Breaking – Boehner Grows a Pair

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Skippy gets a smackdown  😀

Hmm, what's black and white and get's smacked down?

Hey hey, did Boehner finally grow a pair and find his spine at the same time?            ~ Steve~
House Speaker John Boehner rejected President Barack Obama’s request to address a joint session of Congress the night of Sept. 7th and invited him to speak the next night instead.
In a letter to Obama, Boehner said Sept. 8th would be
better “so we can ensure there will be no parliamentary or logistical impediments that might detract from your remarks.”
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0 responses to “Breaking – Boehner Grows a Pair

  1. Well shut my mouth and call me darling, I did not see that coming! Wait…I need to check my window and make sure no pigs are flying!

  2. I LOVE this–wonder how BO will react. As my mama always said to us as kids–time to bring him down a notch or two!

  3. Libtards at huffpo are having a fit over this….already almost 12,000 comments on the article! Most think repubs don’t want to do anything about jobs (like Skippy’s speech is magically going to create jobs). Here’s a nice comment:
    “The republican party is being led by a bunch of r@_cist b@s_tards. Time to end them.” Probably from Legion 🙂

  4. I saw on Drudge that the White House deliberately scheduled Skippy’s so-called jobs speech at the same time as the GOP’s Reagan debate. It’s good to see Boehner standing up to that punk!

  5. On his show today, Limbaugh was suggesting that Boehner do this very thing, and that it would result in the charge of “racism.” Glad to see Boehner do this, I honestly didn’t think he would!

  6. Well! I am Speechless,or ? Boehner will back out .I am tired of that peaheaded thing(obummer)and his endless speeches.If I never heard his voice again it would be too soon.I am so feed up with this insanity!!!!!!!!!!!


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