Politico's Jonathan Martin Evasive on Cain Allegations

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If there is one cardinal rule among the il-liberal left in this country, it is that black conservatives must be destroyed. No, not just merely made fun of, disagreed with, ostracized, or even discredited or defeated, but totally and utterly wiped out as a person – never to be heard from again.
I mean, how many times have we seen it now? Too many to be mere coincidence.
We all remember Anita Hill being used by the lefty plantation owners in a sleazy (and thankfully unsuccessful) attempt to torpedo Clarence Thomas’ placement on the Supreme Court.
Gen. Colin Powell (albeit a very small “c” conservative), as well as Dr Walter E. Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell have all been roughly treated by the left and their MSM dog-washers.
Dr. Condoleezza Rice was called everything but a child of God by the lefties when selected by George W. Bush to join his cabinet – first as his National Security Advisor, and as Secretary of State in his second term.
Some of her lefty critics crossed the line with their comments and characterizations, and one lily-white liberal cartoonist went still further.
Now you may add Herman Cain to the expanding list of distinguished, accomplished black Americans the feces-flinging left has decided to go after.
After all, Herman Cain, like the rest, is nothing more than an escaped slave that ran away from the liberal plantation, and he has to either be brought back and put in his place, or he must be taken down. I mean, there are black Americans that might actually listen to this self-made conservative black man, and that just would not be good for business at the DNC.
Ever since Herman Cain’s rocket-like rise in the polls, I have been waiting for the left to pull something so sleazy concerning Cain even Bill Clinton would blush, and I did not have to wait long.
As our own DCG posted previously,  the Politico published an article yesterday that made some vague references to Herman Cain having allegedly “sexually harassed” two female employees when he was heading up the National Restaurant Association back in the 1990s.
Reportedly, the two females involved left the association and received very generous severance packages.
Politico’s Jonathan Martin, one of the four authors of the article, appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the allegations against Herman Cain. When pressed for details by Willie Geist, Martin became very evasive.
NewsBuster’s Mark Finklestein has the whole story, including video of the exchange, here.
Given that this is Politico, which I believe is at least as bad, if not worse than even the New York Times when it comes to sliming conservatives, I see the Politico article as nothing more than an effort to smear a great American conservative.
I was once accused by a female co-worker – a member of my surveying crew, of using “gender specific terminology” because I said, “Let’s go, guys” as I walked past the truck that morning. She even filed a written complaint with my employer over it.
I have seen workplace hypersensitivity up close and personal, and unless concrete evidence surfaces to the contrary, I will continue to believe that is what we are probably dealing with here.
That, and a blatant attempt by a notoriously left-wing blog to destroy Herman Cain.

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0 responses to “Politico's Jonathan Martin Evasive on Cain Allegations

  1. This morning Donald Trump was a call-in guest on Fox News. He mentioned that nuisance complaints/lawsuits are often filed by disgruntled employees and/or former employees. Businesses often settle out of court to avoid the hassle and expense of fighting the claim. If Cain paid without fighting the charges, it’s not necessarily an admission of guilt.

  2. This is kind of like when our office has had patients who do not want to pay their bill threaten to sue for malpractice. It amazes me what some people resort to.

  3. Isn’t it odd that a liberal can say out-right “racist” things but a conservative can speak an innocuous word that is then construed as “racist” by the left…
    I can identify with your “guys” remark, when I was working, my company had an annual picnic where we had a softball game. It was men against women, and I was in charge of the women’s team. Well, buddy, I sent out a memo to the “ladies” of where and when we would have practice. We had a worker on our team that was self-described as a “dyke”. She (he?it?) was ready to come beat me up in my office because I had addressed the letter to “ladies”. Luckily her co-workers stopped her… 🙂

  4. The really reprehensible aspect to this slime-ing of Cain by the Left is the racist stereotype — that black men are sex-obsessed. But they call conservatives “racist”!
    It’d be funny if their ploy isn’t so vile and despicable.

  5. Steve,
    I’m guessing they haven’t even gotten warmed up yet.

  6. Agree with you Dave.
    Since when did sexual harrasment bother libs? Didn’t stop them from re-electing Clinton.

    • Debbie,
      That’s a function of both the letter that follows their name, and the color of their skin.

