Tea Party Wins Over Dem Unions in Wisconsin!

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Wisconsin Republicans have withstood a Democratic union-driven campaign to take control of the state Senate, surviving in4 of 6 recall elections held yesterday (Aug. 9), sparked by Gov. Scott Walker’s push for public labor law reforms.
150,000 jobs were lost in the three years leading up to Walker’s inauguration. Since Walker took over, Wisconsin has gained 39,000 jobs. In fact, 9,500 new jobs came in June alone! The state was also facing a $3.5 billion deficit. Walker has since balanced the budget.
Eric Odom of Patriot Action Network reports:
Unions aren’t happy with this fiscally responsible direction and they’ve spent millions upon millions to force Wisconsin voters back to the polls to defend the decisions they already made last year. The well funded unions forced six GOP Senators into recall elections in an environment where the GOP has a 19 – 14 edge in the Senate. This means the GOP could afford to lose two of the recalls, but three would have been devastating.
In the end, the 2010 decision voters made to give Republicans control of the State Senate stands. Republicans protected 4 of the 6 Senate Seats!
This is an EPIC victory for the Tea Party Movement. Most media won’t report the reality, but the tea party movement was driving significant momentum behind the scenes throughout Wisconsin. The Tea Party Express and Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama were instrumental in orchestrating grassroots energy and channeling it into GOTV efforts.
Both organizations spent weeks running messaging and media campaigns, and working with activists on the ground to coordinate GOTV strategy. The Tea Party Express hosted a statewide bus tour to rally conservatives for a final GOTV push. There is absolutely ZERO question the effort of these two groups was KEY in what took place in Wisconsin today.
If it weren’t for the Tea Party Express, Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, Americans for Prosperity of Wisconsin, Club for Growth and a few others… the unions would have walked all over the will of the voters (2010).
Bravo to those who deserve credit. Bravo to the voters who pushed back against this nonsense in Wisconsin. Bravo to those who knocked doors, made phone calls and donated to the incumbents.
~Steve & Eowyn

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Woo hoo!
Too bad so sad dems wasted so much money on the recall…not!

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

A kick in the teeth for Big Labor! This is really great news!


made my day-thanks for the news!!!! now can we get back to business that needs to be taken care of??? Scott Walker has a state to save.