Poll on Trump 2012

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Trump to the new apprentice: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Yesterday on ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour,” Obama’s Senior Advisor David Plouffe unleashed a barrage of stinging comments about Donald Trump, who alone has succeeded in bringing Obama’s suspect birth certificate and presidential eligibility to public attention. Plouffe called Trump “a side show” and declared “There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people.”
For the White House to trot out its senior advisor to dismiss Trump is a sure sign that Trump’s getting to Obama.
NewsMax has a poll on what you think of Donald Trump and whether you’d vote for him for POTUS if the contest comes down to a choice between Trump and Obama.
Go HERE to vote!
The results so far (after I had voted):

  • 77% have a favorable view toward Trump
  • 68% would vote for Trump in 2012 (vs. 14% for Obama)
  • 57% would vote for Trump in a Republican Primary (vs. 9% Romney, 8% Huckabee, 6% Palin, 6% Gingrich, 4% Bachmann, 3% Pawlenty, 2% Jindahl)


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0 responses to “Poll on Trump 2012

  1. I love that Mr. Trump is revealing more and more pieces of the puzzle. Every time he has an interview he opens up another issue. His initial plea was for a full birth certificate but now he is asking about the differences between a certificiate and a certification. He is relating Mr. Soetero’s paternal grandmother’s statements about his birth in Kenya. When Mr. Soetero’s illegal alien, Aunt Zetuni has to come to Mr. Soetero’s defense, you know he is in trouble. I am looking forward to hearing Mr. Trump explain the differences in the DNC eligibility forms, Social Security form fraud, his name used at Occidental, and the passport name used in 1981. The more publicity the better as the cracks in mr. soetero’s facade get wider and wider.

  2. “There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people.”
    How can someone make such a bold statement like this? Does Plouffe know something about the election process that the public is unaware of? Is it the American people he is referring to or the NWO elite crowd that will be doing the hiring? Is there is something to the statement by Farrakhan that “Obama was selected before elected” comment?
    I close my eyes and keep clicking my heels together, but darn-it nothing seems to happen. Kansas seems so far away nowadays.

  3. I like Trump in many ways… but as a presidential candidate, I prefer Dwight Eisenhower.
    I like Ike.
    But there being a severe shortage of this guy, or his kind in the waiting wings… I’ll take Ronald Reagan.
    What? No Reagan either? Damn!
    Okay, I’ll swing with Sarah…

  4. I am an immigrant but I will vote for Trump. I came to this country to work and make money, not to get hand outs and help. Obama has demonstrated a lack of leadership. He is too arrogant for someone who has not accomplished anything on his life.

    • Good for you, Carlos!
      I, too, am an immigrant (legal) and a naturalized U.S. citizen. I’ve NEVER taken any welfare money from the govt, not even unemployment “benefits”.

  5. I have been a fan of Trump for a long time. One of my all time favorite books is the Trump classic, “The Art of the Deal”. What I have found in Wealth Building 101 however is far more valuable. The book is a literal blueprint for success and wealth. It tells you exactly what to do, how to do it and why you should start yesterday.

    Much of the wisdom of this book I am already applying to my life but there are new things even for an old timer like myself in this book along with methods to tie things together in a much more organized way.

    Some love Trump and some well, not so much, what I will say though is this if you want to build a wealth portfolio this is the book you simply must have. This is a how to manual by a dream team of Donald’s personal advisers. Trump clearly can afford the best, now you can to for the price of a book.


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