POS gets inaugurated as POTUS

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Today is a day of mourning for America.
Today, the POS will be inaugurated, at an estimated cost of $300 million, to reign for four more years — or indefinitely, if Congressman Jose Serrano has his way.
Or as the sycophant Newsweek calls it, the “second coming.” [Barf bag, please!]
Are you planning on watching the inauguration? Sound off here!


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0 responses to “POS gets inaugurated as POTUS

  1. I’ll be barfing if you need me. 🙁

  2. Ugh, can’t believe we have 4 more years of this baloney…

  3. If I had a flag pole out front, I would put Old Glory at half staff for the day, not for MLK, but for the inauguration.

  4. I will not be taking part or viewing this hypocrisy. My wife, whom attended the inaguaration with my mother in law, just phoned me to say how dissapointed she is with Dull shoe, no style, gravel voiced wimp and con man U.S Rep Danny Davis and his phony party. She is so upset that she text me she doesn’t think she will voting again anytime soon. NO GATEKEEPERS needed in my life.

  5. Not just no, but hell no!

  6. I watched it. As a white citizen I felt a little left out. There was so much emphasis on Civil Rights, black and Hispanic accomplishments ( and the President had to bring up his approval of gay rights in his speech.) You’d think no other races did anything for this country. I also watched the reception last night. There is no question that Obama has had as many wealthy donors as Romney. To attend, a person had to donate a minimum of $250,000.00. Obama is an elitest too. This is my opinion.

    • Don’t sweat it Horace, or feel left out. Being a politician and MLK day the President in simply playing the moment. You dont have to worry too much about Obama doing anything remotely close to resembling civil rights. Obama himself has stated that he can’t have a black agenda. His approval of Gay rights is disturbing, George W Bush would have never had done such a thing. And you are correct, he is an elitist

  7. NO WAY! I have better things to do like go clean up dog crap!!!

  8. Did anybody see Michelle eating with her elbow propped up on the table at the luncheon? The first lady needs a lesson in table manners.


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