Cain Accuses Perry

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Herman Cain adviser Mark Block accused the Rick Perry campaign Wednesday of orchestrating POLITICO’s story that revealed allegations of personal misconduct against Cain during his time at the National Restaurant Association.
“The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable. Rick Perry and his campaign owe Herman Cain and his family an apology,” Block said in an interview on Fox News.
“Both Rick Perry and POLITICO did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn’t true.”
Block named Perry adviser Curt Anderson, who advised Cain’s failed 2004 Senate campaign and now works for Perry, as a key link between the Texas governor and the POLITICO story. Anderson has flatly denied that.
Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan said Block’s attack was entirely without basis: “No one at our campaign was involved in this story in any way. Any claim to the contrary is patently false. The first we learned of it was when we read the story in POLITICO.”
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0 responses to “Cain Accuses Perry

  1. This is becoming quite the circus….sigh

  2. Hmmm, Cain blaming Perry? I’ll bet Romney put a flea in somebody’ s ear. LOL

  3. Who stands to win if there is a fuss between Cain and Perry??? The ole snake in the grass who keeps his head down. I just told hubby I am going to Iowa to campaign for Cain–that got his attention!!

  4. I wonder what really vital story the MSM is purposefully ignoring while they salivate over the Cain v Perry harrassment saga?

  5. It’s had to determine what to believe. The “progressives” will eventually discredit all of them and we’lll end up with another RINO or a Democrat..

  6. Now, now… you all quit with the Dem. or RINO talk… dadgummit.. (wink) 🙂
    ( j/k )
    LOL… Guess it’s the state …it’s called ‘denial’… 😉 and it’s not just a river in Egypt… Let me dream…LOL

  7. This gives me great pause, If Cain has no proof, he jumped to a conclusion and that is not a good trait for our President to have…

  8. Neither one is worth a vote from a TRUE AMERICAN, because they BOTH want the New World Order and BIG Government, and they BOTH agree with UN Agenda 21, You ALL had better vote for Ron Paul if you want to save America and our way of life! Semper Fi.


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