Surprise! RINO Christie Endorses RINO Romney

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Well ain’t that just peachy.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the man who much of the Republican establishment and donor class had hoped would run for president, is backing Mitt Romney for president, a Romney official confirms to POLITICO.
The endorsement is expected at a 3 p.m. press conference.
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0 responses to “Surprise! RINO Christie Endorses RINO Romney

  1. I WAS a Christie fan; not any longer. Romney is a rerun of McCain with better hair and Romneycare.

  2. Yep Christie just established he’s part of the political game.
    Did any of these people hear us Tea Partiers and remember what happened last November? We want a conservative, no more RINOs!

  3. Birds of a feather.

  4. Romney=obama=mccain=soros.

  5. I have had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all day that Romney is going to be the nominee and we had better like it because we are stuck with him! YUCK!

    • fight like you have never fought in your life Doc’s Wife! the media and thee powers that be are trying to choose someone that will finish off the job of taking the United States of America into the “New World Order”. We have got to get as close as we can to a “True Conservative”. Our Republic is hanging over the edge of a cliff. Our freedom,our lives,our childrens lives,our nation as a whole. Many of the R candidates are bought and paid for.

    At least Christie chose not to run.
    Now we have to find a way to run off Mitt RINO.

  7. But… but… but… I want Herman Cain!! I could live with a Cain/Romney ticket… Cain for President and Romney for Vice President. Cain to grow jobs and Romney to cut government… well, he is good at downsizing… I think he ought to use the skill where it would do some good….

  8. After all is said, Christie is just another compromising phoney.
    Mitt Romney is the Republican version of Obama.
    And the circus goes on, and we are the voting spectators.


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