been well thought out and planned for over a century and that’s what most people can’t wrap their minds around.
      That’s where I’m coming from joandarc. Thanks for your challenges and your patience.

  9. By the way, maybe I did not make my question clear: Celestine, since you said that George Bush, Sr. and Obama are on the same team, what are the specifics of the New World Order that they are both in favor of to justify that they are on the same team? I must be a little dense today, as I just do not understand. Please clarify this for me with specifics. Thank you very much!

    • I understand your need for clarity, I’m just exhausted now from that last reply. We’ll have to get back into this another time. If that’s OK with you. I think you can get some sense of the two party pretense from that earlier reply. Thanks.

  10. Celestine, in answer to your question, if Romney blew off the Bildergergs would he still become president? My answer is yes. We are a government for the people, by the people and of the people. I am a determnined realist, but I am also an idealist. I do not believe that all of the power lies with the Bilderbergs. I am also praying for help from Our Lord, from His Blessed Mother, Mary, from the angels and from the saints, the Church Triumphant, to help this country. If all power lied with the Bilderbergs, there would not be much merit in fighting for anything in this country, there would not be much of a point for me to comment on this blog or for you to comment on this blog. I acknowledge the presence of this secret society, but they are not infallible, they are not undefeatable and I will not be fatalistic giving them more deference that is due them.

    • Understood but…. the Bilderbergs are one of many secret societies. It’s a discussion for another day, week or month. It’s very involved to be sure.

  11. “The world is a dangerous place to live;
    not because of the people who are evil,
    but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”.
    Albert Einstein

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