Political Hyenas of Haiti Earthquake

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Hyenas are hunters and scavengers. Many cultures regard hyenas negatively because they are known to scavenge graves for food. The hyena digestive system is so highly acidic that it digests not just flesh, but teeth, horns, and bones.
There is a breed of political hyenas. Human in appearance, they are vile predators who scavenge human deaths and tragedies for political gain. In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, political hyenas have crawled out of the woodwork, making political hay out of Haiti’s human miseries. Below are three political hyenas. No doubt, there are and will be more.
The first is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla), who was on MSNBC Live yesterday morning, and essentially says that Haiti and its current plight is America’s fault. She was asked about the poor infrastructure in Haiti which makes rescue and relief difficult. This is Schultz’s response: 

“You should think of the most primitive environments, the most primitive living conditions that you can imagine. It is wrong, especially in a region as prosperous as this one, for us to continue to allow the desperate situation that exists in Haiti to continue.”

Ummm, so it is now our fault that 80% of the population of Haiti live in poverty, that 1 in 10 Haitians below the age of 40 are HIV-infected, that new graves must be guarded to prevent bodies from being stolen for voodoo rituals, that the political leaders of this former French colony that has been independent for 200 years were/are brutal corrupt dictators who stole, raped, murdered, and even reputedly eaten their enemies? [Source] What is Schultz suggesting? That the United States should take over this hell hole and make it our 51st state welfare case?

Then there is TV evangelist Pat Robertson who said that “something happened a long time ago” which people “don’t want to talk about.” Robertson claimed that Haitians (who? how many? when?) “made a pact with the Devil” to free themselves from France’s colonial rule. “Ever since then, they’ve been cursed by one thing or another. They’re desperately poor” in contrast to prosperous Dominican Republic, which occupies the Eastern half of the very same island of Hispaniola in which Haiti is. [Dominican Republic’s per capita GDP is $4,952, four times that of Haiti’s. – Ed.]

I love what Frank J. of IMAO said about Robertson: “God makes Pat Robertson say stupid things because of his pact with the devil” and “Bad things only happen to sinners, i.e., everyone.”
Lastly, there is Barack Obama. Unlike his dawdling response to jihadist Abdulmuttalab’s failed attempt to blow up Northwest flight 253 on Christmas Day, Obama responded to the Haiti earthquake within 24 hours. As reported by FOXNews, Obama said the following:

This morning I want to extend to the people of Haiti the deep condolences and unwavering support of the American people following yesterday’s terrible earthquake. We are just now beginning to learn the extent of the devastation, but the reports and images that we’ve seen of collapsed hospitals, crumbled homes, and men and women carrying their injured neighbors through the streets are truly heart-wrenching. Indeed, for a country and a people who are no strangers to hardship and suffering, this tragedy seems especially cruel and incomprehensible.

In an e-mail to me, FellowshipOfTheMinds member Tom in NC noted how unusual it is that a President of the United States refers to a natural disaster as “cruel.”
To be cruel is to lack compassion for and derive pleasure from another’s suffering. To be cruel is also a deliberate intentional act. Impersonal Nature can’t be cruel; only thinking sentient beings can be cruel. I agree with Tom in NC: Obama is saying God is cruel to have “inflicted” this earthquake on Haiti.
Gosh, I don’t remember Obama calling Fort Hood jihadist murderer Nidal Hassan “cruel,” do you? Nor do I recall Obama calling the 9-11 terrorists “cruel,” do you?

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10 responses to “Political Hyenas of Haiti Earthquake

  1. How did Rep. Schultz ever get elected? It couldn’t have been because she such an eloquent speaker. Did I hear her say “a 7.3 hurricane”?I feel we should give the Haitians some aid, but not support them.

    • Keith,
      I, too, was surprised by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s inarticulate rambling chatter, having never seen or watched her before this youtube video. Sure doesn’t take much talent to be elected, does it?
      Steve & BobA: you both live in Florida. Any idea how this inarticulate man-sounding woman got elected to Congress??

