Pope Francis 'grieves' over death of Fidel Castro who persecuted Catholics & lived in luxury while Cubans starved

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On November 25, 2016, Cuba’s longtime dictator Fidel Castro finally died at the ripe old age of 90.
Reuters reports the next day:

Pope Francis said the death of Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was “sad news” and that he was grieving and praying for his repose.
Francis expressed his condolences in a Spanish-language message to Fidel’s brother, President Raul Castro on Saturday.
The pope, who met Fidel Castro when he visited Cuba last year, said he had received the “sad news” and added: “I express to you my sentiments of grief.”

The dictionary defines “grief” as sadness, pain, or great sorrow over a loss.
Below is a glimpse of the kind of man Fidel Castro was, for whose death Pope Francis, real name Jorge Bergoglio, “grieves”:

  • Though baptized as a Catholic and educated in schools run by the Jesuits, the same religious order as Bergoglio, Castro was an avowed atheist who persecuted the Catholic church during his reign, sending priests to re-education camps and restricting the celebration of Christian holidays. Castro was reportedly excommunicated under an anti-Communist decree by Pope Pius XII in 1962.
  • Forbes magazine reports that despite the warm reception given Pope Francis last fall, the Cuban government not only continues to persecute Christians, a new report by Christian Solidarity Worldwide warns of “an unprecedented crackdown on churches across the denominational spectrum,” which has fueled a spike in reported violations of freedom of religion or belief to 2,300 cases of violations in 2016 from just 40 cases in 2011. Many of the government’s crackdowns “involved entire churches or, in the cases of arrests, dozens of victims.”
  • While pretending to be for the common people, Fidel actually lived a life of luxury and debauchery, according to a book by Castro’s longtime bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Líder Maximo. As recounted by the New York Post: “With his shaggy beard and rumpled, olive-drab fatigues, Fidel Castro presented himself to the world as a modest man of the people. At times, he claimed he made just 900 pesos ($43) a month and lived in a ‘fisherman’s hut’ somewhere on the beach. But Castro’s public image was a carefully crafted myth, more fiction than fact. While his people suffered, Fidel Castro lived in comfort — keeping everything, including his eight children, his many mistresses, even his wife, a secret . . . . Castro . . . made a personal fortune offering safe haven to drug traffickers, bedded a bevy of women over the decades, and once threatened his own brother, Raul, with execution when the brother lapsed into alcoholism in the ’90s . . . . Castro kept 20 luxurious properties throughout the Caribbean nation, including his own island, accessed via a yacht decorated entirely in exotic wood imported from Angola . . . . [Castro’s 5 sons with his second wife] grew up in hidden luxury on an estate outside Havana. With its orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and banana trees, the estate resembled a veritable garden of Eden — especially if one compared it with the notorious ration book that all Cubans had to use to buy food. . . . Each member of the family possessed his or her own cow, ‘so as to satisfy each one’s individual taste, since the acidity and creaminess of fresh milk varies from one cow to another.'” Meanwhile, the Cuban people lived in deep poverty — of crumbling houses, food rations, and teen prostitution. Political opponents were executed by the thousands by firing squad, or sentenced to decades of hard labor.

To call Jorge Bergoglio “Pope” is a travesty.
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25 responses to “Pope Francis 'grieves' over death of Fidel Castro who persecuted Catholics & lived in luxury while Cubans starved

  1. Sigh. This is just so, so wrong.

  2. The wonders that Liberation Theology can accomplish…

  3. This pope has been a major disappointment from day one. He is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church.

