Portland, OR taxpayers provided $500,000 for illegal aliens facing deportation/seeking asylum

A new study from Portland State University study (August 2019) found that more than 38,000 people experienced homelessness in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties in 2017. The study also found that some 107,000 people were housing insecure or at risk of homelessness.

Portland Business Journal reports that the study also estimated that it would cost between $2.6 billion and $4.1 billion to provide housing, support, services and operations to the homeless in the region over the next 10 years. Providing rent assistance would also cost between $8.6 billion and $21 billion over the next decade.

Yet the taxpayers cough up half a million dollars to assist illegal aliens. And that number is going to go up to $2M.

Another demorat-run city putting the needs of illegal aliens above those of their own U.S. citizens.

Portland’s free legal assistance program, called Universal Representation, provided at least 341 people with lawyers to represent them in deportation hearings.

According to Oregon Live, the program, called Universal Representation, also helped at least 105 would-be refugees apply for asylum. And of the people served, 23 were unaccompanied immigrant children. More from their story:

“Portland’s City Council approved the service last year and put $500,000 toward its budget from property tax collections. It is run through the Equity Corps of Oregon, with lawyers provided by nonprofits Catholic Charities of Oregon, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Immigration Counseling Service, Innovation Law Lab and Metropolitan Public Defender.

The program was championed by Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who said at the time of its passage that hundreds of unauthorized immigrants living in Portland faced deportation and could not afford lawyers.

She said providing attorneys free of charge was a matter of “protecting everyone’s constitutional right to due process.” Eudaly didn’t respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

This year, Multnomah County allocated $290,000 to the initiative and the state approved an additional $2 million to expand the service statewide — the first state to do so in the nation.

According to internal city progress reports, the people who received legal services through Portland’s program hailed from many countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela.”

Read the whole story here.

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1 year ago

That is a lot of cash to help the invaders; however how much is being spent on interest slavery which is funding the on going invasion and making (((those))) behind it richer? and richer? We pay that. Every tax dollar spent goes to pay for our own chains.

1 year ago

The mainstream American Spectator has an article from 2016 by Steven Baldwin, “Should the FBI be Abolished?” It lists dozens of FBI operations furthering the deep state agenda, often including straightforward murder of American citizens. As the author points out, the FBI should be seen for what it is, which is the deep state’s federal police force. Until 2015 the FBI proudly partnered with the SPLC, that is, with the ADL, which together are maybe the two most subversive alien entities working to subvert this country over the past century. Of course the FBI employs many of this country’s best,… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Sorry, this was supposed to be under the article on the FBI but jumped here for some reason.

1 year ago

The woman in the video from Bergen county doesn’t mention who is footing the bill—oh right—it’s the middle class which is already over burdened- maybe we can give bus tickets to Bergen County, New Jersey to end the problem because unfortunately I don’t think she is giving accurate info- the more money thrown at this problem the bigger it gets- All west coast cities bear this out- people need Jesus and they need to be saved and delivered! Only God can change these issues

1 year ago

Why would I want to move to Portland, knowing how idiotic their government is? Then again, in Massachusetts things are no better.

1 year ago

Other than at sites such as this people are largely unaware of this problem or, if they are, they are looking at it incorrectly. We KNOW that they wish this because they want to sow division and chaos and win votes and other valuable prizes. Generally these schemes are sold as “humanitarian” and necessary. Even within the whole spectrum of “immigration”, asylum is the preferred method and the requirements for qualifying for asylum are almost never met. In other words, these people could stay where they came from without fear of reprisal. The leftists take it even farther than that.… Read more »