  7. See, Eowyn, I don’t post here much because I wanted to remain respectful — In order for me to do that I just can’t come around at all — I see absolute absurdities like this and I want to tear you down for being so dishonest and petty. Hard to be respectful when my gut is so opposed to the non-sense that I see here on a daily basis.
    Again, forget me and my million aliases..Just answer me a question: Where was your manufactured outrage when Obama was accused of gay sex by PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T EVEN have a history of known contact with him? (Larry Sinclair – A known felon, is the guy who made the allegations. He has a history of DEFRAUDING PEOPLE — but that didn’t stop you from spreading the gay sex rumors about Obama …
    Where was your “This must be racist” comments when Marc Sanford , Bill Clinton, and numerous other WHITE powerful men had allegations brought up against them? Why are black people off limits to these allegations (because it *must* be a stereotype) ?

    • 1. You are uninformed: Larry Sinclair does have a history of known sexual and cocaine contact with Obama. Sinclair is an “out” homosexual and is not known for being either conservative or a registered Republican.
      2. Obama being a member of a Chicago gay Man’s Club is a claim made not by conservatives, but by a left-wing (downright socialist, actually) investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen. Fellowship Of The Minds (FOTM) simply reposted Madsen’s original report.
      3. Obama being the gay lover of murdered Donald Young is a claim made not by conservatives, but by Young’s 76-year-old grieving mother.
      4. Former South Carolina governor Mark (not Marc) Sanford’s adulterous affair was amply addressed by me on another blog, Giovanni’s World, not on FOTM because FOTM wasn’t founded until December 23, 2009, after Sanford’s adultery became news. In my post of Sept. 19, 2009 on Gio’s World, I called for his impeachment. So there goes your accusation of hypocrisy.
      5. As for Bill Clinton’s adultery, lies, and perjury, all that too long predate FOTM, although when the subject came up in FOTM’s comments, neither I nor any other conservative writer or reader of FOTM ever made excuses for him. Instead, we heaped scorn and disapproval on him.
      Lastly, I’m so glad you “don’t post much” here, as when you do, sadly, you only succeed in making an a** of yourself.
      P.S. I don’t remember any commenter who calls himself “The Humphrey.” But since your IP address is almost identical to the commenter who calls himself, variously, tbm and Tman, I can only assume you are he. Gosh, the “truce” between us sure was short-lived! So much for my heartfelt comment to you, which I then e-mailed to you, and to which I never got a response. I truly feel sorry for you.

  8. Wayne Madsen has been thoroughly debunked … Larry Sinclair has never shown ANY evidence that he was around Obama other than his OWN WORD.
    and you, my dear deluded friend, are the only one making an ass out of your self to God. (That whole lying against thy neighbor commandment) .. I know I have some atonement to deal with for my own faults but don’t think for a SECOND that you won’t have trouble come judgement day.

    • 1. How has Wayne Madsen been “thoroughly debunked”? Source and evidence, please.
      2. Sinclair has an entire book on his encounters with Obama. What “evidence” would you accept? A semen-stained blue dress?
      3. I am not your “dear deluded friend.” Friends are courteous, kind, and thoughtful. Friends acknowledge and respond to my heartfelt reaching out.
      4. As for your “don’t think for a SECOND that you won’t have trouble come judgement day”, I take that as a threat. Imagine a “dear friend” of mine making such a threat!
      I’m done with you, The Humphrey, tbm, Tman. My prayers and good will are finite and I will no longer waste them on you.

    • Thank you, dear Sage.
      We are all sinners and I don’t doubt for a second I will have to stand before Judgment to account for my life. But I’d never threaten another with that, certainly not someone I call my “dear (albeit) deluded friend.”

  9. Anyway I apologize for being rude. I wasn’t pretending to have a change of heart a few weeks ago — I really did have an epiphany and have since shed most of the hate I had welling up inside me. That’s not to say I’ve changed my political views or look upon dishonesty any less scornfully. Perhaps I should develop a bit more of a filter as to not come off so rude.
    By the way, no prayer goes to waste. Perhaps, with that in mind, you might try praying for Obama. Praying for the people you dislike the most has a most enlightening effect on a person’s soul 🙂 I should do it more myself.

    • The Humphrey, aka Tman, aka tbm (not to mention all the aliases you used before tbm):
      If you’re looking for dishonesty, I suggest you look into the mirror. I’ve never encountered any commenter on this blog or any other blog who uses as many aliases, phony e-mail addresses, and IP addresses as you. In a comment that was dumped into FOTM’s spam folder, you said that you couldn’t remember which name (alias) you had used on FOTM before, that’s why you’re now calling yourself “The Humphrey.” You might try being honest and consistent for a change. That’s the problem with lying — you have to keep track of all your lies, but human memory sometimes fails, especially when you have to remember so many lies.
      You really should get some help for all your alters. At a minimum, it’s dishonest. Maximally, it’s suggestive of a serious psychological disorder. Just a piece of friendly advice from your “dear deluded friend” !

