Politics getting to you? Then join our Caption Contest!

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This is FOTM’s 8th Caption Contest.

You know the contest rules:

  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner, to be announced next Thursday, Jan. 26.
  • Captions submitted by FOTM writers will not be considered.
  • The winner gets a free one-year subscription to FOTM. LOL

To get the contest going, here’s my submission:

“Ooooooh,” marvel the Eight Stooges, “my messiah knows how to spell his name. How cool is that?”

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!

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0 responses to “Politics getting to you? Then join our Caption Contest!

  1. Once a Lefty always a Alinsky!

  2. I’m writing “I promise to destroy America” a thousand times. Will that be enough?

  3. Watch me make your unalienable rights disappear !

  4. “Make mine for $5 million…” “I’ll take $4 million.” “I want…” “Okay, okay fellas, but not before I get my $3.5 trillion aight?”

  5. NOW, we just have to get few more Socialist in Congress and WE WIN! Semper Fi.

  6. captain katydid

    okay guys, on three. Ready, Set, 1…2…3 relieve!

  7. Having just won reelection, the former 44th POTUS and current 1st Premier of the USSA signs the Constitution Nullification Act of 2013 into law, effectively making him The Exalted, Most High Dear Ruler for Life.
    So far, no conservative members of congress have been located for comment.

  8. The Wicked Queen and his Ladies in Waiting.

  9. “Relax guys, this is only a bill to neuter the Constitution. Your manhoods are safe…for now”.

  10. Obama and his eleven disciples making plans for his last supper in the Whitehouse.

  11. Fast and furiously I’m grading your compositions on the Constitution using a curve, and guess what comrades, you still all failed…

  12. Ok guys, sign here, right below my name. Man, I love these Gov. Walker recall petitions! I signed two just yesterday.

  13. Obama autographs copies of his latest biography while flanked by his ghostwriters.

  14. “Yours Truly. Signed Barry Soto. . . Does any one have an eraser!!??”

  15. See I can draw a doodle line….. look I made a horsey


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