  4. What can be said at this point? Pope John Paul II went to Cuba, where Castro gave him a warm welcome, but nothing changed. Castro was hell-bound from the start, and that was his choice. He betrayed his own revolution, and Eisenhower said he should have been hanged or shot for that. The Bay of Pigs was a fiasco engineered to embarrass President Kennedy. The New York Times and the faux-intellectual crowd did everything they could to propel Castro to power.
    I think the way to cover the history of the whole mess is to trace this back to Fatima, where Our Lady gave us Fair Warning of what would happen if the World did not do what She asked. From that point, the fight to infiltrate the Church was on, and the Illuminati and Freemasonry finally succeeded with the election of John XXIII. So Cuba is but one lesson in what happens when Her Word is not obeyed.
    Yes, the problem IS “Godless Communism” or “scientific atheism” as the communists themselves call it. But the moral corruption on the side of the West, courtesy of the British Government and Sabbatean-Frankists have driven the entire thing. Cuba remains an island prison state despite the fact that Castro is dead, and it will remain so even after his brother Raul dies. Unless President Trump takes a good hard look at what can be done.
    In the meantime, we are stuck with Frankenpope, a name I call him for a reason, and NO ONE on ANY of the social media I go on will take that monicker and RUN WITH IT.
    I understand that WE don’t “impeach” the Pope: GOD ALONE DOES SO, AT DEATH. Be that as it may, Alinsky was correct in this much: Ridicule or belittlement remains a POTENT WEAPON against one’s enemy, provided it is used judiciously. But what do we have? We have three camps: One camp is fast asleep, and nothing will change that. Check. Another group consists of those Vatican II Catholics who have “drunk the Kool-Aid” and would applaud a CLOWN, should a Conclave elect one! (And Frankenpope is as close to a clown as one can get: He may not be PHYSICALLY creepy, but THEOLOGICALLY and INTELLECTUALLY, he most definitely IS.)
    So we are left with a third crowd: Those who have woken up and have a fair estimation of what we are up against. I think many here at FOTM are in this crowd. There are a few Catholics out there who are in this crowd. Shall we go along like mute sheep, quietly and silently to the Slaughter? (The Great Tribulation IS coming.) Shall we not ridicule and belittle, out of a false bourgeois morality, that we “don’t want to go down to their level?” THIS is the dissonance and normalcy bias that keeps us under the Spell of the Church’s Enemies, of the Devil!
    We CAN use Alinsky to BEAT Alinsky! We CAN mock, belittle and ridicule! We CAN use satire in an effort to correct! We cannot rid the World of Frankenpope: That is God’s Job. But we can make him LOOK at himself, whether we use Alinsky or Ghandi. Only by making Frankenpope LOOK at himself, to consider how God and History See him, can he be motivated to change.
    Because Castro is dead, but Frankenpope still roams the Earth, making a fool of himself (and trying to make a mockery of Holy Mother Church, as if such a wicked deed could be consummated!)
    All of our talk to others and to ourselves must be predicated on the belittling ridicule of “Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Frankenpope has got to go!” This shall be our Credo! This shall be our Mantra! Because as Catholics, we are not supposed to be bench-warmers. Our Lord Himself Has Commanded us to be the Salt of the Earth. WE MUST BEGIN ACTING LIKE IT. It starts with family, friends and neighbors. It starts after Church, when exchanging plesantries. It starts by responding to foils and controlled opposition to false or misguided Catholics like Michael Voris, or the Dimond Brothers.
    It begins by calling this “pope” (whom Ann Barnhardt correctly states is NOT a legal Pope—see her website) FRANKENPOPE, on camera and in public.
    Use belittlement, ridicule and mockery when referring to this “pope” to others. TAKE THIS MONIKER “FRANKENPOPE” AND RUN WITH IT!!!
    Do we need an engraved invitation???

  5. I’m a protestant, so for that, and out of respect for learned Christians, it would be wrong for me to criticize the Holy Father. However, since the death of Pope John Paul II, I have not felt the love for ALL humanity – through righteous understanding – coming from the Vatican.
    Pope Francis, while seeming to care deeply for the downtrodden, fails to criticize the men whose beliefs cause such chaos. He shows compassion for middle-eastern refugees, but none for western Europeans whose lives are ruined by the Islamist diaspora. Similarly, to grieve over the death of Fidel Castro, without comforting the tens of thousands of people who suffered under his hypocritical reign, leaves me wondering if the Holy Father is conflicted by some issue we aren’t aware of.

    • I believe that criticism of this man’s record is a moral imperative and a necessity. All human beings are open to criticism—constructive or otherwise—for their statements and actions.
      I believe the man is out to destroy the Catholic Church (if such a thing could be done). You do what you see fit; I call it a sort of bourgeois morality. I believe it would be a SIN not to point out to others what this man has said, what he has done, and the implications or consequences of each. Why? Because the FIRST DUTY of Charity is truth. If you are standing two feet away from a cliff but you cannot see the cliff’s edge because of the dark or the fog, I believe it would be a SIN not to warn you accordingly.
      Your refusal to criticize this “pope” “out of respect for all Christians” seems, and I am being as charitable as I can here, not only wrong, but shamefully wrong. I have tried, repeatedly, to warn someone in particular about what this “pope” has done, in collusion with Walter Cardinal Kasper, to move against the Commandments and communion for the divorced. This person WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EVEN SPEAK. All Right, I tried to present the man with MERE FACTS, and he WOULD NOT ALLOW IT. My hands are clean.
      But, by all means, “respect all Christians” and steadfastly refuse to present to them the truth. Yeah, that’ll work. Kind of like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity REFUSING to criticize anything related to either of the Bush Presidencies. But by all means ride the Trump Train, the one man who broke the Spell much of America has been under for years.

