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Most readers of this blog probably think of themselves as conservatives. But are you really?
There’s a political ideology quiz called the Nolan Chart, which is recommended by Glenn Beck. The quiz is comprised of 10 questions to determine what your ideology really is. Are you Conservative or Libertarian or Centrist or — horrors! — a Liberal or Statist? LOL
This how the Nolan Chart defines the various categories:

libertarian: supports the smallest possible government, supports individual liberty in all ways, prefers to only defend our borders and not interfere in other countries’ affairs.
conservative: tends to give lip-service to liberty while placing emphasis on government control of “family” issues (gay marriage, abortion, borders, etc.) while pushing for major military involvement worldwide by America, in the hopes of creating a faith-based, “conservative” world.
liberal: tends to give lip-service to liberty while placing emphasis on government control of “social issues” (social safety net, minority rights, etc.) while pushing for major diplomatic involvement worldwide by America backed by somewhat lesser military involvement, in the hopes of creating an inclusive, “liberal” world.
statist: the marriage of liberal and conservative aspects of big government. Supports both the conservative “family” agenda and the liberal “social” agenda. Supports both major diplomatic and military involvement abroad.
centrist: somewhere in the middle of all of the above.

The quiz takes only a couple of minutes to complete (CLICK HERE). 
Will you report back to us on your results? I’m a Libertarian, which I prefer renaming “Classical Liberalism” — the founding ideology of the United States of America.
A big h/t to beloved FellowshipOfMinds member Muffin!

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19 responses to “Political Ideology Quiz

  1. Well it appears I am a Conservative Libertarian according to the chart. That’s just fine with me.

  2. Centrist conservative libertarian? Not to sure I see myself as a “Centrist” but whatever.

    • LOL
      What exactly is a “Centrist conservative libertarian”? Isn’t “centrist” — by the quiz’s own definition — means “somewhere in the middle of all of the” other 4 ideological types?

      • Correct Eowyn I never saw my self as somewhere in the “middle” that is like being a fence sitter and I am no fence sitter by any stretch of the imagination. All my answers but one was strictly conservative are they telling me that one answer disqualifies me for being a conservative?
        I know what I am and where I stand and I don’t need no “test” to tell me otherwise.
        The test was interesting but I will not allow it to dictate my life.

        • Will,
          There is NOTHING middle about you! You are most certainly not a fence-sitter.
          Who says this Nolan Chart has it correct? I’ll try to find some better political ideology measurement quiz.
          To all: There is NOTHING wrong with being a libertarian: It means small government and pro-liberty and pro-personal responsibility! All Conservative values. 😉

  3. Yeah, what Steve said! 🙂

  4. To my surprise, I was in the top right point of Libertarian–somewhat of a shock!

    • DW are you shocked in the fact that’s where you wanted to be or shocked that you did not see yourself as a libertarian?

  5. Canadian Chick

    Libertarian, halfway down the top of the chart toward conservative.
    Great questions to determine where you stand!

  6. Libertarian. According to the definition I can live with it.

  7. Well, I’m a strong Libertarian. I don’t want any government intrusion into how I live my life. I’m sick of government telling me what I can and cannot do. I’m not eeeeevvvvviiiiiiillllll and I’m not a criminal, so why don’t they just leave me alone? Hubby and I would like to build a fortress on our property and surround it with a moat full of alligators. Sorry for the rant. Just had to get it out of my system for now.

  8. HEY at least you weren’t fingered as a “centrist”. I feel so dirty 😉

    • Will, there’s nothing wrong with being a centrist! Just remember, we love you. You make me smile with your quick wit and barbs. With all that’s going on, I need much laughter in my life to keep me sane! You keep me from falling into the dungeon of lost hope.

      • I second that!
        Both Will and Steve — and especially when they’re together — keep us laughing…and sane. 😀

        • And Eowyn this is the safest way to keep from have fruits and veggies tossed at us if we suck big time! 😉

  9. To All: I understand this test was just out of curiosity and fun and I hope my words don’t make it sound like I’m miffed. Sometimes my joking bleeds into my serious conversations. But the doctor upped my meds so I should level out soon 😉

  10. Will, I’m a “centrist libetarian” well according to this quiz. I don’t like that answer either….I rather thought I’d end up more conservative. Oh well…I didn’t answer the gay marriage question as I thought I would. I will concede that I believe they have a right to civil unions. Guess if I went with the Bible answer I might have ended up more conservative? At least I’m no flaming lib!

    • To be honest the question I believe that got me tossed into the Centrist libertarian conservative role was about guns. I believe in the 2nd amendment but there are some folks out there who are not stable enough to be handling guns but after thinking about it those who are unstable are always able to get these weapons illegally anyway. So these laws in effect hurt solid citizens in the end.


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