Police union president: “NYC is slowly crumbling”

The union blames the police commissioner. Yet plenty of blame to go around, starting with anti-cop mayor Bill de Blasio.

From NY Post: The fatal shooting at a Brooklyn block party overnight — just steps away from where cops were doused with water last weekend — is proof the city is “slowly crumbling,” the Sergeants Benevolent Association said Sunday.

In a scathing email sent out to union members, SBA President Ed Mullins blamed Police Commissioner James O’Neill for the state of the city and called his removal.

“None of it is funny, 12 people were shot, someone is dead, and cops were hit with water. NYC is slowly crumbling. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Restore the NYPD – REMOVE O’NEILL!” Mullins wrote.

The email included one sergeant’s account of the aftermath of the shooting at the annual “Old Timers Day” party, which they described as “nothing short of a WAR ZONE” with hundreds of people refusing to listen to police.

The sergeant said gun violence was quite common at the event attended by thousands — despite Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Tweet calling it a “peaceful neighborhood event.”

But this year was “one of the craziest incidents” with about 40 people arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction, according to the sergeant.

The crowd of about 500, who were hanging out drinking and smoking weed after the shooting, were “extremely agitated” police were in a courtyard at New Lots and Mother Gaston Boulevard, according to the sergeant.

“People were yelling vulgar and vile things at all the Cops, such as WE WISH YOU WOULD DIE and a litany of other HORRIFIC TERMS,” the email read.


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Once the commies, De Blasio and shit head Magpie Ocasio Cortes are out of office I’m sure New York will return to be the capital of the world.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

To see NYC devolve into such a Hell hole really is inexcusable. You would think that people would wake up and realize that under the leadership of the Dems things just keep getting worse and worse.


These folks that hate cops should be schooled on how important law enforcement is. Most of them are on drugs, mentally ill or both. Democrats own this one too. They’re the ones that closed the mental hospitals that once served these people. They’re the ones that started this whole Socialist Welfare State Starting with FDR, with LBJ firing the killing shot with his so called Great Society. KKK, Jim Crow, pole taxes, and more were all started by Democrats. And then they lie to those they pander to and blame everything on everybody but themselves. What is is going to… Read more »


for mayor Wilhelm aka de Blasiest, it’s a familial problem, his tribe mayors over all the drug infested cesspools of this country are hard-wired to inflict a slow but sure death to AMERICA by a thousand cuts. Time is now to drive these back into the sea!