Political Correctness Visual Definition


– a condition of
bending over backwards
for an offended party…


…who really wants you to
bend over forward


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Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
4 years ago

“politically correct?”. Two of the most contradictory words one could possibly use in the same sentence. As opposite as wrong or right, as criminal or law abiding, as satan or the Lord Jesus.

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

Barack Obama has done everything imaginable to disgrace himself, the Office of President and this Nation that he possibly could. He is utterly detestable. But the scourge of political correctness trudges on. People have to keep on offending and telling the precious little victims to shove it!

Nathan M. Bickel
4 years ago

The second pic with criminal Obama bending over, fails to correctly show him. His trousers and and underpants aren’t pulled down to his ankles.

Paul Blake
4 years ago

The best verbal definition I have ever heard is, “trying to pickup a turd by the clean end?” Maybe that is what Obozo is looking for so he can preform the miracle, of finding the clean end?

Esther Bunny Brown
Esther Bunny Brown
4 years ago

Could this be an example of a PC class assignment? (Based on an incident in which a teacher told a group of students to disbelieve in the existence of God or receive a failing grade.)
“Denounce self-disciplined folks/the White Folks, or receive a failing grade for the entire class!”

Christine Watts Chiomento

That picture of ‘the bummer’ bending at the waist, as he grovels for that character sitting in that chair, just tied my stomach in a knot–how dare that guy bow to another person that way while representing our country as president of the United States?! PC–“Political Criminality”! Or, maybe “Putz [to the] Core”. I can barely wait until I never have to see that guy again, period.

4 years ago

But this guy does it one better than oh bum ouch.