Polls on Osama bin Laden Death & 9-11

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The American people’s trust in government has been declining since the 1970s, first precipitated by President Nixon’s Watergate scandal. Since then, through Democratic and Republican administrations, our distrust and sense of alienation from government have only increased.
It is a sign of that distrust that a recent Zogby poll found that more than 1 in 5 likely voters in the United States do not believe that Osama bin Laden is dead. [Read my post on this HERE.]
I’ve been meaning to do this poll of our readers for some time now. Here it is:

UPDATE: A reader asks that we also do a poll on OBL and 9-11:


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0 responses to “Polls on Osama bin Laden Death & 9-11

  1. I picked #2, because given everything I have read about and know about OBL over the years, it is the only one that makes any sense.

  2. I believe I know Obama well enough to conclude that it most likely would be #2. Obama is all about getting the campaign edge so remains in compaign mode throughout his putative presidency. This also makes for a good smoke screen, especially when refusing to allow viewing of pictures. Same story as birth certicate/eligibility issue. He wants the right looked at as wacky conspiracy theorists, so plays games like a punk kid. He’s an idiot with idiot minions who kiss his ugly feet and buttox.

  3. Well, either way, Osama’s dead… time of it is suspiciously political (first the birth certificate all of a sudden, then bin’s skinned… hmm).

  4. Thomas Morato

    Given the results of the poll so far, just for curiosity sake… Can you run a poll that asks:
    Do you believe Osama bin Laden was the “master mind” behind the attacks on September 11th, 2001?
    O – Yes, I believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Osama is the person who devised, coordinated and managed the attacks.
    O – No, I do not have enough information to lead me to that conclusion.

    • Thomas,
      I just added a 9-11 poll to this post! Please vote your choice. 😉

      • Thomas Morato

        Thanks Eowyn.
        I tried to leave the government (and conspiracy theories) out of the poll and just focus on OBL directly as a suspect.
        At the same time, I do agree with your “No” answer in that those who do believe the US government was involved uses Osama’s name (and Al Qaida) as the point man/group for blame.
        Given the results of the first poll, will be interesting how the second one is answered.

  5. My understanding is KSM was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.
    By the way- I’m one of the 10 as of this post. If ObL died a long time ago, that would presumably have been during the Bush administration. I can’t believe that no one would come forward to dispute what would be an obvious political play on the part of the Obama Administration; after all, it’s not like they’ve been exceptionally kind to 43.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Something to consider in this is the presence of Robert Gates in both administrations. He was career CIA at a fairly high level back in the Reagan administration during Iran-Contra. I think he was interim CIA Director under Bush, Sr. He retired to live on Big Lake just a few miles east of Mount Vernon, WA. Then came out of retirement to serve as Secty of Defense for both Bush Jr and Obama administrations.
      His primary background is intelligence, not military. Yet both Republicans and Democrats want him in the Defense chair. He must know a lot of deep info and background that makes him so valuable!

  6. “…The American people’s trust in government has been declining since the 1970s”
    No, the decline in trust in our govt. actually started with the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. Then, the RFK & MLK & Gov. Wallace assassinations (and attempts).
    Great artricle!! Thanks.

  7. This just in… Apparently, among among Osama’s Al Qaeda-related stuff, they’ve found a “huge” (in the words of a U.S. official) stash of porn.


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