Portland Burgerville employees wear “Abolish ICE” buttons while at work; management caves to their demands

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Burgerville Workers Union photo

Burgerville is a restaurant chain headquartered in Vancouver, Washington with 47 locations throughout Washington and Oregon.

The workers formed the Burgerville Workers Union in April 2016 which the company opposed. According to Wikipedia, in 2018, the workers of one Burgerville restaurant in southeast Portland voted 18-4 in an NLRB-administered election to form a labor union; the vote compels the company to officially recognize the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) and to collectively bargain with it. The BVWU is the only fast food union in the United States with federal recognition.

Now some union employees are taking a vocal political stance while working in private company uniforms.

Oregon Live reports that ten employees wore “Abolish ICE” and “No One Is Illegal” buttons last month while on the job at a Portland Burgerville location. They were told to remove their buttons while at work, refused to do so and were then sent home because they were in violation of company policy.

The next day, the company caved and allowed the employees to continue with their political pandering and even gave them pay for the time they were sent home.

A spokesman for the BVWU said the following: “We see the workplace as a central realm for combating white supremacy and anti-immigrant sentiment.”

The company is not pleased with this public display of personal political opinions at their private company. Yet the union workers continue with their antics. Oregon Live describes how employees have worn buttons with “messages opposed to fascism, police brutality and the Trump administration’s immigration policies.”

The workers don’t care that it makes customers uncomfortable. A spokesman for the company says that the feedback they’ve received indicates customers don’t want to see personal or political messages while they eat. Duh, they just want a burger and fries.

The company then formalized their policy and prohibited political buttons. But that didn’t stop the ten employees from wearing their political buttons. So then Burgerville put that new policy on hold.

Imagine being so infected with TDS that you purposely break a company policy and make customers feel uncomfortable all so you can feel better about your own political stance. Progressives are such bullies.

Read the whole Oregon Live story here.


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6 responses to “Portland Burgerville employees wear “Abolish ICE” buttons while at work; management caves to their demands

  1. Is that a tranny in the top left of the photo?

  2. Betcha the one on the “lower left” is an illegal allien! Does she speak English, is she the burger flipper? can she read “employees must wash their hands…….? Makes me wonder.

  3. Simple solution: DON’T spend your money at Burgerville. Let them go the way of the NFL and the rest of the organizations that hate America.

  4. I would expect an ICE raid within the week. The owners should be charged if found to have hired any illegals.

  5. Portland is some kind of testing ground for all things libtarded-I hope these grinning fools in the photo figure it out when the boycott that will ensue closes the doors on Burgerville, just another overpriced burger joint

  6. Yes unfortunately I have a vacation planned to go to Oregon/Portland coast and you can bet my friends and I will not be visiting any of these anti-American establishments.
    This is disgusting, since when are your employees “feelings that have now somehow morphed into rights” more important than your customers?
    Pathetic we have the crazies running the asylum.


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