      • Perhaps you missed my point. Please allow me to clarify. As a protestant, my knowledge of Catholic doctrine is almost zero. My reluctance to criticize the Pope is primarily based on my own inability to comprehend which of his actions are ‘undermining the Catholic church’. This is not an argument about Christianity per se. It has nothing to do with Trump, Limbaugh or Hannity either. You are free to disparage me for being a protestant, but I take no offense at your position. You will agree that some strongly held views of Catholics are not shared by protestants, for example the right to choose whether or not to be celibate, while still preaching the Lord’s gospel. What I will say is that I’m not spiritually ‘drawn’ to Pope Francis’ teachings as I was to those of Pope John Paul II. I sense the current Pope is conflicted within himself. It is the duty of those around him to help him recognize and resolve those issues. We are all imperfect, that much I know – Pope or pauper.

  6. “The Bay of Pigs was a fiasco engineered to embarrass President Kennedy”
    Kennedy chickened out. Not only was the Navy Air cover cancelled, but the support for the “Free Cuban Air Force” was cut off at the last minute. Even the CIA Radio Broadcasts to arouse the Cubans to help the Liberators and fight Castro’s forces were cancelled. There was no relief and no evacuation allowed. A few did get away, but only through luck and determination.
    Dem ‘Liberals’ backed the whole plan until it the grunts really hit the beach and then folded and said, “Oh! No! Not us!” Many good brave men died, others were captured, tortured, and a few lived to escape again. Many of the Americans involved in training and support were embarrassed to the point of near insanity. I met some a few years later, both Cubans and Americans, and they all said Kennedy’s staff chickened out, and JFK choked, all cowards while good men that had trusted them were thrown away because some Dems thought it would look bad on TV.

    • Kennedy did not “chicken out.” He refused, correctly, in my opinion, to be drawn into a war that he did not want to be drawn into.
      I do not see a totally objective historical record without examining, in detail, the criminal career of George H.W. Bush, who has made it a point to cause trouble everywhere he goes. The man is insidious.
      As to criticizing Frankenpope, I believe that criticism is not only called for, but a moral imperative, a necessity, a command. The man is out to destroy the Catholic Church. I do not believe the man is even a believer. That’s right: We are stuck with an ATHEIST POPE.

      • An atheist ‘pope’ isn’t possible. Please read, or re-read, “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio” of Pope Paul IV.
        An atheist cannot be pope. Bergoglio heads up a new protestant sect, nothing more.
        The Catholic Church is no longer operating inside the Vatican and it hasn’t for a very long time, well before Bergoglio.
        (I won’t use ‘frankenpope’ because it includes the word pope — and Bergoglio isn’t. Neither were his 4 predecessors.)

  7. I have not cared for this Pope from day one. I don’t know if his thought process is because of where he was from or if he has just fallen into the liberal trap. To me, he never seemed like a Pope in my mind should be.
    I am sad for the Catholics of the world that just want to live their lives in true Catholic tradition.
    Hopefully, the next choice will be better, for they made a huge error this time around.

  8. Good comments Steven et all. I would simply say, what does one expect from a fellow communist? There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Frankenpope (I love it) is a either a crypto Jew or Freemason, or both. And indeed according to Stephan Molyneau and Juri Lina, Castro was a Jewish Freemason too. Birds of a feather, or should I say lizards of a scale.

    • “And indeed according to Stephan Molyneau and Juri Lina, Castro was a Jewish Freemason too.”
      Aren’t all good, high-ranking Jesuits? 🙂
      There is good evidence that Karol Wojtyla’s mother was Jewish.
      See Yaacov Wise’s blog, Jewish History and Society, dated Nov. 30, 2005. The post is titled: Was the Late Pope Jewish?
      “According to Orthodox Judaism, a person’s Jewish identity is passed down through the maternal line.”
      Franco Bellegrandi’s book (available as a pdf online) discusses Montini’s (Paul VI) homosexuality, among other things. This made Montini quite open to blackmail.
      A multi-part documentary “Papal Imposters, Historical Precedents” available on youtube may interest you. The 6th section discusses the 1958 conclave.

