Political cartoonists are having a field day skewering Obama on Islam

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A big h/t to FOTM’s Glenn47!

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0 responses to “Political cartoonists are having a field day skewering Obama on Islam

  1. This is what happens when an illegal alien becomes president of a country to which he holds no allegiance. His terms have been spent strengthening radical Islam, he’s truly one huge POS.

  2. traildustfotm

    Great cartoons!

  3. The cartoonists have guts to call Obama out, unlike the SRM.

  4. The Political Cartoonists have kind of a “Free Pass” to say what we’re all thinking,with the disclaimer “It’s ONLY humor.” Of course,that doesn’t mean they won’t be beat down by this Badministration eventually. It happens all the time in OTHER Communist-held Countries.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Truck…in my history classes I’ve regularly used political cartoons fr past eras as primary sources (we have a standard “observation sheet” to help evaluate them): they show what the PEOPLE were thinking at the time..& NOT the political “spin” of the day ….& many times NOT what obligatory text book history has illuminated (or NOT!). Do ‘ya think that present-day politicians even THINK about this? I mean ….”history has shown” (in this manner) that, no matter how powerful a POTUS thinks he is…..no matter the political convulsions of his party or from him…the machinations, dirty tricks, power plays, political blackmails, poitical overlook (a-la Lois Lerner)……or political heavy hands (a-la Ferguson, MO, IRS, Benghazi, Fast n’ Furious…etc )….in the END—- his TRUE history is recorded in the political cartoons of the day…no escape ….forever & ever. So…I guess I’m saying that—unlike others who think Barack Insane Obama is the “Jimmy Carter” of our day….I, OTOH, believe…if you study political cartoons…he is the Warren G. Harding of our day….maybe tinged with a good dose of the Woodrow Wilson of our day….

  5. It is really sad. You can trust neither radical Islam nor the President of the United States.

  6. i wish I could post pictures because I have lots of pictures you would like

  7. And yet the humor ends when our sons and daughters are order killed by the illegal commie pink Kenyan muslim. and yet the humor ends when our sons and daughters are placed in danger by the open southern border allowing entry for these same organizations that openly profess harm to our country. and yet the humor ends by this active proponent/activist/participant of the caliphate against the USA. and yet the humor ends when those that have taken office under oath to defend the constitution stand in formation around this enemy of America and those that profess Christ openly supporting the damage and harm this unconstitutional alien flagrantly relegates on the constitution and the American people. perhaps the jokes are simply viewed wrong and taken out of context, that it can be openly displayed that the an illegal, constitutionally inadequate/unqualified despiser of a nation can buy/bribe the country to harm and destroy it while the mechanisms and “people” assigned/charged to preserve the rule of law can simply turn their heads and fill their bellies at the expense of the constituency as their path of least resistance. Yep, I think the joke and laughing stock of this exercise is the foolishness and cowardliness of the “men and women” who call themselves free. does anyone know what term is used when a nation collectively commits suicide? Americide was a term but unfortunately after the country fell obamacare was instituted, which although is more of a homicide, reasonably well formulates the function, albeit the constituency must pay for the act, when it could have been done for free.

  8. LOL – I just hope they have all paid well ahead on their taxes.

  9. The Obamas ARE political cartoons. The big ears. The big ass. The constant scowls. A cartoonist’s dream couple, but a true nightmare for the nation.

  10. They saved the best for last. Yes, Zero is indeed a Richard Cranium!


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