  10. “As far as judgement goes – as Eowyn has accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation – through her faith in His atoning death on the cross -she will not be subject to the Great White Throne Judgement. Only the unrepentant are. ”
    I got “saved” when I was a kid, baptised by the baptist preacher.
    I suppose I, too, can be as wicked and dishonest as I can and never have to pay for it?

    • The thing is , I’m NOT dishonest and wicked as some of the people I scorn.
      I don’t think using numerous aliases qualifies as “DISHONEST” when I never try to hide the fact that I AM THE SAME PERSON .. Hint hint Eowyn. When I first started my attack campaign against your blog I really “didn’t give an F***” — I used multiple handles just like that idiot who dressed like a pimp in order to slander Acorn did … Now I’m really not “on the attack” much – just pointing out dishonesty when I see it .. AND YES. In the name of GOD – You ***ARE*** dishonest. And I don’t know if you are going to pay for it or not — I don’t even know if god GIVES A DAMN. I just know I’m drunk and need to sleep it off.
      Goodnight lady … I’d give you a hug and tell you It’s all going to be ok if I was a liar. Being the honest guy I am I’d probably just give you a hug and tell you we’re all damned. Bye now.

      • The Hump, aka Tman, aka tbm:
        The last thing I want is a hug from a drunk. I’m not a child. I don’t need your assurance that “it’s all going to be ok.”
        I work as hard as I do on this blog, at no pay, because I know things are not ok.
        I am at peace, but you obviously are not, or you wouldn’t be drunk on a Monday night. Do try to work out your inner demons and stop coming onto my blog to project and dump them on us. Please don’t come back. I’ve really had enough of you — by whatever name you call yourself.

        • Lovely, drunk…I’m sure there will be some very coherent arguments coming out of him now…./

        • First drink I’ve had in a week… 4th drink in 3 months. Yeah, I’m drunk. And guess what — like eminem says”” I JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK.
          Now go to bed you squirlly self righteous eowyn creature.
          ps. I don’t hate you. I can’t help that you hate yourself and have to change your name from just “Eowyn” to “Dr. Eowyn” just because you think it brings you more respect. Trust me … If a clown like Orly Taitz can call herself “Dr. Orly” then the qualifiar “doctor” has lost ALL meaning in this world.
          bye now…
          By the way: Steve.. You wanna bring some bad karma my way, you go right ahead and try. You might have wanted to have a conversation with me but you were always too much of a self righteous loser for me to deal with… you need to check yourself before you go threatening “karma attacks” on people you don’t know.

  11. Go Galt! 🙂

  12. This is lame, they can’t even come up with any supposed details… by this time with Clarence Thomas we were hearing about all kinds of alleged things. They got bubkis… re-reporting of the same accusation.

  13. …and what will happen, when those of ability decide to go on strike?
    There will be a lot of very hungry moochers, leeches, and ticks.

  14. “Van Susteren asked what Cain did that led to the accusation. There were reportedly more than one accusations in the complaint, but Cain said he recalled just one incident. “She was in my office one day, and I made a gesture saying — and I was standing close to her — and I made a gesture saying you are the same height as my wife. And I brought my hand up to my chin saying, ‘My wife comes up to my chin.'” At that point, Cain gestured with his flattened palm near his chin. “And that was put in there [the complaint] as something that made her uncomfortable,” Cain said, “something that was in the sexual harassment charge.”
    Van Susteren asked whether the woman complained at the time. “I can’t recall any comment that she made, positive or negative.”
    Cain also offered new information about the settlement of the case. Politico, which broke the sexual harassment allegation story, said that the woman received a money settlement “in the five-figure range.” When van Susteren asked about that, Cain said, “My general counsel said this started out where she and her lawyer were demanding a huge financial settlement…I don’t remember a number…But then he said because there was no basis for this, we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement.” ”
    So he gave over 10,000 dollars in order to avoid going to court over this sexual harassment allegation. AND YOU SAY THEY *JUST* *NOW* brought this out. ….. How very UNETHICAL and DISHONEST of you to slander “the left” in this manner. This shit was brought out *****WAY****** before he ran for president.
    You need to check yourself.
    Amen.. In the name of the left…so unfairly ridiculed… I absolve.