    • I have read credible posts (in the past) that indicated that John XXIII, John Paul II and Frankenpope were or are Masons. Frankenpope was photographed (before he was elected Pope) on a subway with the famous Masonic pose of right hand in-and-under coat.
      A close reading of John XXIII’s Pacem in Terra credibly reveals that it is a Masonic document.

      • And the Church (prior to Vatican II) had warned that belonging to Masonry was wholly incompatible with Catholicism and was an offense worthy of excommunication. How then can a ‘pope’ also be a mason, communist, or atheist?
        According to the papal bull “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio” of Pope Paul IV, dated February 15, 1559, a non-Catholic or a manifest heretic cannot be pope. Such a person immediately loses office or NEVER validly attained office.
        It’s an excellent document that every Catholic should know. And it is still in effect, despite what some ‘traditionalists’ and/or novus ordo types may argue. The document states that it would be ‘valid in perpetuity.’
        This is the document:

      • “I have read credible posts (in the past) that indicated that John XXIII, John Paul II and Frankenpope were or are Masons.”
        To Steven and Lana: Your sources, please. Thank you.

  9. Castro’s persecution of the Church is legendary, making PFs unqualified grief at his death a public scandal and grievous insult to the priests, nuns, and laity brutally tortured, murdered, and improsoned for their faith. At the same time he refuses to respond to the four cardinals’ request that he affirm either that there are absolutes moral truths, or, that it is not the case that there are absolute moral truths–independent of the quite different matter of individual moral culpability or hand waving appeals to mercy and love.
    He publicly denounces Catholic traditionalists while embracing, one after the other, the most strident enemies of Christ and His Church on earth. I can’t recall PFs exact words regarding tradition, but they are almost identical to the radical heretic Teilhard’s calling tradition–those immutable truths, that is–“fossilized” relics of mankind’s pre-scientific dark ages, no longer believable, that will evolve if they’re to have any validity for the future mankind. This is the modernist heresy, the greatest of all heresies for denying there are absolute truths, which, as far as I can see, leads directly to a denial of the divinity of Christ and from there on to that one-world pantheistic religion underlining the one-world NWO.

    • According to Bishop Williamson, Bergoglio did give an answer to the 4 cardinals. Go to Williamson’s website for his latest ‘Eleison Comments’.
      I haven’t followed the 4 cardinals or the goings-on in the past 6 months or so. I’ve grown very tired of the same old, same old. I mean, how many times do Catholics (who know even just the basics of the faith) have to be beaten over the head with the obvious?
      The Church was infiltrated hundreds of years ago and those who committed the infiltration had their man on the throne in 1958–some say Roncalli got the vote after Cdl. Siri was threatened not to accept the papacy. The fifth column had its ‘coming out’ party during Vatican II.
      Novus Ordo Watch posted an article on the 55th anniversary of the 1958 conclave. It’s dated Oct. 26, 2013 and is available on their website.

  10. I’m not catholic, but this pope seems to be the antithesis of the faith. Some more progressive blather I suppose. I’m just glad my parents taught me right from wrong. And a rose by any other name…………………………..

  11. ….which begs the question; is Francis any better than Fidel?

  12. Miami Ice Cream Shop Introduces New Flavor… ‘Burn In Hell Fidel’
    Quemar en el infierno Fidel. I’ll have a double scoop, please.
    Azucar Ice Cream Company’s sweet revenge, homemade chocolate ice cream, which is given a huge kick of cayenne.

  13. Pope Francis is from the order of the JESUITS, They are liberals, socialists, progressives, hypocrites and the least Catholics, they dominate the church, they control the money and Rome, and if given the opportunity, they would too, control the world, I’M A PRACTICING CATHOLIC, I have known many priests and nuns who really are devoted to God, they do God’s service and are not politicians.

    • Alma, not all Jesuits are benighted. Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN is a Jesuit.
      I’m a practicing Catholic too. My pastor is a good priest who recently restored Mass to ad orientem, i.e., the priest faces the altar, not the congregation. He’s also my diocese’s official exorcist!

    • Yes Dr. Eowyn, I should have not express my thoughts in such manner. Not all Jesuits are the way I said, My son studied at BELEN JESUIT PREPARATORY SCHOOL, all the young men there have turned out to be great men. The priest in my hometown was a Jesuit, he was a great priest devoted to us, HIS CHURCH, I offer my humble apologies.


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