Politics as usual: After synagogue shooting, demorats want you to vote for gun safety yet ignore continued shootings in Chiraq

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A day after a nut job opened fire in a synagogue and killed 11 people, the demorats tweeted the following:

No American should have to fear for their life when going into a place of worship — or anywhere else. Bigotry and hate have no home here. Let’s work together to elect leaders who will protect the American people from senseless gun violence.

According to Breitbart, the shooter has several firearms and hunting licenses registered in his name which means he passed a background check.

Somehow, more gun laws will stop gun violence. Hint: Gun laws don’t stop criminals.

Let’s take a look at Chiraq’s Sunday headlines to see how their very, very strict gun safety legislation protected American people from senseless gun violence, shall we?

All headlines from MyFoxChicago:

Simple fact, demorats: You can never make enough laws to guarantee good behavior from people who are willing to break the law.

I know liberalism will never allow you to understand that logic so keep on politicizing every mass shooting. That will not convince me give up my guns.


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17 responses to “Politics as usual: After synagogue shooting, demorats want you to vote for gun safety yet ignore continued shootings in Chiraq

  1. The only solution to build the glorious socialist utopian paradise on earth is to ban everything.
    Mommygov will be there for you should someone threaten you but that won’t happen because all criminals follow the law and will turn in their weapons when told to.
    Forward! Kulaks Out! To each according to his need, workers of the world unite!

  2. “Bigotry and hate have no home here.“ You might get the impression it depends on who’s doing the hating.

    In the upside down world of the Dems, hate itself in the form of hatred of Christian America is the moral high ground. In the ontology of the Republicans, on the other hand, there’s another sort of doubleplus good hate—supporting a country whose second most revered person in all its history (based on his funeral turnout) just a few years ago called for quite literally killing all goyim, except, as he judiciously recommended, saving enough of the filthy animals to serve his people hand and foot like an effenfi.

    Hollywood’s hatred of Chritians in TV, movies, and music videos is also doubleplus good hate, because without it the First Amendment wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s written on, right? Thank goodness that bit of reasoning is drilled into the kids, that our greatest freedom—no wonder the Arabs are so jealous—is allowing our enemies to destroy us from within.

  3. “Gun Safety”, what a cute euphemism for total disarmament. I can’t say it enough. Never engage these idiots. Frankly, my gun ownership does not require their approval.

    Everyone is better advised to not discuss this with demo-droids. They don’t understand it anyway. They just repeat whatever they’re told.

  4. One more reason to arm myself to my teeth; if it is not the invaders, it is the mentally ill but they sure are not going to take away from me what I legally bought. I voted today straight REPUBLICAN, and not only for myself but for WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. I think we’d better be thinking about what our responses are going to be to their Maoist paradise. Anybody remember the “cold, dead fingers”?

    There is, of course, the possibility that this decision by the Demonrats will be their undoing. If they become the party of disarmament it would take an extremely stupid person to vote for them. Up to this point they’ve been somewhat cagey on their gun control stance.

    Obviously, they have decided to “go for broke”. Let’s count on broke. I’ll do my part.

  6. Pittsburgh and Chiraq, don’t compare apples to pears.

  7. The left has gone completly ’round the bend’.
    Everything they are accusinfg the right of, is exactly what they, not the right has been doing.
    I know a lot of people that probably have voted democratic in the past. They believe it is o.k. to take from those that have and give it to those who don’t. And many will continue to vote that way because their parents did, their coworkers did, the people they associate wit did. But those that will listen and hear their democratic leaders are starting to hear amnd see that they must win; no matter what. Even if we have to cheat, disparage, destroy, threaten, dinagrate, lie, cheat, or steal. I don’t believe that all of those peolpe that have been voting democrat will continute to support such tactics and either will change affiliation or stay home in digust come election day.
    I too believe in charity. But it’s not charity if it is first CONFISCATED from you. Corporations DON’T PAY TAXES. They pass tjhe cost of those taxes on to the customers. The ef ing politicians know this, but they also know the unwashed masses listen to the msm and believe that it is the corporations that are greedy not realizing that it is the element that has highjacked our gumment that are the greedy ones. Repeal the corporate tax. Kill the poision fruit while it;s still on the vine.

    • For the most part discussing this gets nowhere. They vote Demonrat because they still think that “they are the party of the little guy”, etc., etc….. Reality has little or nothing to do with it.

      I think I’m an honest broker. I’ve looked at this and I can absolutely state that they are WAY out of touch with where they claimed to be thirty years ago and they were out of touch then.

      You are correct that the concept of business passing on costs is lost to them. I was a manager for a company that was constantly trying to explain this to unions and government officials. They really can’t get their minds around this.

      The reason is that they like to think they are “punishing” the business by imposing a tax. They really think that they should “dig into their own pockets” and pay these. That is probably why you don’t see many of them in business. If they are, they don’t last long.

  8. This doesn’t appear to be working out so well for them:


  9. This is even better:


    It really doesn’t look like their rhetoric is working. They have a little echo chamber and they are getting lulled into the belief that it includes everybody.

    They should take their act to China, where it’s appreciated.

  10. I noted the usual hand-wringing about guns related to the synagogue shooting. Then I ran across this, and it’s in Pennsylvania too. Maybe they should give them a call, if they haven’t already:


  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Easier, and so much less stress just to ignore all these fake shootings and fake news. When it gets real; then we will have some thing to worry about.

  12. Call me stupid, or not:
    As I see it…I am being asked each electiion pass to choose between:
    1) no one can have guns (except the criminals who don’t follow the laws anyway, and so they can rob/kill me and mine at will with their illegal weapons while I, a law-abiding citizen,follow the law and remain unarmed.)
    2) some people can have guns..but with severe regulations….that even regulate my ancestral firearms/munitions handed down to me and my kids through generations…almost back to our historic beginnings as a nation.
    3) People can have guns, but with severe regulations according to state, and if you have to move out of state, your firearms are in danger, accordting to the where and when adn why you are moving to another state……

  13. Please note how the “shooter” was treated by nurses who “came in from a mass casualty drill”. Interesting:


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