Police State Rising

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Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

Russia is warning us about the police state conditions inside America!

The firepower used by the FBI raid on the Hutaree militia was described as "a small army."

What have our police become?

Before you get mad, and say we’re listening to the enemy, ask yourself how we define the word, “enemy.” I am not pro-Russian, and I’m definitely anti-communist. Now when I review why I am anti-communist (anti-USSR), the primary reason is the communist police state and its militant atheism. It’s the Soviets’ persecution of Christians that made me their enemy. The brutality of the state is what determined that I would be immovably at enmity with communists.

What happened to the friendly cop on the corner? Where is the kindness we remember?

What happened to the kind hearted police officer we remember?

Fast forward to 2014. Russia has become stridently pro-family, pro-homeschooling, and on many levels, pro-Christian. They have been sending spec-ops teams into Syria disguised as jihadists, with the mission of killing off the jihadists and protecting Syria’s Christian population. On the other hand, America’s president has been financing, training and supporting the jihadists who are beheading Christians in Syria. Obama changed the definition of terrorist away from muslim jihadist to more closely resemble our republican grandparents. He’s attempting to force our Catholic Institutions into performing abortions against their consciences. He’s also forcing a militant-gay agenda onto the country. And let’s not forget his targeting of Christians in our military.

Summary: While we may not feel comfortable with President Putin, (What if he wakes up on a bad hair day, and decides he doesn’t like Christians after all…) we know without a doubt that President Obama fits the definition that formerly made us intractable enemies of communist dictators.


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0 responses to “Police State Rising

  1. In Jesus’ name, Lord God Almighty, I pray that did not happen in the United States of America! Our fall began with putting God out of our schools; murder of our president; needless war after needless war; murder of the brother of the aforementioned murdered president; shipping our industries overseas (and losing that part of our tax base); continuing wars, possibly to meet “obligations” of a secret “treaty” with Saudi Arabia that may be revealed by Representatives Massie, Jones, and Lynch as they push for approval of House Resolution 428 (overdue declassification of 28 redacted pages from a 911 Report; president entertaining his friends, “the haves and have mores,” with jokes about searching for missing weapons of mass destruction at the cost of American lives; that same president encouraging the poor to take loans/get mortgages they couldn’t pay so that they could have homes “they deserved;” watching them lose those homes and all the possessions they had, both from their own labor, and that of their ancestors; then the killing of the dispossessed homeless. Dear God, let us turn back to You. We must follow your teaching in Luke 16: 19-31, Lazarus and the unnamed rich man. We all must repent and not follow the plans of the Apocalypse/Revelation 12 Red Dragon.

  2. All the questions behind bo in regards to Christianity, birth certificate, citizenship, homosexual, wife being transgendered, children his or not, ran on a platform of family values and “switched” to gay rights, false flags, patriot?…the list goes on and on…instead of transparency, their platform should’ve been called “foggy”. obama is the biggest false flag this country has ever had…he is the great deceiver…just like another I know of. He and his bosses used his skin color to break his way into the POTUS and turned this country upside down with the flick of a pen. I have more respect for Putin who at least wears his Christianity on his sleeve whereas bo simply stomps on it and pushes it under the proverbial gay rug.

  3. Good analogy of Putin and Russia. I, too, feel a change in the country.
    They are not our friends because we have no respect in the world. Putin values respect very highly. If our country were still under the leadership of a man, similar to Reagan, we could possible even be allies. Who knows for sure.
    People can say what they want about Putin, but he did warn us about the two terrorist, he did keep up out of war last year.
    But say what you want about Putin, I have never doubted his love for his country, his people, and his military. That says a lot, wish we could say that.
    He puts his country first and would never pander to the enemy.

    • traildustfotm

      It is a puzzling development indeed, Glenn. Enemies or friends, one thing is unmistakable: Putin has integrity, and Obama has none.

  4. Excellent analysis, Traildust!

  5. Ah, big gov’t unionized police who view the public as the enemy and claim “my training kicked-in” as the excuses for every bad thing they do… soldiers would be in military prison for behaving the same way.


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