  15. Cain said he was UNAWARE of any settlement
    then he realized he had been caught
    so the guy who keeps the women in his life SILENT (you don’t see his wife speaking up in his favor or EVER SPEAKING AT ALL – Unlike every other presidential candidate in recent history – she is totally banned from speaking ===
    realizes he’d better be honest for once… and admits he DID settle.
    he lied.
    He was caught
    SO please if I am to EVER trust a christian conservative..Explain to me how it was wrong for the “left” to bring this to light…. Also, please, while you are at it, explain how you think this is a hit job “of the left” and not the other presidential candidates on the GOP side doing this !!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
    There is a HELLUVA lot more evidence showing that this happened with cain then Larry Sinclair ever produced as to being around Obama. You made the accusation against Obama get *YOU HAVE NEVER PROVIDED ANY EVIDENCE* .. The burden of proof is ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How do you know he didn’t have to seek legal counsel before speaking about the events? And you try remembering the EXACT details of an event that happened over say, 5, 3 or 10 years ago.
      HE didn’t settle, the NRA settled. He wasn’t personally sued by these women.
      What evidence? Who are the women? What were their specific claims? What evidence, beyond a “reporter” that can’t speak of the details, do YOU have?

    • By your standards, a whole sh*t-load of dems should be in prison right now.
      Starting with Billy Jeff Clinton.

  16. “How do you know he didn’t have to seek legal counsel before speaking about the events?”
    From the VERY SAME WOMAN who thought Michael Jackson was guilty because he SETTLED on the child abuse allegations ALL OF A SUDDEN defends another man *because he’s conservative* who did the same damn thing — settled.. So what became of your “Michael Jackson is guilty because he wouldn’t have settled with money otherwise” statement ????? I saw you make that statement. My eyes have been on you for a while.
    Question is … WHY ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE?????????????

    • I’ve had enough of your rants….you turn the blame onto me instead of answering the question. TYPICAL Alinsky move.
      Michael Jackson settled for a figure much higher than ##,###. When it comes to kids, I tend to believe them as they are much more innocent than women in the workplace that can’t take a colorful joke, a kind gesture, or get their panties in a wad because they “feel” harassment.
      And get your eyes off me you freak. You are seriously deranged, drunk, whatever.

  17. Thanks G! We try and monitor the trolls. Tough when they come on using different IP addresses, names, etc.
    If anything, they give us something to laugh at!

  18. Starting to sober up a bit..Hell, all I had was a 375 ml bottle of Crown Royal and from the looks of things – all hell broke lose. I should try a half gallon next week and tell you how I really feel! All in all though, I think you guys over reacted. I don’t really think you’re all that. I think a couple shots in the head with a double barrel shot gun is all it will take to end the endless lies and slander coming from the conservatives in this country. Point blank range annihilation via a shot to your temporal lobe should satisfy my morbid curiosity as to what kind of green muck exists between your two years. Think the fbi will give a damn that I have a death wish that re-incarnated toward you? Nah.. I think they want you dead too…after all, they label you terrorists. Death to you all..Amen.

    • T-Humpy, you can’t have a disagreement without threatening violence toward those who differ with your views… ’tis better to be considered an idiot by some than to open one’s mouth and remove the doubt of all, or didn’t you learn that? Please, with all due respect, feel free to go pound sand up your’s with a stick. Thank you.

  19. DCG: So I plan on tracking you down in Seattle and giving you a kind gesture with my hand up your anus. I’ll pull it out from the depths of your colan when you give me the exact figure above 10,000 that Michael Jackson gave to settle the lawsuit.
    This is a confirmed planned act of sexual violence against DCG. I have been known to post from the Seattle Area so you know my threats are credible. Please do something about it because DCG is about to get her anus stretched out of proportion .

    • Legion,
      You are truly a lost soul.
      You should know that DCG knows her way around guns and owns one. You should also know that her boyfriend is a U.S. Army major and if anything happens to her, he — and all of us here on FOTM — will hunt you down. Count on it.
      In your threat to DCG — that you are acquainted with the Seattle, WA, area, you are confirming that you’re the entity whom I had called “Legion.”
      This is your last comment that I will allow to be published on FOTM. It doesn’t matter what new aliases or e-mail addresses or IP addresses you use. I will know it’s you — you who began posting on FOTM as Let’s Kill Birthers from Port Angeles, Washington.
      You whose aliases are: Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers are Traitors, Why Lie, Truth Hurts, Want Truth?, James Spader, Jasper, John Bingham, David Strange, Jason Jones, JasperX, John Jasper, Jack, middle upperclass guy, hater of trashjerks, Tom, Tom’sBro, tbm, Tman, The Humphrey
      You, whose IP addresses have been: (Port Angeles, WA) (Garfield, NJ) (Lake Mary, FL) (Sterling, VA) (Owings Mills, MD) (Kansas) (Kansas) (Kansas City) (Wichita Kansas) (Knoxville, Tn) (Knoxville, Tn)
      It is almost funny how you rage against “dishonesty” when you yourself are a pathological liar, just like your father. But I will see through your lies, each and every time. May Our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for you, have mercy on you.

