Police State U.S.A.

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A year after the Boston Marathon bombings, a pervasive surveillance system over the entire city of Boston is in place. Nor is Boston the only U.S. city being watched.

That, and the militarization of local police and federal agencies that include the Railroad Retirement Board (!), add up to a disquieting picture of America as a police state.


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  1. Orwell is probably laughing a$$ off right now . He told us of what was coming , only a few paid attention . And they are the ones who are defined as right-wing nuts . We’re living ” 1984 ” as we type !

  2. On Saturday, when driving through Hopkinton, near the starting line for the marathon, we saw 2 militarized black police vehicles (one was a SWAT vehicle, and the other a black Chevy Suburban). The police had pulled over a car that was heading out of town onto Rte. 495 South. This served us as a little reminder of the watchfulness in the area this year.

    A friend commented that the Boston Marathon this year was probably the safest place on earth. I agreed, but decided not to darken the conversation with my thoughts about the encroaching police state.

  3. A good friend of mine in Boston tells me that it used to be a gritty, blue-collar town, but over the last ten to fifteen years it has been overrun by libs, Obama apologists, feminists, and whiny yuppies.

    • Your friend is right about the acceleration toward the left in Boston. Where else would you find people who would see no contradiction in having these bumper stickers side by side?



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