Pop singer Linda Ronstadt wants open border with Mexico

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Ronstadt with POSLinda Ronstadt was awarded the National Medal of Arts and Humanities by the POS in July 2014.

Linda Ronstadt, 68, is of German, English and Mexican on her father’s side, and German, English and Dutch on her mother’s side.
In other words, by heritage Ronstadt is more German-English than Mexican. Whatever Mexican heritage she claims stems from her paternal great grandfather who married a Mexican woman.
In an Aug. 18, 2014 interview with Megan Finnerty of The Arizona Republic, Ronstadt vented her feelings on America’s southern border, immigration, and her chosen self-identity as a Mexican-American in Aztlán — the Aztec name for the southwestern states of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, portions of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, which Chicano nationalists claim were stolen by the United States and must be reconquered (Reconquista) and reclaimed for Mexico.
On the fence and border:
Ronstadt said, “There wasn’t a fence running through the Sonoran Desert when I was growing up. In fact, when I moved back to Tucson, there wasn’t even a fence running through it. While I was there, it was building; we just turned around and all of a sudden it was there, this horrible thing that destroyed economies on both sides of the line. I know my own father’s business was very dependent on the goodwill and business and trade from people in northern Mexico. We knew their families and went to their weddings and baptisms and balls and picnics, and we had a great time with them. Because my dad had a huge hardware store, and they came up to Tucson (to) do their shopping.”
On immigration reform:
There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration. People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No one’s illegal. They should just be able to come.
“We allow Cubans to come in and say that they’re refugees. Well, in Cuba — I’ve been there, you know — people are fed, people are housed, people are clothed. There isn’t violence in the streets. Here, people are coming from places where there’s just terrible violence. Parts of Mexico that are incredibly violent, and Honduras, which is just unspeakably violent right now.
“These children are just fleeing for their lives, their parents are just sending them out because it’s the only way that they have of living — into a terrible, dangerous journey and an uncertain future in the United States that is populated with people that seem to hate them — that’s how desperate they are.”
On her self-identity:
“You have the United States, and you have Mexico, and then you have this Mexican-American thing which is this third culture, which I like to call Aztlán.
“It’s not the same as Mexican culture; it’s not the same as American culture. It’s a distinct hybrid with its own characteristics, and it’s influencing the culture in the United States and Mexico, and that’s kind of where I’ve found myself for the last 20 years. It’s an Aztec word; it means northern. It’s where the Aztecs came from. When they asked, ‘Where did you come from? They said ‘Aztlán,’ which is up here in the north, probably the American Southwest.
“So I think of myself as a girl from the Sonoran Desert, and my culture is the culture of Aztlán.
The Aztecs were a brutal militaristic people who engaged in human sacrifices to their “gods.”
In the usual procedure of the sacrificial ritual, the victim was taken to the top of the temple and laid on a stone slab by four priests. A fifth priest sliced open the victim’s abdomen with a ceremonial knife made of flint, grabbed and tore out the still-beating heart, which would be placed in a bowl held by a statue of the honored god. The victim’s body was then thrown down the temple’s stairs.
It is estimated that at the re-consecration of Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs sacrificed anywhere from 4,000 to as many as 80,400 prisoners over the course of four days.
By “the culture of Aztlan,” does Linda Ronstadt also include the Aztecs’ live human sacrifices? And if not, why not?
Here are Ronstadt’s other rabid leftist views (Wikipedia):

  • At a 2006 concert in Canada, Ronstadt told the Calgary Sun George W. Bush was “an idiot” and that she was “embarrassed” he was from the United States.
  • In August 2009, in a well-publicized interview to PlanetOut Inc. Ronstadt championed gay rights and same-sex marriage and stated that “homophobia is anti-family values.”
  • On January 16, 2010, Ronstadt converged with thousands of other activists in a “National Day of Action,” protesting the treatment of illegal aliens and Arizona’s enforcement of its illegal immigrant law, especially Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration efforts.
  • She has said she doesn’t like to sing to an audience that includes a Republican or “fundamentalist Christian.” (VDare.com)

Given her hatred for Republicans and “fundamentalist” Christians, I can’t imagine why anyone from those two groups would want to buy or listen to Linda Ronstadt’s music.
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0 responses to “Pop singer Linda Ronstadt wants open border with Mexico

  1. We are told to return to Europe. Aren’t the people south of us also from Europe? Are they going to return? In this present world of great lunacy, lands well developed and productive are being taken over by those who have not yet become prosperous, and they use the excuse of having been robbed. Try to get sympathy for that from the native Americans in your land who were slaughtered and robbed by conquistadors. Yet, in this country, the PC’s (Permanent Crazies) lost their reason. I should also mention that legions of Muslims are now trying to take back a country they believe is theirs but is temporarily occupied by Spanish people, Andalusia. This is an immediate danger, and horrendous bloodshed is likely.
    Linda, liebeling, auf wieder sehen! Spater.

