Poll: Trump Takes Credit for Birth Certificate, What Say You?

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Fellow Tom posted an image of the new birth certificate released by Team Obama this morning. Donald Trump hit Fox News in the 9 AM hour to take credit for it.
Should we thank Trump for it? Does this make you more willing to vote for him? Does this make you less willing? Share your thoughts.


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0 responses to “Poll: Trump Takes Credit for Birth Certificate, What Say You?

  1. Wonder how many $million he paid for the forgery.
    Now let’s start on the educational records.
    He’s running scared.

  2. I am afraid that nothing will endear me to the Republican Party. They are BOTH owned by the elite no matter WHO runs. So, if you go in a true Conservative, you still have to march to their drums. (the elite) That is why so many have turned RINO.
    I will vote Libertarian/Independent and when the Constitution Party hits all 50 states…I will vote Constitution Party.

  3. I was just thinking: BREAKING- Donald Trump replaces Austin Goolsbee.
    Of course, this wouldn’t happen, but it does seem like the Obama team thinks they’ll damage Trump by doing this. And they will. But contrary to some of the immediate aftermath analysis, this won’t paint the GOP as “crazy” or “birthers” since every major candidate has denounced the controversy in some way or another. Keep in mind- regardless of what someone like Michelle Bachman, or Sarah Palin, or Tim Pawlenty, or Mitt Romney may have actually thought, they HAD to denounce “birtherism” to be politically viable; there are just too many voters who weren’t swayed by it.
    Anyway, I think the White House thinks that because Trump was polling well during the last week or so, that he’ll be the de facto nominee and they wanted to get out in front of his eventual nomination with this information to discredit him. Unfortunately for both the White House and Trump, he wouldn’t have lasted past New Hampshire.
    Equally important however was Obama’s own words in his little press briefing: “distractions”, “making stuff up”, and “vilifying each other” are all HIS words. He and his party need to be held accountable in the coming debates over the debt ceiling and the budget.

  4. this is to new for me yet-I already see many things that are not right. Major, his daddy is a Kenyan, NO can do.

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