Poll: 68% of Libs Still Approve of the Dear Ruler

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I am not really much of a poll follower. I took a research methods course once, where the first half of the course covered writing actual poll questions, and the second part was learning to do statistical analysis on the accumulated raw data.
It did not take me very long to figure out how to manipulate and massage both processes to obtain certain results – if “desired” results was what you were after instead of “actual” results.
I learned there are other ways to manipulate “scientific” polls as well, such as sampling mostly areas that demographically are more likely to return the desired results. Every square inch of this country has been broken down demographically to Nth degree, and this data is readily available.
Even so, I do not always discount every poll that comes out, as not all pollsters are biased, and some are actually interested in obtaining accurate results.
Gallup just released a poll that caught my eye, as it suggests that 68% of America’s liberals still support Barack Obama.
Via CNSNews:
(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama’s job approval among liberals tied its all-time low in the Gallup poll last week, according to survey data released today.
In the seven-day period that ended on Sept. 18, only 68 percent of liberals told Gallup they approved of the way Obama was handling his job as president. The president’s job approval among liberals had previously dropped to 68 percent in the week that ended on Aug. 28. (However, it then rebounded slightly, rising to 71 percent in the week that ended on Sept. 4, before dropping to 69 percent in the week that ended on Sept. 11.)
As recently as the week that ended May 22, 2011, Obama’s approval in the Gallup poll had been at 81 percent among liberals.
Obama’s approval among liberals hit a high of 92 percent in the Gallup poll in the week that ended on May 10, 2009.
So roughly 7 out of 10 liberals in America still think the Dear Ruler is doing a good job as president.
Okay, somebody has to say it, so it may as well be me.
Given the hideous damage that is currently being carried out on our America by the current occupant of the Oval Office, and if this polling data is anywhere close to accurate, can there be any doubt that liberalism truly is a mental disorder?
(h/t boortz.com)

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0 responses to “Poll: 68% of Libs Still Approve of the Dear Ruler

  1. Liberals seem to be narcissists…

  2. Well, no one ever said left/liberal types had sense…

  3. apparently mental retardation can be contagious..

  4. Duh. You can lie with statistics???? Wow, you must be the last person on earth to know this.
    Yes, Liberals still want Obama reelected considering the opposition. The GOP can’t run any of their decent people because the T baggers sign on to stupid pledges which makes doing their jobs impossible. We don’t want a ‘president’ who has made up his/her mind before learning the facts and that is what these hopefuls have done. It is the most undemocratic thing an elected official can do. They pledge to stand in the way of any progress in this country. They pledge to remove the programs that resulted in them not be back breaking work like working in the fields or scrubbing floors. Fools haven’t a clue as to how their families became middle class. Really really dumb.
    Liberals may be disappointed in some of Obama’s policies but they are not suicidal. Just wandered into this website. Shall not return since it bunk for simpletons.

    • “bunk for simpletons”?
      So typical of preening narcissistic elitist leftists. You must be a brainiac! I’d love to meet you, as I’m a full professor, published author, and my IQ score is in the 98.962 percentile. We simply must meet for coffee, so I can bask in the sun of your superior intellect. You know how to reach me!

      • Eowyn
        In one sense, Growley here is sort of right.
        All I was pointing out is that I am of the belief that people who support the deliberate destruction of their own country have some form of a mental disorder.
        Hell, even Jethro Bodine, who graduated from the sixth grade twice, could easily noodle that out.
        LOL – I mean, just how deep was I supposed to go with it?


    • I hate to break this to you, comrade, but there is nothing remotely progressive about Marxism.
      It is the most regressive, tyrannical, dignity-robbing, murderous, and destructive form of government yet created by man.
      This hideous ideology was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of between 100 and 200 million people in the century just past, and has left nothing but a wide swath of misery, death and destruction everywhere it has ever been – much like its near ideological twin we know as Islam.
      What you don’t seem to understand, you government-educated moron, is that this country became what it did because of the people in it – and that in spite of its government – not because of it.
      We are now on the verge of regulating and taxing the private sector in this country out of business, which will send government tax receipts plummeting.
      Should that happen, where is the money going to come from to pay for all your precious programs, which have done little more than destroy the spirit of independence and self reliance that made this country the greatest nation in all of recorded history?
      I’ll just bet your Marxist professors never got around to the part where Marxists eventually run out of other people’s money, did they?

    • No relation to Aleister? Hmm, bunk for simpletons, you say… apparently, intellectuals like complicated bunk for smart people (i.e., Marx’s stuff) instead.

  5. Steve,
    I know one.
    So far, the bumbling Dear Ruler has managed to prevent himself from being thrown out of office on his bum.
    – And I think we all know why that is, too.

    • Yeah, something VERY fishy w/Solandra….

      • Steve and DCG,
        I’m sort of hoping, actually, I’m praying that that, along with Fast and Furious, are going to combine to rid this nation of the Dear Ruler once and for all.
        And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it happened tomorrow, because I am not altogether sure we will make it another 14 months with this Muslim Kenyan Marxist goober in the White house.
        He appears, at least to me, to be coming unhinged, and that is not a little dangerous in people who have totalitarian leanings.
        And that goes triple for presidents – and even twice more for this particular one.

  6. HA reports this: there are now four separate federal investigations into the company ongoing. Count ‘em: (1) The FBI’s been probing in conjunction with the Department of Energy; (2) the Treasury Department launched its own inquiry just a few days ago; (3) the House Energy and Commerce Committee is the body that’s been negotiating with Solyndra execs to appear before it and testify; and (4) earlier today Darrell Issa said his House Oversight Committee would start looking into the matter.
    Skippy and execs can run but going to be pretty hard to hide from all of ’em!

  7. Steve, check out HA. Issa has some strong words about Holder & now 200 deaths (or more) linked to F&F. The LSM cannot ignore this for much longer. It’s bad..,

    • Holder should ask the Panthers for help… they owe him a solid, you know. 🙂 (Heck, they’ll probably stay out of jail longer.)


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