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  3. Idiot

  4. You cannot fix stupid. However, her financial position and celebrity gives her undeserved credibility.

  5. “No one’s illegal. They should just be able to come.” Go try that in ANY OTHER country. I suggest you start with any one in the Middle East.

  6. Can’t she just be satisfied with her Blue Bayou, and leave the rest of our country alone?

  7. Another Hollywood brain trust. She and Leonardo DiCaprio should get married and honeymoon in Northern Mexico. I’m sure the gangsters who run that part of the country would give them a 21 machete salute.

  8. I will believe that *any* of these open-border twits really mean what they say when they go home and *completely remove* the doors and gates from their own permanent residence.
    Linda, with Just One Look, I realized you Don’t Know Much, and You’re No Good besides — reality up and blew by you, and Silver Threads And Golden Needles can not mend that brain of yours.
    Twit, twitter, twittest.

  9. Unfortunately Ms Ronstadt is for all intents and purposes a “has been.” I understand from some other things I have read about her that she does not indulge in doing many concerts anymore (and no wonder–we can see that she is an older, overweight woman who has lost her looks.) Not so many people in her age group want to pay to go to a concert. If anything, they will stay home and listen to her old classics–and remember her as being young and beautiful. In other words Linda . . . sit down and shut up. We don’t want to hear from you.

  10. Funny.
    I used to like her…back in the ’70s.

  11. Sigh….the romanticized Ronstadt version of Central American/USA history is a persistent myth about the grandeur and nobility of the Aztec “nation.”
    The Aztecs were known as the “dog people” among their own peers due to their brutality & “outcast” status among peer tribes (why they were left to ONLY the swampland in NOW Mexico City on which to settle…no one else would have it). On high “holy days” this primitive culture would execute as many as 80,000 in a matter of hours….sometimes there was round the clock sacrifices for days on end. Speical years (according to that famous Aztec calendar) merited even more sacrifices. Without explaining it to my World History class, one time I gave them the estimated number & had them figure out the minutes in a year…to figure a rate of sacrifice: ended up that in some years, the Aztecs sacrificed a human being every 6-8 minutes day and night. ANd, you know, they also canabalized them? Aztec “priests” got the best parts….They enslaved their neighbors, bred children for sacrifice among other brutalities. And then came the Spaniards….their conquerors and the givers of their present-day EUROPEAN language and religion…the ones who broke up their villages and families and missionized them into a labor force…the “Hispanic culture” that they worship and revere today…speaking Spanish instead of their native dialects…worshipping in Spanish churches, hammering out a mish-mash of Catholic and native “traditions” that they see as their “Hispanic” culture….a culture that is sometimes a century old in some remote places….IF at all….& 500 years in others…but not cut out of whole cloth in any case. In every year that I’ve taught in CA, I’ve had at least ONE child arrive from a remote Mexican village that speaks ONLY the ancient native dialect…the PRE-SPANIARD culture…and they know nothing or little of the present “Hispanic” identity manufactured over largely the last 100-200 years in the Southwestern USA—-the “Aztlan” Ronstadt waxes so romantically about….

    • CalGirl, thank you for that informative historical narrative. It kind of puts things in perspective. Perhaps God got sick and tired of all the killing of innocents, so he may have decided to give this land to new inhabitants.

    • Very informative, thanks CalGirl. Bless Linda’s Heart, she needs to stick to singing.

  12. If my brain serves me well, several years ago when she was giving a concert in Las Vegas, she started one of her political rants and a large portion of the guests got up and left. Might be why she doesn’t do many any longer.

  13. She used to live with Governor Jerry Brown. That right there should be enough to get her deported!! haha

  14. Son of the Rabbit People

    She is deluded. She whimpers about children fleeing violent savages in Mexico and benefiting from an open border and limitless immigration, but gives no thought at all about what restrictions the violent savages might find in following them here. She has the reasoning of a simpleton.

