POS has a new campaign poster!

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click pic to enlarge 😀

H/t FOTM’s beloved moxielouise!


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0 responses to “POS has a new campaign poster!

  1. Hope he takes all his cronies with him.

  2. Polls are not looking good this morning. I’m worried.

  3. That’s what happens when people think they are all that.

  4. We’ll all be going off the cliff if he is re-elected…sigh.

  5. Someone must have promised him that ticket to Paradise and all that good stuff that goes with it that is being offered to the jihadists by the Saudi recrutiment centers.

  6. a flying car wow back when i was in 6th grade and reading Verne and Wells i thought sometime in the future we would have flying cars and obama did it drive a car right off of the cliff


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