    • You are one sick, twisted bastard.
      And you do realize that personal threats of violence against a specific individual on a public forum is a crime, don’t you?
      I hope they find you before you have a chance to do something really stupid.

    • The Humphrey, aka Tman, aka tbm, etc. etc.:
      This is to notify you that your threat of violence is in violation of 18 U.S.C. 875(c), where it’s stated that it is a federal crime, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication in interstate or foreign commerce containing a threat to injure the person of another. Section 875(c) applies to any communication actually transmitted in interstate or foreign commerce – thus it includes threats transmitted in interstate or foreign commerce via the telephone, e-mail, beepers, or the Internet.

    • T-Humpy, come on over to Fayetteville, NC… I’m sure you’ll figure-out what the biggest employer in town is there. You may want to re-consider the sense of your twisted notion or even of ever uttering it again. But, in the interim, try hassling someone your own size (or bigger, I have a feeling) if you feel so inclined… people who’ve tried to hurt me just make me mad, I assure you, so you might not be very bored.

  20. Tbm, tman and now Humphrey. . .you behave like a criminal. You go into a narcissistic rage and then you apologize for it. Your apologies are lies. This is your pattern, your method of operation. FOTM is not about you and much time is utilized addressing your crap. You truly require professional psychiatric assistance. It is a waste of time to use logic and reason with you, as you are not a bit interested in the real issues or the truth, you are interested only in yourself wherein you desire to be the attention of all those you come in contact with, and this need for attention is VERY DARK. You must be suffering terribly as is evident from your communications. With regard to Dr. Eowyn, Professor Emeritus and Author, loyal and loving wife and mother, we, her friends and colleagues, and I as her Godsister and dear friend, have no need to defend her against you. When someone shows you the love of Jesus, Our Lord, through kindness and prayer as Dr. Eowyn has and others on FOTM, and then you trash it with your usual behavior, one can only conclude that you hate yourself. I have never stopped praying for you and I will still keep praying for you, as you seem to love to sin. My prayers to Our Lord will be specific and very clear. Please get some help for yourself and for the benefit of anyone you come in contact with in this world.

  21. Dear GF,
    Thank you for your kind words. The Humphrey, aka Tman, aka tbm, aka…. is banned. But his comments go into our spam folder, which simply means his comments are “moderated” i.e., read by me first. I let some of them through to be published for a reason. Either I think the comment has a legitimate point to make, or I want to rebutt him, or I want to show to the world what kind of person he is.
    As for Hump’s trashing of me, it’s so clearly a case of projection, I do not think it requires me to defend myself. My Ph.D. is legitimately earned — from U.C. Berkeley. My professional achievements are real: 4 singly authored books; 6 other co-authored books; countless refereed journal articles; travelled to 5 continents; met heads of state; promoted to Full Professor; retired as full Professor Emerita (not all retired faculty are given the Professor Emeritus/Emerita title automatically). And so, my Dr. Eowyn is entirely appropriate and accurate.
    As for Hump’s saying I have “self-hatred,” that is so clearly a case of psychological projection, I trust our readers to see that for themselves. For in my exchanges with Hump et al., it’s always been he who’s acted hatefully, even wishing ill on our LTG who was injured by a fall. If you can find it in you, pray for this lost soul.

  22. Steve, I agree and I think I summed up the problem with tbm, Humphrey, tman, et al, and et al, FOTM should not waste anymore time and energy with this individual, as it is counter-productive toward truth and reason, only feeding his personal narcissism. As for Dr. Eowyn slicing and dicing, it is the truth that does the slicing and dicing, as providing it takes a great toll upon her as both you and I know, for it takes a toll on us constantly. Nevertheless, I think between the three of us, we have the matters handled! Much love to you, dear Steve and, HAPPY ALL SAINTS DAY!

  23. Humphrey-Legion, I knew you were a criminal, given your clear threat against DCG. You are not unassailable and as a matter of fact, you are truly stupid because of what you have put into writing!


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