POLITICO Breaking News .. This Should Be Good.

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The Obama administration will release the much-anticipated Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will release the figures and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will discuss the findings, an HHS official said.
The White House has sought to lower the expectations for the numbers. “No one will be satisfied with the numbers because they will be below what we sought”

What's That Jay?

What’s That Jay?

prior to the launch of the website, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.
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0 responses to “POLITICO Breaking News .. This Should Be Good.

  1. Can’t stand the anticipation… (yawn)

    • Once again TD they just can’t seem to tell it straight.
      They report
      “Administration: 106,000 enrolled in health insurance in first month of HealthCare.gov” Umm, and a big Butt, OK I digress I was talking about Muchie. 😆
      Anyway the real number is….
      Approximately 27,000 of those sign-ups came from 36 states where the federal government is running the health-insurance exchange,
      Oh so it’s really 27,000 hmmmmmm
      The remaining 79,000 came through the 15 marketplaces run by states and the District of Columbia.
      What’s really telling and scary is this fun filled fact.
      An additional 396,261 have been deemed eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program,

      • Heck, whatever healthcare.gov signed-up, just multiply by 10 (at least) how many signed-up for Medicaid.

      • Ya it’s fun watching karney and the libtards squirm…. haven’t heard anything from my libtard troll in a while… guess the last floor wiping he got… snicker…

  2. Now if there was someone enterprising who could come up with a repeat version of Hill Burton in Congress that would replace this dismal bill and have every member in both the House and the Senate sign onto their respectivie bills urging a reinstatement of Hill Burton then it would be able to get into action right away because we did it in the past and it worked and there is a track record and writen legislation they could use as the basis for it. Just like reinstateing Glass Steagall. We need to go back to what worked and build on those building blocks not go from one house built on the sand to the next. f The wind is blowing and the housing are falling down and there is no place for them to hide even on CNN. Bill Clinton is doing his Sampson thin, he has his hands on the pillars and the edifice is shaking shaking shaking and the people worshipping in the temple are scattering because the whole thing is coming down on their heads. I give it a couple more days and the whole thing will cave.

  3. Whatever numbers this White House cabal of crooks and liars do release will be total bull-squeeze.

  4. What was that about “If your lips are moving….”


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