  15. Gadzooks, she’s not the same waif I met when I was living in Emeryville, CA w/my best friend Jeremiah! We took her in one night at the request of our musician friends, who wanted her to have a safe haven. She was a singer in a band, the Stone Ponies, and they all needed places to stay overnight, but no one had a large enough place, so they split up for multiple shelters.
    She was very slight, a thin, almost undernourished appearance overall, very polite and modest in demeanour. We gave her a good dinner and breakfast. When she left, she gave us a black vinyl recording of ‘Evergreen’, her first recording.
    Then I didn’t think about her until she suddenly became famous shortly afterwards, w/an amazing, powerful voice from such a slight frame, rather like Celine Dion was to be thirty-five years later.
    Joan Baez she was NOT, back then!

    • I just discovered the following at her biography in Wikipedia:
      “In August 2013, Ronstadt revealed she has Parkinson’s disease, leaving her unable to sing due to loss of muscle control, which is common to Parkinson’s patients. She was diagnosed eight months prior to the announcement and had initially attributed the symptoms she had been experiencing to the after-effects of shoulder surgery and a tick bite.”
      The PoS gave her the award about a year after the anouncement, so her career is over. Politics aside, she was both an amazingly strong singer and a rare woman who stood equally w/the males who dominated rock and pop culture ‘back in the day’. Other woman singers were encouraged by her stance, so good on her for all that.
      I also found that the Ronstadt side of her family were descended from a long line of German-Mexicans who had considerable success in engineering & machinery. Rather like those Japanese-Chileans, but in reverse!

      • Yes, I know she was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s.
        None of this, however, has any bearing on her low intelligence and defective judgment, both of which are amply displayed in her pernicious comments on immigration, the border, and her preferred (or rather imagined) “culture of Aztlan.”

  16. CalGirl, thank you very much for your lessons, the ones you give us and those you give your students. As you tell us, Spain contributed greatly to the advancement of a barbaric culture. I can’t claim much personal pride in that, having only a highly respected great grandmother of Spanish genetics in my ancestry. The royal court of Spain drew up urban designs of such magnificence in both appearance and practicality that the rest of my own ancestry causes me to leave the room when Hispanic urban development is compared to that of Anglo-Americans. And those Spanish roads and buildings are admired and used to this day. Okay, the city streets of New England could use some improvement, but they met the needs of cows and horses going about, didn’t they? I am going back into the other room now, but I want to first say that I wish to raise the standards of living of those south of us up to ours rather than reduce ours (and those of everyone else to the NWO is trying to rule) to feudalism.

  17. Put plainly, “aztlan” does not exist, and hopefully never will exist, Why? Because any native american tribe in the sectors claimed by the racist aztec/mexican supremacist movement as aztlan will tell you “there never were aztecs here” (They even claim up into the lower half of oregon. This is odd because the “aztlan” map seems to coincide with states/cities that are infested with mexican gangs and cartels, not in accordance with any ancient maps) such as the Takelma people in the lower half of Oregon, with a language so distinct that it is far removed from any aztec dialect (and has yet to be reasonably connected to any other), and thereby disproving any contact between them. Linda has been pretty well brainwashed it would seem, which is sad, considering she used to make a little good music… as for parkinsons… doubtful, if she had a tick bite I’m gonna say she got lyme disease (which is quite capable of mimicing other things), another product of the govstapo biolabs at plum island.
    She was right about bush, that much can be said, a satanist skull and bonesmans same as kerry. Hopefully she will come across someone who will correct her from those vile racist anti-fair-skinned-folk.
    If she comes across this article, she should know, not only were the aztecs themselves pretty well satanic (as their pantheon of vampiric and inhumane gods attest), but the land claim is invalid. Also that allowing the mexicans to come here isn’t a great idea, it is a horrible idea (and being played by banksters to uproot local cultures as an act of war on the people) not only for the fact that they cause stress on local cultures, bring with them gang wars and gang mentality, but also because rich people in the U.S. use them as slave labor…sometimes just domestic house-slaves, other times darker sexual things (such as child trafficking for pedophilia, etc.). It is a bad deal for them, and a bad deal for the native people, both sides would benefit greatly from not only a more secure border, but an impassable border.
    So sad.

  18. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Wow, we’re dealing with here another “tolerant” Leftist. Absolutely incredible!


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