Political plastic surgeries

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From The Daily Caller 11/21/2011.
In each case, the photo on the left is “before,” the photo on the right is “after”.

As Nancy Pelosi’s politics go further and further to the left, her eyebrows drift higher and higher.

VP Joe Biden

These pics of Hillary Clinton are dated. The “after” photo on the right was taken during the 2008 primary elections when she magically appeared very fresh-faced in those debates with Obama. Since then, her Secretary-of-State globe-trotting must be keeping her from getting botox refills.

Senator John Kerry

Michele Bachmann

Mitt Romney: All those forehead frown lines have magically disappeared!

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0 responses to “Political plastic surgeries

  1. Hay guys what do ya think it would be like waking up next to Pelosi or hildabeast… Or ladies waking up next to those jokers…

    • Well, one good way to find out by simulation is to watch a rerun of Married With Children and see Al Bundy’s reactions to his wife, and the fat women who waddle into the shoe store. Guys will react the same way Al Bundy does.

  2. Did Joey The Talking Chicken get a feather transplant? Or is he doing a huge comb over fluff job?

    • Biden had a hair transplant. Yes, he has money for hair plugs but not for charitable donations. Last year he gave 1.5% of his income to charity — and that’s an improvement from previous years. Liberals are generous with other people’s money.

  3. Biden’s teeth look terrible!


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