      • Eowyn,
        Beats me, I thank God I ended up in an area of FL. that is heavily conservative.
        I pray for the people in Haiti that have to endure this tragedy. I heard a report on TV from a missionary that was there doing their thing and thought it was significant that American missionaries were there before and during the Quake and all had made it through safely. I thought it strange though that the reporters were saying how they were trying to get them out as soon as possible. Wouldn’t they stay and assist with the effort to recover even in what small capacity they could? Or maybe they are just fair weather missionaries, or the media was ahead of themselves.

  2. Eowyn, thanks for posting my thoughts here, this administration and it’s minions are always looking for someone or something to pin the blame on. Saw this little nugget on Drudge:

    • That’s funny, Tom. Obama and his minions are running out of people to blame, so now they’re blaming inanimate things. Then, there’s always God they can blame. Pathetic.
      The Left just never tire of their I’m-a-victim-it’s-somebody-else’s-fault modus operandus.

  3. I knew a recent graduate from a well known seminary. He had all the religious symboling down pat. As he cradled his Bible under his right arm, his right thumb pointed to “HOLY”.
    When he informed me that he was going to Haiti and really straighten that mess out, I told him and his partner “You are not equipped to handle that situation. You are going to come up against powers FAR beyond your comprehension”. . . “You will be fortunate to get out of there alive”.He scoffed and raised his nose and marched off. I never did see him again, but I was told that his partner had been murdered in Haiti and that he came back to this country barely alive, but a much wiser individual. For those who have never been in a deadly spiritual battle, I would strongly suggest they find out what that battle is and how to arm oneself.
    Ignorance IS NOT bliss, ignorance is death.
    I will step into any fray I am lead to get involved in, but without clear and concise “orders” to go to Haiti, I would not touch that place with a ten thousand foot pole. I wanted to go down there with my partner and take our track back hoe which is specially equipped to pick up huge slabs of concrete, but we were informed that “We don’t have enough security forces available to protect you”.
    It would appear that some believe that if they don’t want to believe it, then it is not true.
    The Haitian compact with Satan is well documented.
    ” The Haitian Revolution ”
    ” A slave rebellion of 1791 finally toppled the colony. Launched in August of that year, the revolt represented the culmination of a protracted conspiracy among black leaders. According to accounts of the rebellion that have been told through the years, François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture helped plot the uprising, although this claim has never been substantiated. Among the rebellion’s leaders were Boukman, a maroon and voodoo houngan (priest); Georges Biassou, who later made Toussaint his aide; Jean-François, who subsequently commanded forces, along with Biassou and Toussaint, under the Spanish flag; and Jeannot, the bloodthirstiest of them all. These leaders sealed their compact with a voodoo ceremony conducted by Boukman in the Bois Cayman (Alligator Woods) in early August 1791. On August 22, a little more than a week after the ceremony, the uprising of their black followers began. “

  4. You know I disagree with your assessment of Obama…well, I won’t get into THAT right now!
    One can’t look at the photos of the victims of this tragedy without wanting to do something. And sadly, there are people out there who exploit the misery of others just to line their own pockets.
    GuideStar is a great source of info regarding charities. You can find out what a charity spends on administrative costs, how much its top executives earn, etc. Registration is free.
    For John:
    It may sound cliche, but one person CAN make a difference, and a group of people can make a bigger difference.
    Since 2007, one of my cousins, a doctor, and his wife have visited Haiti each winter as part of a Catholic medical team that provides free health care to the poorest of the poor. They do so because they believe it’s their calling. I’m not a religious person, but I’m always happy to give to their cause because I know that my money isn’t being wasted. I have no idea if they plan to go this year.
    Here are a couple of links to photos taken on their trips in 2008 and 2009.
    I’m very proud of them!

  5. Montelimar,
    I Totally agree with you> If that were not true, then we would not be working in the areas we do work, however, you had better go there with the proper intent, and stay out of things you should not mess with directly.
    We were told by one of the natives “those people will never change”, but a few years later he stated “I sure don’t know what you people are doing, but your people do their jobs well, and I don’t have to keep things locked up all the time and watch their every move”.
    By all means, do that which you can do, but just understand where you are and know what you are trying to accomplish.

    • Wise counsel, John! As Christians (or as just decent human beings), we are to strive to do good, but that doesn’t mean we should be naive. As Reagan put it so well:
      “Trust, but verify”!


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